Monday, December 3, 2012

Tired and Such

So I'm playing the little curly-haired girl in Charlie Brown Christmas at the TreStage theater in Hollywood!  We open next week! I'm so excited! Live theater is such a rush. Better than drugs! Or so I heard...

I've been really enjoying taking pics with this iPhone 5. It's really quite awesome. It's the best friggin' phone with the best friggin' camera. Shut up, Samsung Galaxy users!

This post is going to be super-short because I'm kinda tired. I have other things to say, but you know, I'm tired and such. Laters!

P.S. Bry is fixing ornaments on the Christmas tree and one started falling and he caught it and said to it "whoa whoa whoa, where are you going?!". I'm over here rolling!

Friday, November 30, 2012

But It's Cool Tho...

I had a little bit of family drama today, but I'm cool. This is the same person who does this quite often, so I'm used to it. No point in even getting all upset like I used to. I'm a grown woman now and his words can't affect me the way they used to. Moving on.

I try to keep drama out of my life. I got rid of a negative person from my life recently because I realized that all she was looking for was drama and negativity. Besides, when you start to realize you can't stand being around someone or when your phone rings you think "I hope it's not her", it's probably time to just let that friendship go. I didn't miss the ghetto stories, the "that dude ain't shit" stories or the "nigga please" stories or the "I know what I did was stupid, but I love him..". I keep that stuff out of my life entirely. That's why I don't watch Tyler Perry movies. That crap just annoys me now.

Besides, you start to realize that some people are just talk. Plain and simple. I feel happier, freer without certain elements in my life. Just because someone is blood related to you, doesn't mean you have to take their abuse. Just because you've known someone most of your life doesn't mean you have anything in common or even on the same page.

And I'm sick of biting my tongue and worrying what people think of me or are saying behind my back. I grew up wondering who was talking about me behind my back. That's all bullshit now. I realized if I don't want to deal with certain people, I don't have to, and I'm not going to feel guilty for not calling someone or hanging out with someone. If you don't like a person, then just leave them alone!

I live a pretty drama-free life here in L.A. Yeah, sometimes it gets a little dull, but thank God I have so much stuff coming up to keep me busy, things won't be dull anymore. Bry and I have been exploring L.A. on our own, without the kiddies. Thank God for my family visiting so much! My mom referred to me and the girls as her "4 Princesses". That made me smile. My family actually misses me. That's pretty awesome. I miss them, and I miss Chicago, but I don't miss the cold. Or the snow. Oh God, the snow. Thank God I don't have to deal with that this winter!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A scene from a sitcom I created called "Jersey Did It"

Here's a scene from a tv show I created called "Jersey Did It", which is about a young woman who lives in L.A. and is the daughter of actor parents. She lives off of their money and her irrational fears of everything keep her from having a normal life. It's a sitcom and I've already written 3 episodes...hopefully coming to a tv screen near you! This scene is from the pilot:

Jersey walks outside with Gavin. She looks at her cell phone.

Expecting a call?
Never. I was checking the time.
Got somewhere to be?
Just wondering if I have time to drop off this check to my bitch sister before the storm begins.
Storm? There’s not gonna be any storm. This is L.A. in the summer...there’s no storm.
The news said there was going to be a storm.
Why are you freaking out over a storm? You’ll be driving! Just take an umbrella! What, are you afraid you’ll melt?

He laughs hysterically at his own joke.

Will you go with me?
I have an audition.
Oh. You’re trying that acting thing again?
Uh. Sorta.
What’s the audition for?
You know, it’s a thing. There’s this thing...a product.
A commercial? Ooh! I hope you get it, those dealies pay a lot. And if it’s a national commercial, you can pay your rent. My friend Artista did this national phone sex commercial a few years back, boy, it sure did buy her a lot of drugs.
Okay, okay, it’s not a commercial. It’s an open call for background work.
Like an extra? Like, you’ll be standing in the background drinking coffee, having a fake conversation under your breath while real actors with real lines are walking past you?

She laughs.

Hey! It pays nicely too! Minimum wage, but it’s more than I’m getting paid writing scripts in the diner on your laptop! Why don’t you ask your sister if they need someone to work on her show?
I’m not asking that hoe bag for any favors. She’s so full of herself. Ooh, look at me, I have a hit show...blah blah blah...
At least mention me, and that I’m a screenwriter??
Okay, okay, I’ll help a brother out...
I don’t think...
Ooh, I’ll pay you! Come work for me, Gavin!
Doing what?
Odds and ends. I have spiders that need to be can run this check to my bitch sister! 
Why are you dropping off a check to your sister anyway?
I said I’d go halfsies on a anniversary present for our parents that she already bought.
I’m not going to be a personal assistant for someone who doesn’t have a job. Besides, we’ve been friends for too long, I really don’t see that ending well. 
Come on, Gavin! I need an assistant! I’d rather have someone I can trust!
So you can bug my underwear Jersey?! No thank you!
I would never bug your underwear! My friend Artista might though. She has, uh, what’s it called? That thingy you get from too much sex with skeezy guys and you can see bugs literally crawling around in your underjunk...
I love you Jersey, I’d like to keep it that way. Besides, I can’t spend too much time with you. Small doses, Jers. Small doses.
Why does everyone keep saying that to me?!

She begins to whine.
All of a sudden, a single raindrop falls down and hits her in the eye.

Did you see that?!
I didn’t...what?
A raindrop! Screw it, I’m not going all the way to Santa Monica in a rain storm!
You’re from New York, for Gilligan’s sake! You should be used to the rain!
Dude, I’ve been in L.A. too long! Too much sunshine makes you forget...
Too much sunshine made you build up an irritational fear of rain?
Walk me to my car.

The two walk down the street.

Maybe if I just got in and sat there until the storm ended.
There is no storm! The sun is out!
I’m like, way too scared right now. Like, way...too...scared.

She starts to breathe heavily.

I’ll pay you double whatever you had in mind!
I didn’t have anything in mind because I don’t want to work for you! Bye, Jersey!

He walks away quickly.

Gavin, we are no longer friends! Come back, Gavin! Well, fine, screw you then, man! I hope your day gets ruined too! I hope you get run over by a car! A smelly one! (beat) A spider attacked me this morning!

He continues to walk away into the distance. 
She looks up into the clouds and jumps into her car, scared.

"Jersey Did It" a sitcom
(c) 2012 Angie Grace/Scenestealer Productions

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My "Hunger Games" sketch

So, for those of you who have seen "The Hunger Games" or read the books, you know that scene where Katniss has found Peeta and they're in the cave all hugged up together? Yeah, I wrote a ridiculous sketch about it:


Peeta, are u dead yet? Hey, I have a gluten sensitivity. Like, all the bread you've ever given us, has given me diarrhea.


Are u questioning the cleanliness of my bakery?

No, u don't hear me...I'm allergic to wheat flour. Bread is made with wheat flour...I get diarrhea every time I eat it. I just thought you should know, in case, you know, you die, I wanted to get that off my chest.

So in case we die, you had to let me know that?

In case you die...I'm not gonna die. I'm the girl who's on fire.

Why did you keep eating the bread if it makes you sick??

I mean, this is the hunger games! Beggers can't be choosers, you know?

Great. I made you sick. That's just great.


Hey, Peeta...u dead yet?

No...(visibly upset)

You remember a few years back, and I was in the rain, starving to death, and you came outside and threw me that burnt bread that u were supposed to give the pigs?

Yes, yes, I remember Katniss.

I was up all night with diarrhea. I even threw up.

Look, I'm sorry! Can we just not talk anymore??

Sure, I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone.
(Long silence)
Hey, Peeta...u still alive?
(He sighs)
I just have one question...then I'll leave you alone, okay??

Okay, what?

Why do u still smell like bread??


I mean, you haven't baked bread in like, what, 2 weeks?


I mean, Peeta...we left District 12 weeks ago...they bathed and groomed you in the've been in the forest, lost, for over a week. You should smell like death, especially with your wounds, laying here, dying! You still smell like fresh baked bread!

Katniss, I'm dying...

But you smell like croissants...
(Sniffing him)
Peeta...are u dead?
(He plays dead)
(She gets up and begins to walk away)
Even in death, he smells like fresh baked bread.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Can You Hashtag in a Blog?

My mouth hurts.

It's been 2 weeks since I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, and I must say, this pain is a vast VAST improvement. But I am just taking a few Motrin here and there. It's more like soreness now, as opposed to pain.

I've been making these videos for Youtube, using my phone. And it's just random jokey shit I'm doing around the house, no big woop, but I did this jokey thing about Sarah Palin and all these people on Twitter were all "You're a moron" this and "You're vile" that and "Obama's gonna lose" this so I told them, uh...what they can do with their butt and a plunger. Too far?

And right now Bry is carving a pumpkin and he's being so meticulous about this shizz and it's taking FOREVER and I just wanna go in the living room and watch Dexter, man! I mean! We were out all day, so I guess the time to do this would be now, but whatever...I'm over here jonesin' for some Dexter.

Oh well. I'm keeping him company in the dining room while the artist works. Every now and then we say words to each other. #bored

Is there a point in hash-tagging something in a blog??

My new Youtube:


Thursday, October 11, 2012

15 Things I plan to do with my recovery time...

Okay, so I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning. Then, after that, Bry, the husband, has 5 days off from work so I can recover. I plan to be in the bed moaning and in pain, or so he thinks. Really, in my mind, I'm going to be chilling and taking a mini-vacay. Here is a list of things I plan on doing while Bry is in the other room taking care of our 3 kids:

1. Watching the funniest DVDs of failed tv shows that I own: The Sarah Silverman Project, Stella, Clone High and Clerks: Uncensored. Yeah, boy!!

2. Netflix! I still need to catch up on Pretty Little Liars! My auntie Carol keeps going "Catch up! It gets really good!"

3. Crank texting people. I'm going to text random 213 and 323 (L.A. area) numbers and be like "I found a script at a Starbucks. It's really good" or "I saw you the other day in Hollywood. You're really hot".

4. Work on my comedy writing portfolio.

5. Pretend to be asleep everytime hubby comes in the room with a crazy question like "Should I give them dinner now" or "What should I cook them for dinner?" or "Are you in pain?"

6. Call Bry on his cell phone from my cell phone everytime I need something, like ice cream or a glass of water.

7. Finish reading this Mindy Kaling book then find something else to download and read from the Kindle store. I'm think Sarah Silverman's "The Bedwetter".

8. Come up with ideas for the play Lisa and I are going to write and put on somewhere here in L.A. sometime in the near future.

9. Text my mom and aunts, saying that I can't talk cause my mouth is too hurty.

10. Play with my Lalaloopsy dolls uninterrupted, without the kids. Ani is always trying to take Jewel Sparkles from me! Dammit!

11. Call my mom and just moan. Make her feel sorry for me, then maybe, perhaps, she'll move her happy ass out here to L.A. I can't even imagine any reason why she'd want to stay there when her awesome lovely daughter lives here. I mean, come on!

12. Play Scramble with Friends on my Kindle and my cell. Yep, both things. Have you played that game? Hella fun!

13. Create a wish list of things I want from Forever 21.

14. Figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of the year. Yes, some people need real plans. I need a real plan. I'm thinking of taking another writing class, this time at I.O. west, and buying up a whole set of yoga classes over here in Silver Lake. Gotta get ready for pilot season!

15. Tweet at celebs, begging them to read my blog. Yep, No shame. No shame at all.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My SNL 'Celebrity Jeopardy' sketch I wrote for class...

The contestants are Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery and Lady Gaga.

And we’re back for Double Jeopardy...for some reason. In the commanding lead, with a negative $4000, is Clint Eastwood.

Has anyone ever told you you look like Alex Trebek?

No. Never. In second place, with a negative $10,000 is Lady Gaga.

Hi my Little Monsters! Put your paws up!

And in last place, Sean Connery.

Dead last! You think I’m going away, don’t you, you pompous tart! 

Let’s just get this over with. Here are our categories...’Potent Potables’, ‘Chewable Vitamins’, ‘Vegetables’, that’s when I show you a picture of a vegetable, and you tell me what it is. Heads up, every one of them is the vegetable broccoli. Broccoli. ‘Colors that End in ‘Red’’, ‘Organisms’, which we should just skip, ‘What You Did Today’ and ‘At the Movies’. Mr. Eastwood, you’re in the lead, so you go first.


Lady Gaga, please pick a category.

She has changed outfits, now wearing a fur bikini, ripped fishnet pantyhouse hanging around her neck like a scarf, and a Green Bay Packers cheese hat on her head.

I think everyone should believe in themselves. Remember, you were born this way, baby!

Mr. Connery.

I’ll have orgasms for $14 grand.

That’s not what that says.

Your mother took an orgasm last night, in my bed, you ponce!

Colors that end in Red, for $200. This color is the color red.

Lady Gaga buzzes in.

It’s the color of passion. It’s the color of blood. Everyone has blood in their veins...passion and emotion is why I do what I do. I do this for My little monsters!

Beep beep.

No. Anyone? Anyone? You don’t even need to buzz in. Just blurt out the color. Just yell “red”!


And your parents should be ashamed of you all.

Is it halftime in America yet?


I’ll take Orgasms for $100, well, I can afford it...give me, uh...$200.

You don’t have to pay money out of your pocket.

He looks over and Lady Gaga has on another outfit, this time she’s wearing a Pigeon on her head and a bra that has pyramids on her boobs.

How did you change so quickly again?? Lady Gaga, pick a category.

Yes, I will. And I’ll make my little monsters proud. I’ll take At the Movies for $500, Alex.

This movie took Marty McFly ‘Back to the Future’.

Clint Eastwood buzzes in.

What is Mrs. Eastwood and Company?

No, that’s the horrible reality show that involves your wife.

Sean Connery buzzes in.

Sean Connery.

I have a reality show that involves your’s called a sex tape! Ooh!

Sean laughs hysterically.

Back to the Future. the future. You know what, screw this.

He tears up the cards in his hands.

On to Final Jeopardy!

Is this the second half?

That category know what...I’ll make one up! Uh...draw a smiley face! Just one! Perhaps two! It can even be a frowny face, which is what I’d draw right about now. You can give the little face hair, I don’t care. Just draw a circle, two eyes perhaps. It doesn’t matter. You don’t even have to give it a mouth and you’ll still win!

The jeopardy music begins. Everyone appears to be thinking really hard.
The music ends and Alex goes over to Lady Gaga, who has again, changed clothing. She now appears to be completely nude.

Lady Gaga, what happened to your clothes?!

People need to learn to be free, stop letting the constraints of society shackle you down to an antiquated notion of...

(cutting her off)
I said draw a smiley face, and you wrote...

Shows her answer. It’s nothing but slogan phrases that she says.

You wrote “Go for it”, “Be the best”, “Little Monsters”, “Put your paws up” and “Marriage equality”. You wagered “I was born this way, baby”. I hope not.

He walks away from her as she begins putting her hands up in a pawing motion towards him.
Alex walks over to Clint Eastwood, who is having a conversation with a chair.

(to the chair)
You said you would drive home. I really don’t want to go home yet. Maybe we can stop off somewhere...throw back a few cold ones at a bar. Well you can’t drink if you’re driving...I’m just saying...

Everyone should be worried about you.

He walks away to Sean Connery.

And all of the hopes of this game ride on Mr. Connery, whom I do not have high hopes for. I said draw a smiley face, or some sort of face...

He looks over Sean’s podium.

And I cannot show that on television.

That’s a face, you pompadore! 

Yes, it is. 

Show the good people what the face is doing...did I mention that that is your mother’s face? And guess what she’s doing with her face??

(cutting him off)
I’m Alex Trebek, and I will be looking for a new job tomorrow. Good night!

Sean Connery laughs hysterically.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Give it a Go, Right Right": a sketch

Okay, so for those of you who know me, or follow my blog, you know that I've been taking a writing class at Second City in Hollywood. Actually, I started taking improv and acting at Second City in Chicago, and now I'm in Sketch comedy writing here. This is a sketch I wrote and was acted out in class this past Sunday. Oh, and keep in mind, they all have very thick British cockney accents!:

Coming to NBC this fall...for
those of you who love Downton
Abbey and Dr. Who, comes the first
British sitcom, written by
Americans, for Americans! “Give it
a Go, Right Right!”


Grandmum, her daughter, (Mum) Katherine, and her husband
(Dad) Cedric, sit in the living room.
Grandmum is in a big dirty armchair. Mum and Dad are on
the couch.
I could eat.
You could eat?
I could.
I could eat.
You could eat?
Right right.
Right right.
Right right.
Give it a go, then, love.
Right right.

From the writers of “Gary
Unmarried”, “American ‘Coupling’”
and “100 Questions” come “Give it
a Go, Right Right”, starring Chase
Masterson as Cedric Middlesex!
Ashley Haverbrook as Victoria
Elizabeth Middlesex, American soap
opera actress Haley Townsend and
as the family matriarch, Gladys
Flannery, as Grandmum.

Cedric and Katherine’s teenage daughter, dressed in all
black and a skull cap with her hair in her face, comes
into the living room and throws herself down into her
mother’s seat.
She has on a Beatles t-shirt.

What? What’s everybody gawking at?
You going out then, love?
You going out?

Mum walks back into the room.

Anybody wanna go for some bangers
and mash?
I was thinking ‘a eating up on
some fish and chips.
Fish and chips?
I got bangers, I got mash!
Bullocks! Fish and chips!
Bob’s your uncle! You lazy bum!
I’ll box your ears, right I will!

She throws a cookie at Cedric.

You throw a biscuit at me?
I threw a biscuit at ye! Be bloody
happy I didn’t throw the tea with

She looks at her daughter.
You get up alright, then?
I’m up, I’m up.
Go on then. Get dressed, right?
Right right.

Victoria Elizabeth doesn’t move.

Victoria Elizabeth Middlesex!
Right right!

She gets up.

Put on some nice trousers, then.
No one turned on the tele!
You turn on the tele!
You turn on the tele! I can’t find
ye clicker!
You lazy bum. Always sitting on ye
What I gotta do to see the bloody
quidditch game?
Turn on the tele then! Find the
clicker, right right?
Go on then, right right?
Give it a go, then.
Give it a go!
You give it a go!

Victoria Elizabeth comes back into the room, wearing a
nice pair of trousers and a British flag sweater on.

Right right?
I like those trousers!
Right right!
Right right! You going out with
your mates then?
Yea, I’m going out with me mates.
Where ya gonna go then?
Muse concert. Then to Picadilly
square. Then to Trafalgar square.
Then to, uh, see the queen? I need
me some quid, mum.

The dad looks around.
Uh... Blokes?

Victoria Elizabeth looks confused for a moment.

Oh, yeah...blokes!

They all look awkwardly at the camera.

Because Americans are really into
British stuff, “Give it a Go,
Right Right”!

I used to hang out in flats with
me mates and me blokes. And we’d
snog and shag til dawn!

Dad laughs.
Right right!

Victoria Elizabeth looks disgusted.
The blokes were arse over elbow
for me in me day, (slight southern
accent) I reckon...

Realizes she’s gone into a slight southern accent.
They all look awkwardly at the camera again, as if
waiting for the NBC announcer again.

Uh...Big Ben. That’s there, uh,
here, right?
(also slipping out of
her accent for a
So is Notre Dame!
Uh...oh bugger!

Mum and Dad nod in approval of her choice of British slang.

The tele...we can watch the
Olympics! Woo! London!

They all shake their head in disapproval.

“Give it A go, Right Right”! From
the Producers of “Samantha Who”,
“Andy Richter Controls the
Universe” and “Mr. Sunshine”!
I thought you were gonna go out
with that bloke, Phillip Charles
Upton-upon-shire! The bloke from
I don’t know.
You should give it a go!
Give it a go, then, love!
Give it ago!
Give it a go!
Right right.

She leaves.
They stand there, looking awkward.

“Give it a go, Right Right”...only
on NBC...cause we’re still tryin’,

Things that are Pissing Me off right now (a numbered list)

1. I had to tell these kids 74889839849384 times to clean up their room. They're in bed now. The room is semi-clean.

2. I just killed an ant on my laptop with my own hand. I hate Southern California and it's always so warm weather. Well, not really. But I hate these fucking ants!

3. I have a wheat gluten sensitivity. I learned the hard way. My tummy hurts. Son of a bitch!

4. My phone keeps resetting. I'm not eligible for an upgrade until December 1st! Damn Sprint.

5. Bry has now worked almost 12 hours today! And he's still not home! Dammit.

6. Gas prices are over $5 a gallon! I'm selling my car and buying a horse and carriage.

7. Mia and Laila are in their room laughing loudly, while they're supposed to be asleep. I'm about to re-think my stance on spanking...I don't care what the studies show! I'm black, dammit!

8. I'm sick of the attention Jenny Johnson is getting on Twitter. Yeah, okay, she's funny. Yeah, she's wrong. Yeah, she makes me literally laugh out loud sometimes...wait...what was my point??

9. This toothache man! I'm sick of popping pain killers! I hate pills! We don't get along! I can't swallow them. Yes, I am a big baby. Shut up!

10. Did I mention the gas prices? What about the Jenny Johnson thing? Bry working so late? Uh...maybe there isn't a 10th thing to complain about...hmmm...uh....I'll get back to you.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Head Amputation and Other reasons I'm afraid of having my wisdom teeth removed...

Reasons I'm afraid to get my wisdom teeth pulled:

1. There will be an earthquake right after the dentist has pulled a tooth and the shaking of the Earth jumbles the tooth out of his hand and down my throat. I'll then choke and die. Hey, this is L.A., it could happen.

2. My face will be so swollen people will think I'm fatter than I actually am. (especially through a car window. That'll be that one time Josh Hutcherson is in the next car.)

3. I'm afraid my dentist will try some over-the-shirt action while I'm asleep (or under the shirt...hey, I watch the news)

4. The dentist will trip and fall while I'm unconscious and accidentally knock into one of my other teeth, breaking it into a zillion pieces with a scalpel (or whatever they use to cut the tooth out of the gum. Don't tell me, seriously)

5. Afraid them bitches will grow back and I'll have to go through it all over again.

6. My kids will see me moaning and with a swollen face and think mommy has been bitten by some sort of monster and has turned into said monster.

7. The dentist will pull other teeth accidentally, instead of said wisdom teeth.

8. Pulling the wisdom teeth will make me dumb. (Lack of wisdom)

9. When he goes to pull the teeth, they'll disintegrate into a fine powder, therefore choking me. (I really should've had these bitches pulled a long time ago)

10. I'll end up with a surgery-related infection and will need to have my head amputated.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Straight A's instead of a Baby Daddy...

I've kinda abandoned this thing,  huh? Yep. I haven't really been posting.

Life has been pretty busy, with my oldest daughter starting kindergarten and she gets 4 pages of homework every night! Yes, I know, I moved to Glendale because of the good schools, and yes, her teacher won teacher of the year in 2010, and yes, everyone keeps telling me that she'll have my little girl reading in no time, but damn, 4 pages? And then she requires them to color stuff on the page after they've written the letters, or read the sentence or find all of the 'U's' in the picture. I really shouldn't complain, though, because Ani doesn't complain, it's just normal for her now. I sit here with her, I tell her what she's supposed to do, and if she writes the U on the line crooked, I erase it and make her write it again. But 4 pages, though?! She's 5! And this is everynight...and more on the weekends! I guess I won't be complaining when she's in Harvard someday, bringing home straight A's instead of bringing home baby daddies....

Oh, and of course, I've been saving my creativity for my Second City Hollywood writing class. I'm taking Intro to Sketch Writing. I'm learning how to write for SNL. That's the dream, folks...SNL! I'd love to write for Conan too. I'm obsessed with Conan O'Brien. I get to go see the show Monday! So excited. I saw him when he was in Chicago and I was pregnant with Ani. All I remember is sitting in my seat and really, really, really having to go to the bathroom. I was like "I'ma run for the door, run into the hallway and find a bathroom" and Bry's like "You can't hold it?" and I was like "I'm pregnant FOOL!". Haha. Good times, good times.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If My Eyes are all X'ed with it...

Writing sketches and commercial parodies for my Second City writing class.

This class is like a dream to me. Comedy writing is so much fun.

Yes, all of these sentences are incomplete. Well, not that last one. Or that one.

I'm, like, really tired, dude. I don't even know why I'm sitting here trying to update this thingy. I just feel like I have to be writing something, to stay in the habit. Even if the writing is sophomoric and incorrect. Then am I really getting somewhere?

I had someone read my script for "Hello Again". He loved the first 30 pages. It's important to me that he really likes it. He's a real actor. Not like my bullshitty self. And that's not me feeling down or low, because I am quite the opposite. I just know that I spend more time writing than acting. But in my defense, I was in a play...2 months ago!

I created some new characters for myself. Lisa and I are talking about filming each other's sketches. She actually finished the Second City writing program so her opinion is important to me. And she's talking about directing my film. Now if real actor boy really wants to do it, then I'm finding funding fast! I will do what my girl Tiffanie Debartolo did and keep trying to someone wants to make this damn thing! And I promise, it's a really good script. It really is. I did actual research while writing it. Now if real actor boy reads the whole thing, loves it, says he has to play the part, I might die over...x's for fucking eyes. But what will that do? Can't make the film if my eyes are all x'ed with it...

But he said he had already read the first 30 pages and he was totally in. So tell me to stop overthinking it. Us women overthink a lot of things. Plus, I'm a writer. Writers overthink things. Plus, I think I'm intelligent, and I'm a dramatic person, so those things on top of those other things makes one huge over-thinker.

Okay, this was longer than I expected. My allergies are itchying at my eyes. I'm blarging to bed. I have to walk Ani to kindergarten in the morning. Still can't believe my baby is old enough to be in real school.

Later gators.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Didn't Cry...I Held it in!

Busy week!

My oldest daughter started Kindergarten this week. No, I didn't cry like a little baby and embarrass her. I held it in, thank you very much.

I walked her there this morning while Bry got ready for work and stayed here with the twins. Then, I drove with the twins to go pick her up this afternoon. Yes, I missed her yesterday and today.

Right now I'm trying to figure out if I should be letting the twins color at the same table while Ani does her homework.

Not a good idea. I sent them to their room to watch tv for a little bit and lay down. They didn't protest too much.

Going to go help Googa with her homework.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

That's Stalky

What have I been up to? Working on some stand-up, working on writing comedy, getting ready to start the comedy writing program at Second City Hollywood and stalking at celebs' houses. Yeah, you heard me! It's just like getting one of those star maps and then going around town and taking pics in front of those houses. I really enjoyed going by Lucille Ball's old house in Beverly Hills. I also found Robert Pattinson's current house, not that far from my damn house! That was exciting, except for the fact that he's been in New York ever since I found his place. Whatever. It's not like I was going to go up to the gate and ring the bell. I do have limits. I took a picture of his front gate. That's it. Then we left. Oh, and Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson's house. That's not too far from my house or Rob Pattinson's. I took a picture of their front gate. Then left. That's it.

I don't know. I think it would be scary being famous and having people in front of your house taking pics all the time. I guess that's why they have good security. But for people like me who just goes "Oooh! It's their house!" and leaves, it's fine. But of course, there are people who will go to a celebs' house and actually stalk at it! I mean, you can get arrested I think if you go to a celebrities' house and just hang out on the curb for a while. That's creepy. That's stalky.

So this was just a break for me. I thought I should update my blog. Going to hang out in Studio City tomorrow, hopefully meet some more celebs, take a few pictures, post them on my Instagram, then come home and write some more. I'm so focused on my comedy write now. I'm about to start doing stand-up regularly. I'm getting some good advice from a comedienne that I know. I'm going to call her tomorrow. She told me she can answer a lot of my questions about getting gigs and doing open mics.

Laters, man!

But look at him, though. Robert Pattinson...come back to L.A., yo! Lol

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Busy Sunday

Okay, so I didn't practice my stand-up routine today. Nor did I do yoga. But in my defense, I did get a good amount of exercise today. We went to a farmer's market, which was hot as balls. But we got a lot of free samples of fruit, which the girls thoroughly enjoyed. Then, we went to our favorite bookstore, which was fun! I sat there reading books to my girls, then looking through a tabloid magazine, I mean, uh, reading Tolstoy! Yeah, that. Something intellectual. Yep.

Then we went past Justin Bieber's favorite restaurant. No, he wasn't there. Dammit. I mean, shut up!

Then we drove through downtown L.A., which we hadn't been to in the 5 months we've been here. We decided to just drive around and look at the area. Yeah, weird. It kinda felt like downtown Chicago, but it wasn't. Then we ended up near MacArthur Park. Is that area supposed to be bad? Because I'm from the ghetto in Chicago, and that area really didn't seem that bad. Maybe because it was daytime? I don't know. It didn't look great, but I certainly wasn't scared. I said to Bry "let's get our asses back to the valley, we don't know where we are", so he pulled out the gps. Not a great idea to just drive around L.A. blindly, not knowing what certain areas are, with your 3 little girls. I would hate to get stranded in a bad area or something!

So we ended up back in Silverlake, at the Trader Joe's, and I got a gay equality bumper sticker from a guy standing outside, passing them out. So, yeah, today was pretty sweet. And yes, I'm tired as hell, but there was a new episode of "Breaking Bad" on tonight! Uh, hello, kids are in bed, time to power up that DVR!

Later Gators!

I have to register Ani for school tomorrow. Ugh. I'm dreading this. I'm real nervous about my baby starting Kindergarten. Future me is screaming, "Angie, she will be fine! She needs this! It's your problem, not hers!" Lol. Yeah, my problem, not hers. She's really excited!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Stand-up Stage Fright

I've been sitting here working on doing my first stand-up open mic. I have lots of jokes written, but I was just going through them, putting them together and seeing what really works. I even recorded myself on my phone, then went over it several times to see if I remembered it. You know,  it's really easy to remember something you wrote yourself. It was so much fun doing "Local Couple Wins Lottery", especially when I realized that the words had stuck in my head, because I wrote them! I had a little bit of difficulty with the play I was in "Reservoir Bitches", but in my defense, I didn't have much rehearsal time. I still find it amazing that I can remember anything nowadays. Yeah, stuff gets forgotten.

Anywho...I want this bad enough, so I'm going to bust my ass to do it. I also would love to book some gigs in Chicago sometime in the fall and fly in and make some money! I have a lot of friends in Chicago who could possibly show up too! And of course, I could stay with my mom and spend time with my family. But first I should probably conquer this little bit of stand-up stage fright, huh? I'm on it...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Not Just 'Mom'

So my girl Lisa came over yesterday. We played with the kids and talked about motivating each other. I've always had trouble sticking to some sort of routine, but I'm going to try harder for the greater good. If I can have my kids on a schedule, I can plan out something for myself everyday.

And it's not a hard/super strict/super rigid schedule. I'm just making a list of about 5 or 6 things I have to do everyday, including writing on this here blog. Even if I come to this site and just write 3 or 4 words, I'm going to blog everyday. Perhaps I should download the app to my phone, in case I'm out of the house all day and I don't have the computer with me. That's an idea.

Also included in my schedule is going for a walk everyday. Sometimes, just sitting in the house playing with the kids, or even just taking them to the playground, is not good for me. I mean, it's totally fun playing with my kids, but I should go somewhere by myself everyday just to think. Just to get away for the noise and remember I'm also 'Angie', not just 'mom'! lol


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Whiny Baby

It's been a rough week, between missing Bry when he's working and trying to figure out where this film should go. I don't know.
Maybe I just think too much.
Then I hurt my back, carrying around the toddlers.
But on the plus side, I've been doing a lot of activities with them, including baking cookies, painting, coloring and teaching them letters. Ani already knows her letters, so she's been helping the twins learn theirs.
Then last night we stayed up and watched the Olympics opening ceremonies. So yeah, it was a rough few days, but I'm feeling better about everything now.
I was probably just being a whiny baby. Just like I'm being a whiny baby about having to go get my wisdom teeth removed. I would rather give birth again then to have dental surgery! My God...and I really don't want to give birth again! Lol


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Only a Phone Call Away...

I had a panic attack today.
This shizz is getting ridiculous.
Thank God my mom was only a phone call away.

In other news, I fell asleep last night with my head on Bry's chest. Suhhhweeeet. It really was. He pulled me over and told me to lay on him. We then fell asleep in each other's arms. I then woke up and was up for a while playing Words with Friends on my phone and watching an old episode of South Park with Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo.

On the plus side, after my little breakdown this morning, I came out of the bathroom and the kids were none the wiser, then I spent the rest of the day making them happy, which made me happy. They colored some really pretty pictures today.

I just need more sleep. More rest. More fun.

Back to work on writing "Dead Oliver" with Lisa Shows as a feature film. We'll probably film Spring 2013! Still fundraising!

In the meantime, have you seen this? Me and Bry were doing a web show for a small amount of time, like, 5 years ago! Yes, this is old...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fascination what am I up to...?

I'm still fundraising for "Dead Oliver". We're still in pre-production and thinking about who's going to play the role of Oliver. In the meantime, it's not too late to donate to get an IMDB credit as a producer!

Also, I'm trying to find a yoga or pilates class nearby. I really wanted to go to Winsor Pilates, but that's all the way in West Hollywood, which is like, 45 minutes on a good day. It's probably better to work out closer to home.

Oh, and I register Ani for kindergarten next week. I'm nervous. It's going to be really hard being away from her. She's a great kid. I'm just going to miss her during the day. She's my oldest, and yes, she's 5 and she's ready to be away from her mommy at least some of the day, but still...I'll miss her. At least the twins will still be home with me.

Oh, and I've been totally obsessing over Marilyn Monroe! Obviously, I've always known who she is, and I've seen several of her kids, mostly when I was a kid. I saw "Niagara" and "Some Like It Hot" as a kid with my mom, but more recently I've seen "The Seven Year Itch", and I just want to watch it over and over again! I'm totally obsessed! I get the fascination with her, now more than ever. Why was she that gorgeous and talented?! How was she even human? My God. Then Bry bought me the Life magazine tribute to her. I'm going to go visit her grave next week. I'm going to put flowers. God, I love her.

Oh, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Night, and I'm an idiot

Sunday night, sitting here with Bry, got the kids sleep in their room and we're watching "The Walking Dead". Let me tell you what's wrong with this is playing on everything I feared as a child. As a kid, I couldn't handle Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video! What, as a kid?? Did I say 'as a kid'??...dude, I STILL can't handle it!

So I'm an idiot for watching this show right now, but it's so intriguing! I want to know what happens! That first episode really gets you in! You have to find out what happens to the main character! Does he find his wife and son??

And why did this fool go into the city on a horse?! The city! That would be the last place to go if you're worried about zombies attacking you! And how come fools in these zombie movies, or in this case, a zombie tv show...why do they walk into a house yelling out for the people they're looking for?? Uh, hello...what if there are zombies in there? How about, walk in quietly, look around, listen for noises? Geez.

But this show is really well written.

That poor horse.

And I'm still watching it! So scared right now. Who's sleeping tonight?! I'm NOT!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Poem: One Day I Will Disagree With You

One day I will disagree with you
But not in the way that you think
And it will be huge
And I'll just blame you
And I don't care what you think
I'll cry and scream
If you know what I mean
You'll yell and laugh and call me a drama queen
I'll call your mom and tell her about you
And she'll be disappointed and scream at you too
But in the end
You know I'll die for you
But not in the way you want me to.

Poem: "Excuses for Me"

I'm just over here, sad
Lying about
Feeling lousy
With a pout
Call me a doctor
He'll just prescribe sun
And I will still choose
To lay about
With a frown
I'm one of the lucky
I'm one of the few
I'm all over smart
But I'm still blue
I revel in the drama
Fantastically strewn
Just lounging about
Here in my room.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tweeting at Celebrites

I'm tweeting at celebrities, I'm sending e-mails, I'm five seconds from making some flyers and going out on the streets of Hollywood, specifically Hollywood Blvd. and passing those bad boys out like "Help me make my film, just $25 gets you producer credit on IMDB homies!". Perhaps Venice Beach, have my director Lisa come with me, pass out flyers, come on...two cute girls saying "Give us $25 and..." Okay, maybe that doesn't sound too good, huh? No worries. I don't think it'll come to that!

I just think I haven't been doing enough. There's this filmmaker in the UK who gave me the idea. His name is AD Lane and he's making his own Twitter-funding film called "Invasion of the Not Quite Dead". I mean, this guy, this GUY hustles! He's on Twitter, he's doing Tweet-a-thons, he's getting his shit out there! I think I've been following him for over a year now. I can't whine about not getting much in the first, what, 15 days of fundraising? This guy has been at it for a while, and he's about to make his film! Such an inspiration! I told him that, he said thanks!

Either way, we're getting there. One tweet at a time. I'm tweeting anybody and everybody! My followers are going to get sick of me, if they aren't already. I'm like "Movie this", "Dead Oliver that", "My tummy hurts this"...My tweets can't be too interesting, huh? lol

Going back over to Twitter now! Remember, donate $25, you'll get an IMDB page with your name on it! If you already have one, no problem, you'll then be listed as a producer! Yeppers!


Saturday, June 30, 2012


So I have a little list of things I need to do for pre-production on "Dead Oliver", my short dramatic film that I plan to film this summer, and then take to some film festivals. The first thing I want to do is go take pictures of the beach we're going to film at, then find a hotel and book a room for 3 days. I also need to film a short video for the Indiegogo website, talking about what the film is about and why we need $5000 to make it (Mostly lighting and editing equipment).

Other than that, things are going swimmingly. My aunt has offered to come out here and watch the kids while me and hubby film (he's the cameraman/DP/cinematographer, whatever you want to call him). He's also going to score the film, and we're going to write an original song for it. It's going to be the song that Oliver sings to Annabelle. He's going to sing to her in the film ACapella, but it's supposed to be his hit song, so we're starting on that.

Hmmm...what else? Any questions? Remember, if you donate to the film, you get producer credit on IMDB! If you don't have a IMDB page, you'll have one created for you, with credit saying you helped produce a film! Yes, that's really how it works! If you help fund an indie film, such as mine, you'll be listed as a producer on IMDB, which will really help someone who has no page but wants one, or an actor wanting more credits or even someone who is already a producer, wanting more credits. Go to and see how we're doing, donate, or just get more info on the film. And tell your friends!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Searching for Oliver

I'm really trying hard to fund this film, sending out tweets, e-mails, Facebook posts, etc. I'm spamming celebs to RT my tweet about the film! I wonder if that's how other producers make films?

I've been too proud to straight-up beg for money. I guess I'll get over that, I mean, a lot of indie filmmakers got their starts begging family and friends for money. I'm also thinking of extending "Dead Oliver" and making it longer. It was originally supposed to be 30 minutes, but I'm starting to feel like there's more story there that can be explored, like how Annabelle and Oliver met and what her life was like before that moment of meeting this famous musician.

Also, I think myself, my director, Lisa Shows and my hubby, who's the cinematographer, are going to make little snippets, a behind-the-scenes look into us making the film and begging for donations! Lol. I'll put it on Youtube as a short webseries, like "The Making of Dead Oliver and How Not to Lose Your Mind Doing So"! Great title, right?! I probably won't go specifically with that, but something similar!

Also, I'm still looking for a young actor to play Oliver!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Dead Oliver"...what it's all about

Okay, so I'm working on "Dead Oliver" a short film I wrote and will star, Bry is going to film and my friend Lisa is going to direct. We are currently trying to raise funds to make it, just $5000. It's mostly going to film in a hotel room and then on the beach, I'm think Venice Beach.

We start filming in September, so I really need to find someone to play Oliver.

Now let me tell you what inspired the film.

I had a dream about Justin Bieber a few weeks back. I know, weird. I mean, I wasn't exactly a Justin Bieber fan. I thought he was cool, and I loved the song "Somebody to Love" because my cousin Kecia told me about ti and loved it. So I guess the dream was because I keep hearing about him in the news, since his new album was coming out.

So in the dream, I'm in a hotel room, surrounded by his people, you know, his manager Scooter Braun, etc., and he's upset and he's asking me for advice. Why in the world he would ask me for advice, I don't know. But in the dream, I was his friend and I was being helpful. So at some point, his people weren't there, and he was talking about getting away for a while, just taking a vacation and not letting anybody know where was. So then I told him "If you disappear without telling anybody where you are, they'll think you're dead".

I then wrote "Dead Oliver", about an older chick who meets a rock star, not necessarily being a fan, but helping him out and helping him get away for a few days, but then people don't know where he is, so they think he's dead, hence "Dead Oliver".

We're accepting donations towards funding "Dead Oliver", which we're going to take to several film fests end of this year and next year, and if you donate $25 or more, you get producer credit on IMDB! In two days, we've already gotten $50 towards our $5000 goal!

I'll be shooting pics from where we're going to film soon, plus a video by me, explaining the film. Coming soon!

In the meantime, support my indie film! Go to!

And don't forget to follow me on Twitter for all the latest updates, or e-mail me for more info!

By the way, Justin Bieber's new album is dope. "As Long As You Love Me" is amazing. I'm totally serious. It's so good. And I mostly listen to rock music, and I love this album. #Belieberforreal

Friday, June 22, 2012

Scene from the "Dead Oliver" script

Thanks, by the way.
You already said that.
I hope people don’t think you’re my kidnapper.
People don’t know who I am.
That’s why I asked you to rent the car.
Is there a plan, here, Oliver? Is there? Because sooner or later...
I know.
We’re not that far from L.A. Someone could recognize you.
Yeah. I’m not running away.
You already did.
I’m not gonna stay gone for long. Look, can we just hang out, just talk?

He gets up from the floor and walks over to the bed, sitting near where she’s standing.

Okay. But there has to be a plan. You can’t hide forever.
Okay. But I’m glad you’re hiding with me.
I’m not hiding. I have nothing to hide from.
Then why did you agree to rent the car, drive me up the coast?
An opportunity to run away with a rock star sounded like fun!
You didn’t even know who I was!
He chuckles.
You told me you were a rock star...
You believed me?!
I believed your entourage. And your fans.
What were you doing at that hotel anyway?

I was staying there. I’m in town for a few days.
You’re not from L.A.?
I live in Chicago. I’m from there. This was my first time in L.A.
Wow. What a story to go home with.
ANNABELLE plane leaves for Chicago in 3 days.
How long are we hiding here?

She comes and sits on the bed with him.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Dead Oliver" me make my film!

"Dead Oliver"
A short film by Angelina Grace

"For 4 days, the world thought Oliver was dead. We watched it from our hotel room. Where we stayed. Where he hid. Where I hid with him." - Annabelle

The story of a young woman who meets a rock star, not knowing who he is, then agreeing to drive him up the coast of California so he can get away.

I'm looking for an actor to play Oliver, who's between the ages of 18-25 and can sing!

Donate to the cause! I'll accept any amount, via Paypal, and you'll receive an IMDB page as a producer on the film, your name in the end credits, and a copy of the DVD when the film is made!!! You have nothing to lose!

It's a 30-minute comedy/drama, set in Los Angeles, shot in HD.

Donate via PayPal!

Adventures in Lala Land

Here are just a few videos from the past few weeks of my life in L.A., including the twins eating cupcakes on their 3rd birthday!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Stressful Week

Laila Raine

Laila, today at Pinkberry. She loves frozen yogurt!

A few days after she hurt her teeth. She seemed just fine. Thank God.

I've had a stressful week, with Laila getting hurt and 2 straight weeks of family being here, now I don't know how to be on my own again. Lol.
I mean, I haven't been alone with my own kids for 2 weeks! Bry even had a decent amount of days off with my family being in town. I'm used to having a house full of people!
And now I'm bored.
On the plus, Bry and I are working on a graphic novel. It doesn't have a title yet, but I already wrote out an entire storyline. Bry is supposed to be drawing the characters. He's an amazing artist.

And my teeth hurt. I was leaning over to kiss Laila on her forehead while she was laying in her bed and she moved, smacking me in the front teeth with her head. Ouch indeed! That shit hurt!!!

On another plus, I got the twins completely off the pacifiers! Yes, I know, they're 3, they should've been off of them a long time ago. It took Laila falling on her mouth, hurting her two front teeth to the point where they were pushed up into her gums and bleeding, then taking her to the dentist and the dentist telling us that she had an "Open bite" which was probably caused by the pacifier. I went home and threw all of those fuckers in the garbage. No turning back! I've tried to break them off of them before and I wussied out by giving it back to them. That's why this time I threw them in the garbage. When they cried for them at bedtime, I told them that they were all gone, and I hugged and kissed them. Thank God my aunt was still here because during the day she kept them occupied so they weren't asking for them as much.

Now, a week later, Laila's mouth is healing and she's no longer complaining of pain. It was terrible when it first happened. Blood, crying (both her and me), then a trip to the ER, then right to the dentist after we left the hospital. She was giggling and acting silly an hour or two after it happened, but the dentist said her teeth might 'right' themselves over time. I'll pray on that. Poor Lailee...

And a whole week without pacifiers. And they're not asking for them anymore. And they go right to sleep at bedtime.

Thank God!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dreamin' of Bieber...but why?

I had a dream last night. It was weird. Justin Bieber was there. That's why it was weird. I don't crush on Justin Bieber. I'm not that familiar with his music, other than "Baby", "Boyfriend" and "Somebody to Love". I don't own any albums. I don't have kids old enough to be crazy about him. It's just weird. Maybe he got into my mind because of a news story? I mean, he does live semi nearby...or maybe because I met Stalker Sarah last week and she's taken 50 billion pictures with him. Hell, I was more interested in the fact that she's met Josh Hutcherson. Either way, strange dream.

And it wasn't anything romantic. I mean, I ran into him somewhere and then we just hung out, talking. We didn't kiss. Yeah, he's 18, it's legal, but still. In the dream, we were just hanging out and talking and I thought "What a cool guy". But in the dream, he talked about his breakup with Selena Gomez. They haven't broken up, right? I wouldn't have half cared before now, but they haven't, have they?

I mean, I don't typically listen to his music, but I don't have anything against him.

So why am I dreaming about Justin Bieber? Lol.

And then I came out up with a film idea based around the dream. I'm working on. More on the way!

Okay, he's kinda cute. I mean, I get it! Lol

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Touristy and Weight-lossy things

I've had an interesting week.

My mom and aunts came to visit from Chicago. We spent a lot of time just driving around and showing them the touristy places around L.A.

Also, I've been jogging! I'm still trying to drop some weight, and none of my clothes fit...everything is hanging off of me. Excuse to shop! It's really cool. I'm finally losing the baby weight...from 3 years ago! But keep in mind, I had twins! I had 3 pregnancies back to back...first Ani in 2006, then I got pregnant and had a miscarriage in 2008, then got pregnant with the twins right after. So the weight piled on, and now I'm really working harder to lose it. I'm thinner right now than I've been in a long time.

Well, we're off to show my Auntie Martha the Hollywood sign. She's never seen it before.

Did I mention I met Stalker Sarah at Chateau Marmont? Right before Lindsay Lohan drove by! lol

Later gators.

Me and my mom

At Chateau Marmont with Stalker Sarah!

The twinsies on their 3rd birthday on June 4th!