Friday, August 12, 2011

That's the dream, homies!

Yeah, so, I'm watching "Torchwood" and I swear, this show is disturbing! I'm only half-paying attention to it, because honestly, I'm on this laptop working, trying to build that Angelina Grace empire! And I've been working it too!

I'm moving to Los Angeles Nov. 1st, so I've been not only on this laptop, looking up apartments and schools and things of the sort, but also been making list after list of agents, managers, casting directors and acting schools. I've been making mad crazy connections on the Twitters (yeah, that's what I call it, just to be different and ridiculous at the same time). Oh, and updating this blog as much as humanly possible.

See, I look at it like this, the more your name is out there, the more people see your headshot, they may be willing to give you a chance. And yes, of course, just because they give you a chance, doesn't mean you can act and have actual talent. They might like your look or whatever, but if you can't act or sing for shit, then that's that. That's why I have to spend just as much time practicing my craft as I do marketing myself.

And that's hard to concentrate on learning lines outloud when you don't have a spare moment in between cutting up somebody's sandwich into 4 squares and pouring milk and juice into cups for these tiny people that I adore.

And that's another thing...always being tired! How in the hell am I supposed to work on "my craft" if I'm too tired? It's so much easier at the end of the day after they are in bed to sit here on the couch and watch "Torchwood" and eat strawberries and blog. So much easier.

On the plus side, I did upload video of a monologue I did from my screenplay "Words to a Page" and a video bio, and me singing the Jeff Buckley song "Morning Theft". It's from months ago, when I was a bit heavier in my body areas, but whatever. It'll do for now. In the meantime, while I'm packing and planning for the move, I'll network my ass off using this computer and my Android phone and then when I get there, I'm starting up at Second City Hollywood. The ultimate goal? To have my own sitcom! I want to be like Roseanne Barr, or even Carol Burnett or Lucille Ball. That's the dream, homies. That be's the dream.

PS...obligatory pic of Kelsey Chavarria from "The Real L Word"...trying to convince her I'm not a stalker fan like her other stalker fans, but I seriously doubt she reads my blog regularly (unless I send her a link).

Kels...why so gorgeous?

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