Monday, July 28, 2014

Can't Take Them Anywhere

We went into L.A. today. The heart of L.A. If you know me or even follow my blog, you know I live in Glendale, which is kind of a suburb of Los Angeles. It's nice, but sort of boring at times. It's good if you have children. Low crime, good schools, blah blah blah, you get the point. 

Anyway, we headed over to Golden Apple Comics on Melrose. I've been told that celebs shop there pretty often...just not when I'm there. It's okay, though. The last time I was there was for Free Comic Book Day last year to see my dear friend Sherri Dupree-Bemis. She's the singer and guitarist of the awesome rock band Eisley. She was there with her husband Max, lead singer of the band Say Anything and comic book writer. He was there signing and we got to see Sherri and meet their new baby, Lucy!

So we go there today, the twins see the covers of comic books that scare them. There was no crying and I know they're 5, it's just a phase, but geez! Can I take them anywhere now?

Afterwards we went to Target where Anneka got upset because she couldn't find the Pokemon cards she wanted. Again, there was no crying but geez!

Then we had this sweet moment, driving through Silverlake, we came across this reservoir. It was such a serene scene. The breeze, the palm trees blowing in the wind...Anneka almost stepping in dog poop in the grass. We took some cute pictures, then just stood there, gazing at the water and speaking of memories past.

They start school in 2 weeks. 2 weeks! I have to send my twinsies out into the world to have their own lives...outside of me! I'll be okay. I'll be auditioning, looking for writing jobs, going back to iO West to finish the improv program and taking yoga classes. Yep. I'll be alright...I think. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

About Kim Kardashian Hollywood...

This game is stupid. It really is. I mean, you don't learn anything from it, it doesn't test your abilities or make you think very much and there are no real rewards to it. I've said several times on social media in the past month since I first downloaded it that it was stupid. hasn't stopped me from playing it!

I look hot though!

In my defense, I played the original game, Stardom. It was really fun at first! You're a character who has moved to Los Angeles with very little money and you live in a slum with a slumlord who's looking for his money. You then have to go work at the local Starbeans so you can pay said slumlord. There's a mouse that lives in the hole in your wall and everyone is mean to you. You get a break and get to be in a commercial, taking over for a friend, and everything takes off from there. It was very time consuming as your only goal, really, is to make it to the A List, so you start taking every commercial, tv show, and movie that your agent sends you out for. That's not Kim K.'s game.

I was playing this game 85 weeks ago? 
The original game got boring after a while.

It's made by the same company, Glu, and it's basically the same concept with some differences. For example, in Kim's game, you're not an actress, you're a "model". But you're a Kim Kardashian-style model with a few runway shows thrown in there. I haven't gotten very far in the game (I do have a life!), but so far there are a few disturbing things in this game also!

1. All of the Guys You Can Date Are Mean as Shit!

You go to meet up with the guy. Even if you're on the A List and he's on the E list, he'll still insult your outfit!
Like, am I not good enough for you?? It makes me wonder if this comes from certain other men telling Kim that her outfits suck. I do remember a Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode where Kim says something about Kanye not liking how she dressed so he brought in a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE for her. Yes, really.

2. You're Talked Into Doing Nude Pics for a Famous Photographer

It's almost like "Hey, you knew what you were getting into when you said you wanted to be a famous disrobe!" Okay, yes, this happens in modeling in real life. Would I do this in real life? No comment! But what about the young girls who are playing this game? But at the same time, it's up to their parents to know what kind of games their kids are playing and your 13 year old daughter shouldn't be playing a game made by someone who has a sex tape. But that's just my opinion...

3. The Illuminati

Yes, Kim. You joking about the Illuminati in your game really throws us off the trail. "Oh, she's joking about it, so it must not be true". Nice try, though. Nice try.

4. Willow Pape is Probably Paris Hilton

This is the character in the game who's also a model and does nothing but put you down. She seems to just hang around, and when you're least expecting it, she's there, ready to say something totally mean to you. I wonder why Kim approved this character? Is she throwing shade on Paris and thought others wouldn't figure it out? Truthfully, I didn't until people started making the comparisons on Twitter. You be the judge!

5. Your Manager is Annoying as Shit

You just finished with an 8-hour photo shoot. You walk out the door. You're sweaty, you're tired. You want to go see your boyfriend who probably hates your outfit and bam! your manager calls to ask if you want to fly to Punta Mita in Mexico for another 8 hour photo shoot! Sure! Who needs sleep! I'm gonna make it to the A List!

6. Every City in the World Has Very Few Places to Visit

Every single city you visit, there's only a restaurant, a magazine for photo shoots, a nightclub, and a house or apartment building. Yep. That's it. In the original game, at least there was also a coffee place and a pet store!

7. Even Once You Reach the A List, People Are Still Mean to You

You're on the E list...and I leave you unimpressed? REALLY DUDE?!

I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing. In the original game, once you made the A List, people kissed your ass. In this game, some people are still mean...and your boyfriend still hates how you dress. I also wonder if you can get married in this game too. If so, I'm not marrying any of these ass bags just on principle.

8. Once You Reach the A List, It Gets Pretty Boring

Yeah, it's probably a lot of fun in real life, but what is the real goal here now? I reached the A list before I even reached level 10. In the original game, you could lose fans easier, which measured how far you were away from the A list. You start on the E List, which really makes no sense if you're not even in the industry yet, so how do you even have a letter category? Either way, all I'm doing now is going to photo shoots. But, this game has been updated more often than the old game. The old Stardom got boring much quicker. I got pretty far in it, bought all the houses I could, got married, had every pet known to man, then deleted the game off of my phone because I found it pointless. I'll probably do the same thing with this game after a while. But you don't have to be a Kim K. fan to enjoy the game. I mean, she's barely friggin' in it, though she claims to be your friend.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Things I'm Obsessed With Right Now - 7/14

Things I'm Obsessed With Right Now
July 2014 Edition

So July is almost over, and I promise I'll try to make these lists more often, because everyone wants to know what I like, right? What? Anyone? Anyone? Whatever, I'm doing it anyway because these are FUN!

Now, I'm a mom of 3 little girls, but I have to admit, I really like kid's movies myself! I loved Frozen, but I really usually like any Disney movie, generally. My girls got really crazy over Rio when it first came out years ago, and now Rio 2 is out and I can't wait to see it!

In the meantime, I'm finding it really hard to find Frozen merchandise! What's up with that? Was Disney not aware that we'd like to buy our little girls Elsa shirts and Anna dolls and things of that sort? And if they were aware, why are the toys and clothes so scarce?! I don't know. The movie came out over a year ago at the movies! Get it together Disney!

Recently, I needed a new phone. I had the white iPhone 5, but it was a 16 GB which was a HUGE mistake! I mean, only 16GB? I learned my lesson! There's way too many things I do on my phone to have such little space. Ask my kids, I'm usually always taking pictures or filming something! Along with the all of the pics and videos, I also needed space for all of my apps, as I do a lot of social networking. Now that I'm back to using Vine, I use Foursquare from time to time, I need Yelp on my phone at all times and of course, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It was time for an upgrade, so instead of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the iPhone 5S with 32GB, I decided to get an iPhone 5C in pink! I downloaded every app I could ever need, got tones of pics and videos on it and still have plenty of room left for other nonsense!

I'm really into this show called Loiter Squad on Adult Swim. Let me start off by saying, I've never really listening to Tyler the Creator's music.

I know he's a rapper,  I'm aware. But also, this guy is hilarious! I even got Bry into watching it and because of the Adult Swim app (yay! I have room for that app now!), I can watch it anywhere I want, and I stream it using AirPlay in my living room using Apple TV so me and hubby can watch it!

And can we talk about what an amazing thing the Keurig is?? I have limited time in the mornings. This thing is super fast, just pop in a K-cup and your coffee is ready in under a minute. It saves so much time! I get my coffee started and I'm drinking it before a kid can say to me "Mommy, I'm hungry!"

I included the links from Amazon because people often ask me where I got certain things from. Truthfully, when you have Amazon Prime and hate shopping in stores, (especially when your three kids are along), you buy practically everything from Amazon!!! :)


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Healthier Life

I used to be a vegetarian. After Anneka was born, Bry and I decided to be vegetarians.  I honestly have to admit it was because I just couldn't cook meat. I could cook, I've always been able to cook, but after having a baby, raw meat was just gross to me. And all of a sudden, I was always afraid that I was going to undercook the meat and end up with food poisoning. I know, it may sound ridiculous to some, but I was just so turned off from meat. It wasn't a huge shock to those who knew me, like family and friends, because I went through my teen years not eating very much meat and I was always considering an extremely "picky" eater.

No, I didn't get skinny from being a vegetarian, mostly because I was still eating semi-unhealthy. Yes, I was eating broccoli and potatoes and rice and Morning Star burgers. But I was also eating unhealthy things like potato chips and french fries and candy! When I was hungry, I would just grab a bowl full of Lays, because it was quicker than having to stand in the kitchen with a baby in your arms, trying to measure brown rice!

So recently, I've been more concerned with trying to get healthy. Not only because I'm in the entertainment business and I'm sorry, this business is obsessed with looks, that's the truth of it. I'm overweight, but I don't feel bad about myself or anything that's going to cause me to have an eating disorder. My goal is not to be skinny or a size 0. I really just want to be healthy because I don't want to have medical problems! I hate going to the doctor, but I also hate feeling tired and not being able to keep up with kids!

I started using this app on my iPhone called My Fitness Pal. It helps keep track of what you're eating, including how many calories you're taking in. I have to admit, sometimes I forget to log what I'm eating. I'm getting better at it, thankfully, with remembering. While writing this, it just dawned on me I should set up a reminder in my phone that'll say "Log Your Food!" or something to that affect.

And thanks to my girl Christina for the inspiration! We knew each other back in elementary school in Chicago. We reconnected via Facebook a few years ago and she's gone so far with her weight loss that she became an inspiration to me! I asked her what she did to lose weight and she gave me a bunch of great tips that's really helped! I should've asked her a long time ago!

I'm going to start blogging and vlogging on Youtube about my weight loss journey, as I try to eat healthier and workout more. Once upon a time I had a gym membership that I barely used...oh, that's for another post.

Later gators!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summertime In Southern California Hot

So I'm sitting here, trying to work on a few things, and it's hot. I mean, it's summertime in Southern California, what can you expect, right? I foolishly thought it wasn't going to be that warm today, especially since it's 9:30 in the frickin' morning and I'm literally just sitting here typing on my laptop in the living room.

So I opened all of the windows, turned on a few fans and was okay for about 20 minutes. And I don't know what it is about L.A., but the sun just seems so much brighter so I have sunlight smacking me in the face, and I'm sweating and it's certainly not a good look!

Anyway, I turned on the central air finally. I've been trying to conserve energy and not waste money on the central air, but when I start to feel like I'm getting a migraine from the heat, it's time to turn on the air!

I've been super busy as of late, not just because of the kids, even though they've been no problem whatsoever. We're at this point in their ages where I don't have to worry too much about them being in their room playing together quietly because no one's fighting, no one's doing anything sneaky and they're really just coloring or watching tv or just playing nicely. I'm lucky that all three of my girls like to draw because that gives me time to write!

I've been working out more than I ever have, I started therapy to deal with the anxiety I've been having and I've been using a few new beauty products I'll probably write about soon. I've also been working on short comedy videos and a vlog for Youtube. Oh, did I mention I'm selling things on eBay?? I have a lot of stuff that I bought over the years and used either once or not at all! I just sold my Betsey Johnson heels I never wore, and I have a few other things for sale! Go check it out:

Later loves!


Monday, July 7, 2014

How I Find Movies to Watch

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Funkyflick Company. All opinions are 100% mine.
I love to watch movies! I don't go out to the movies often because we don't always have a babysitter, so I mostly rely on streaming and finding movies to watch online. I usually like to ask my followers on Twitter what they recommend, instead of spending the time I could be watching a movie browsing through lists of movies I can stream! Or checking various sites for one particular movie, just to find out they don't have that one!

I just found out about this website called Funky Flick, which is really cool. It's a one-stop shop for movie enthusiasts like myself! Not only does it give you recommendations on what you may like to watch based on what you've already searched for, it can tell you where you can go view the movie, download it or buy it.

For example, if you're really into fashion and would like to watch a movie about it, go to and type the word into the search bar. Immediately, all of the movies that are about fashion come up. It suggested to me, among others, the film Zoolander, which is about 2 male models who are rivals. A great comedy and one of my favorites! It also gave me other recommendations including Gia and the Sex and the City Movie.

By searching the site, you can find movies similar to your favorite book, other movies, or anything you're into. Then, you can share your pick with your friends on social media.

new movies

I've bookmarked Funky Flick for the next time I need something to watch! Go ahead and go to and try it out! Let me know what you searched for and what movie it suggested in the comments below!

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