Saturday, July 28, 2012

Whiny Baby

It's been a rough week, between missing Bry when he's working and trying to figure out where this film should go. I don't know.
Maybe I just think too much.
Then I hurt my back, carrying around the toddlers.
But on the plus side, I've been doing a lot of activities with them, including baking cookies, painting, coloring and teaching them letters. Ani already knows her letters, so she's been helping the twins learn theirs.
Then last night we stayed up and watched the Olympics opening ceremonies. So yeah, it was a rough few days, but I'm feeling better about everything now.
I was probably just being a whiny baby. Just like I'm being a whiny baby about having to go get my wisdom teeth removed. I would rather give birth again then to have dental surgery! My God...and I really don't want to give birth again! Lol


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Only a Phone Call Away...

I had a panic attack today.
This shizz is getting ridiculous.
Thank God my mom was only a phone call away.

In other news, I fell asleep last night with my head on Bry's chest. Suhhhweeeet. It really was. He pulled me over and told me to lay on him. We then fell asleep in each other's arms. I then woke up and was up for a while playing Words with Friends on my phone and watching an old episode of South Park with Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo.

On the plus side, after my little breakdown this morning, I came out of the bathroom and the kids were none the wiser, then I spent the rest of the day making them happy, which made me happy. They colored some really pretty pictures today.

I just need more sleep. More rest. More fun.

Back to work on writing "Dead Oliver" with Lisa Shows as a feature film. We'll probably film Spring 2013! Still fundraising!

In the meantime, have you seen this? Me and Bry were doing a web show for a small amount of time, like, 5 years ago! Yes, this is old...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fascination what am I up to...?

I'm still fundraising for "Dead Oliver". We're still in pre-production and thinking about who's going to play the role of Oliver. In the meantime, it's not too late to donate to get an IMDB credit as a producer!

Also, I'm trying to find a yoga or pilates class nearby. I really wanted to go to Winsor Pilates, but that's all the way in West Hollywood, which is like, 45 minutes on a good day. It's probably better to work out closer to home.

Oh, and I register Ani for kindergarten next week. I'm nervous. It's going to be really hard being away from her. She's a great kid. I'm just going to miss her during the day. She's my oldest, and yes, she's 5 and she's ready to be away from her mommy at least some of the day, but still...I'll miss her. At least the twins will still be home with me.

Oh, and I've been totally obsessing over Marilyn Monroe! Obviously, I've always known who she is, and I've seen several of her kids, mostly when I was a kid. I saw "Niagara" and "Some Like It Hot" as a kid with my mom, but more recently I've seen "The Seven Year Itch", and I just want to watch it over and over again! I'm totally obsessed! I get the fascination with her, now more than ever. Why was she that gorgeous and talented?! How was she even human? My God. Then Bry bought me the Life magazine tribute to her. I'm going to go visit her grave next week. I'm going to put flowers. God, I love her.

Oh, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Night, and I'm an idiot

Sunday night, sitting here with Bry, got the kids sleep in their room and we're watching "The Walking Dead". Let me tell you what's wrong with this is playing on everything I feared as a child. As a kid, I couldn't handle Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video! What, as a kid?? Did I say 'as a kid'??...dude, I STILL can't handle it!

So I'm an idiot for watching this show right now, but it's so intriguing! I want to know what happens! That first episode really gets you in! You have to find out what happens to the main character! Does he find his wife and son??

And why did this fool go into the city on a horse?! The city! That would be the last place to go if you're worried about zombies attacking you! And how come fools in these zombie movies, or in this case, a zombie tv show...why do they walk into a house yelling out for the people they're looking for?? Uh, hello...what if there are zombies in there? How about, walk in quietly, look around, listen for noises? Geez.

But this show is really well written.

That poor horse.

And I'm still watching it! So scared right now. Who's sleeping tonight?! I'm NOT!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Poem: One Day I Will Disagree With You

One day I will disagree with you
But not in the way that you think
And it will be huge
And I'll just blame you
And I don't care what you think
I'll cry and scream
If you know what I mean
You'll yell and laugh and call me a drama queen
I'll call your mom and tell her about you
And she'll be disappointed and scream at you too
But in the end
You know I'll die for you
But not in the way you want me to.

Poem: "Excuses for Me"

I'm just over here, sad
Lying about
Feeling lousy
With a pout
Call me a doctor
He'll just prescribe sun
And I will still choose
To lay about
With a frown
I'm one of the lucky
I'm one of the few
I'm all over smart
But I'm still blue
I revel in the drama
Fantastically strewn
Just lounging about
Here in my room.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tweeting at Celebrites

I'm tweeting at celebrities, I'm sending e-mails, I'm five seconds from making some flyers and going out on the streets of Hollywood, specifically Hollywood Blvd. and passing those bad boys out like "Help me make my film, just $25 gets you producer credit on IMDB homies!". Perhaps Venice Beach, have my director Lisa come with me, pass out flyers, come on...two cute girls saying "Give us $25 and..." Okay, maybe that doesn't sound too good, huh? No worries. I don't think it'll come to that!

I just think I haven't been doing enough. There's this filmmaker in the UK who gave me the idea. His name is AD Lane and he's making his own Twitter-funding film called "Invasion of the Not Quite Dead". I mean, this guy, this GUY hustles! He's on Twitter, he's doing Tweet-a-thons, he's getting his shit out there! I think I've been following him for over a year now. I can't whine about not getting much in the first, what, 15 days of fundraising? This guy has been at it for a while, and he's about to make his film! Such an inspiration! I told him that, he said thanks!

Either way, we're getting there. One tweet at a time. I'm tweeting anybody and everybody! My followers are going to get sick of me, if they aren't already. I'm like "Movie this", "Dead Oliver that", "My tummy hurts this"...My tweets can't be too interesting, huh? lol

Going back over to Twitter now! Remember, donate $25, you'll get an IMDB page with your name on it! If you already have one, no problem, you'll then be listed as a producer! Yeppers!