Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I'll Miss About Chicago, Part 1

I know I talk a lot of crap about wanting to get the hell out of Chicago...but what you must understand is, there is nothing personal against CHICAGO. It's against the weather...and a few people! Lol...but other than that, I'm a proud Chicagoan, and I will be yelling that in L.A.

And lately I've begun to think about what I'm actually going to miss about my dear Chicago (besides a few people...select few! Lol) One of those things is definitely the beautiful Sears Tower (and hell no, I'm not calling it the Willis Tower cause that just sounds lameballs). I remember going to the Skydeck as a kid and my brother and me laughing at my mom because she was so scared! At that age, I didn't have any real fear of heights, so it was just funny to me!

But what I really love about it is it really makes the Chicago skyline so beautiful. It's always the main building you see! And I love that when you're lost on the north side, you always know where to drive to get back south! You can see that bad boy from miles away! And I used to get lost pretty often on the north side, coming from my agent's office or from an audition! Once, I got really balls lost with my mom and the kids in the car coming from visiting my agent on the north side. Keep in mind, I had never driven there before, and my GPS was acting crazy. So I get turned around, and there we are, in the middle of the afternoon near some high school on Chicago's west side where a bunch of teenagers were getting out of school! That was scary, not knowing where I was! But as I called Bry on speakerphone in a panic, I looked up and saw the Sears Tower, and I said "Okay, I know where I'm going now!" and I found my way back to the expressway! So, thank you, Sears Tower. It also helped me once I got lost coming back from Second City late night after my acting class! Once I saw it, I knew how to get back to the 55.

One day I'll come back and take the kids up to the Skydeck. You know, before they really develop fears.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Little Paranoid...

I'm sleepy, drinking wine and in bed watching "Dateline: Real Life Mysteries" on TLC. Okay, first of all, it's 11:35 on a Saturday night, I'm in bed with my husband, and I'm on my laptop, while he's on his Ipad. WTF, right? It's been a weird day. I went to Wal-Mart, bought some vitamins and health food stuff, seeing as how I'm a vegetarian now...again. I've felt a little light-headed since I gave up fish and eggs also, so I went and bought some supplements, including iron pills and protein powder for smoothies. Yeah, I don't find this gross, as I've bought the pre-made smoothies at Target that have protein powder in it already. I guess I'm just considered a weirdo in my family.

Me & my 5 year old daughter, Anneka Lucia

My aunt has been over all weekend, which is cool, because that gives me and Bry time to go out and do things without the kids, as we're trying to remember what it's like to just be married, and not just be "mommy and daddy". So we go out and run around the suburbs, not too far away, and I'm always a little paranoid, thinking about the kids. So we get back, and my aunt tells me that Mia had woken up crying for a minute or two, then went back to sleep, and that Ani had a nightmare and she had to calm her down. Yes, I felt guilty. I felt, for a moment, that I should have been there to calm her down. Usually, if I hear her mumbling in her sleep and sounding distressed, I go in her room and kiss her forehead and her cheek and whisper "It's okay" and "I love you", and usually, it works. It's almost like perhaps I work my way into the scary dream and it un-scaries it. I hope that's what happens. Tonight, I felt like I should have been here to kiss her and get rid of the nightmare. Yes, I'm crazy paranoid like that. And do you see why I never do anything??! LOL

Anyway, the kids are fine, they were well taken care of, Auntie Martha handled the situation fine, she didn't need to call me, and keep in mind, she's been dealing with kids much longer than I have. Yes, I'm sure Ani would have preferred to have me here to comfort her, but she was fine and I have to just look at it like that.

I'm getting out of my head, though. I'm working on it. You know, I never thought I would have kids. My brother's kids made me nervous. Perhaps it was because he came over with 4-5 of them at a time and I was a teenager, or maybe because I was always told I was a fuck-up and a dropout and I could never have the patience for kids. Now, I'm that mom who's like "There's too many kids at the playground, I don't want the girls to get knocked down by the bigger kids" or "that's not 100% juice!" I sing along to the Wiggles...I love Pocoyo just as much as they do...and no, it's not weird to be that invested in your kids...I just hope that my fears and paranoia don't end up affecting them. I want them to be able to go out into the world and try new things and if they aren't successful at everything I try, I don't want them to be afraid to try again. And I will never call them failures or screw-ups or God forbid, fuck-ups. I'll be here with open arms, and convince them to try again.

Okay, enough of this snizz. I'm going back to whooping on Bry in "Words with Friends". He is yet to beat me. Perhaps I should let him win to help his self-esteem....nahhhhhhhh!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Never Me (new poem)

I had on nothing that day
But wearing my heart on my sleeve
And trying my best
Not to think
Emotionless and pale
With grand ideas
You comforted me
And said without words
Things I longed to hear
And tearing down walls
All these walls of fear
I boast about things
But never about love
Trying to hide the disregard
And vulgar phrases
That I only think
No one wants to hear
The poor weep
I follow my shadow
It never follows me
Do I dare even speak?
When nowadays everyone comes clean
But never me
Never ending
Never me.

Next Steps...

So, I'm thinking about what my next step is...considering I'll be in L.A. to work soon. The original plan was to continue doing "Local Couple Wins Lottery", the web series I did as a SAG signatory, that made me eligible to join the Screen Actor's Guild. Well, that looks like it's not going to happen any time soon as I'm the only one of the series actually moving to L.A. right now. I thought about continuing my Improv studies at Second City Hollywood...or The Groundlings (where Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig took Improv) or even I.O. (Improv Olympics, where Tina Fey also went, though the Chicago one...). So I've been pretty confused on what to do.

A talent manager who I'd been in contact with and met with in L.A. had some great advice to me...she wanted me to take some more acting classes once I got there, and actually be more prepared for when she can take me on as a full-on client. Out there, it's harder to get an adult in front of the right people, i.e. casting directors, talent agents, without the right stuff on your resume. Truthfully, I haven't had a bunch of acting training. I took Acting 1 when I went to Columbia College in Chicago, and then I took Acting 1 & 2 at Second City and Improv 1 there also. That's not a bunch of training, truthfully, if I'm looking to get on a sitcom, which is my goal right now. So I told the manager that I would study with a great teacher there, really understand the craft of acting, and then go out and audition for EVERYTHING...so I'll have a pretty pumped up resume by pilot season next year. But at the same time, I really love being behind the camera...and I really want to enter the writing program at Second City. Writing is essentially what makes me the happiest, the one thing that I feel the most confident in, about the acting and the singing.

So, while I'm working on other people's projects as an actor, I'm going to be working on mine. I have two projects coming up with my best friend Jontynise Smith. The first, is a comedic web series I wrote for her to star in, and I play her sister. She plays Abby, a comedy writer who's newly divorced and already questioning if she should enter a relationship with the guy she likes down the hall. It's called "With Haste", and it's bound to angry up certain people I know (clears throat) because I play a lesbian stand-up comedian. Yep. Anyway, I'm directed it and producing it also. And maybe I'll get a signatory contract for it also. On top of that, Jontynise and I are discussing doing a pilot for a show we wrote when we were pregnant with our daughters 5 years ago called "Me, You and Josh" about two best friends/roommates who are in love with the same guy. It's a comedy and it's ridiculous. I might actually start asking for donations to complete these projects, because God knows I need a Mac to edit these bad boys. It was a pain in the ass trying to edit on this POS Dell laptop...it gave me such headaches editing "Local Couple Wins Lottery".

Nevertheless, catch up on it...here's episodes 1-4 of "Local Couple Wins Lottery"!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Whole Other Excuse

Man, I have had a lot of problems staying motivated to exercise! This is crazy. I mean, I got a gym membership a few days after Christmas in 2010 because I was sick of being unhealthy and overweight and tired all the time. I decided to be a better role model for my girls, also. I was going out in the cold of winter, a few miles away in the van, and having to change once I got there! I had to put on the boots, the scarf, the gloves, the hat, all this snizz, and then get there and take off all of that stuff and change into my workout clothes. I would look in the mirror and go "Mama's gonna be skinny real soon. Bitches will be jealous of me. My mom will ask me if I've been eating." Yeah, that snizz didn't happen.

Instead, I was cursed with a thyroid disorder or disfunction or retardation, whatever, and so it's harder for me to lose weight than a lot of people! Yay for me! And it's not as simple as "I have the fat gene" it's just simply put, I need to take medicine so my body will function properly. I don't go to the doctor like I'm supposed to, mixed with the fact that I don't always take my medicine like I'm supposed to. In other words, yes, I have to try harder to be healthy, but it's completely my own fault if I'm not healthy.

So back to 2010, I was busting my hump, super duper motivated to make it to the gym. I bought a pink lock for the locker room lockers, I bought pretty sports bras, I bought new jogging pants, I went to yoga class...fast forward to 2012...I'm 10 pounds lighter. What?! Huh?! And I go to the doctor two weeks ago, my doctor gives me a blood test, then called me to let me know that my thyroid levels were so off that if I continue down this road of stupidity (my words not hers)...then I am going to end up in a thyroid coma! She was very concerned, telling me to set a timer on my phone to let me know when I should take it. So I've been getting up every morning at 7:30, since then, and taking my medicine, then going back to bed. God! Who knew the human body needed so much maintenance?!

I mean, seriously, I have to be on top of the thyroid problem, take birth control, eat right, drink water, get enough sleep, exercise, shave different parts of my body, remember to lotion my legs, put on lip gloss, and not talk about gross stuff in front of mixed company? It's exhausting! And at the end of the day I'm supposed to not look like a sea beast?!

Okay, enough of that rant. On a serious tip, I've been way too unmotivated to exercise. I bought a yoga dvd last week, and I love yoga, so I'll try to keep on track with that. I have a yoga mat, I can do that in the living room before giving the kids breakfast. But as for my gym membership...I haven't been there at all this year! At...all. Loser much?

But I'm not down in the dumps about it. I do stay busy as of late with the packing and stressing over financial matters. Oh, and watching "Gossip Girl". And depressing movies like "Blue Valentine". But that's a whole other blog about how certain movies can make you suicidal. Nevertheless, I'll get back on track. Especially once I'm in L.A. and can't use the weather as an excuse to not go to the gym. I'll have to come up with a whole other excuse then, huh?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

To Vegan or Not to Vegan...

Sometimes I really don't know what I should be writing about. My life lately has been repetitive. Everything in my life is either the amazing things my three daughters have been doing, or a variety of things related to our move to Los Angeles...including finding an apartment, plane tickets, moving companies, etc. etc. I'm not posting about that, unless I have a gripe or two. So far, no such gripes.

I could also gripe about the weather, seeing as how we were supposed to be in L.A. already by this time, but instead we're here, waiting for his job to transfer. And I can't complain too much, because hell, we're so lucky that he has a job to transfer to! Nevertheless, the snow is annoying. Chicago was hit with like, 8 inches of snow or something over the past 2 days, and it sucks all hell. It's really bad also because of the low temperatures. It was 8 degrees when I woke up the other morning!

But on to the positive, I've been trying to reverse a few of the problems I've been having by taking a new outlook on life and changing my lifestyle. Now keep in mind, by saying I'm changing the way I eat, I just mean that I'm finally giving up meat for good. But of course with me, it feels like it's not enough. I had given up chicken, beef, pork and turkey. Okay, I never was much of a beef eater, even less of a pork eater. I would eat a burger or steak maybe once every two months. Well, because of my stomach problems, I seriously had to rethink all I was doing. I once got an upset stomach from eating fruit! FRUIT! Yes, that sounds ridiculous. It was a mixture of the stress I was under and all of the bad foods I was eating! So I gave up the chicken nuggets, the crispy chicken sandwiches, the fish sticks, because just because it's not beef or pork, doesn't mean it's healthy! I got a gym membership, I even stopped eating fish (mainly because I realized I was allergic to it! You're not supposed to get tingly lips and a sore throat from eating fish?! Really? Lol).

So, instead of sitting around complaining, or, you know, starving, I just started eating vegetables, rice, pasta, fruits, and Boca and MorningStar products. I mean, I seriously love the Boca Vegan Burger! And then I downloaded a vegan cookbook to my Kindle! I don't know if I can go totally vegan, but I might try it for a week or two, just to see if I starve to death! Besides, seeing my old friend Jennifer Hudson accomplish what she did, losing 80 pounds and completely changing her life...I mean, if my girl can do it, I can do it. It's seriously weird seeing someone who I used to know (Dunbar high school choir, what! lol), up there, doing her thing, winning awards, being beloved by millions and just being an inspiration. I saw a Dateline interview with her today, and I just realized I still love that girl. We weren't best friends in high school, but we hung with some of the same people and she was always a sweetheart. So glad that she's accomplished so much and overcome so much. I bought her book for the Kindle too. I'm going to start reading it tonight!

Later Homies!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just because I love Eisley

Okay, so anybody who knows me knows how I feel about the band Eisley. I first heard of them probably in 2002 from one of those "You Hear It First" dealies on MTV, you know, back when they actually played music...oh, how that was soooo long ago...anyway, back then, Eisley still consisted of people in their teens and were singing about Sea Kings and going over mountains and stuff. Since then, I've had the amazing chance of meeting them and staying current with them, talking to them from time to time online and seeing them almost every time they come to Chicago and actually getting to speak with them and have real conversations. Some may say my love for Eisley may be a semi-obsessive. I hope to someday have them do the entire soundtrack to one of my films...

But also because of Eisley, I have discovered a lot of amazing music. Most of it indie rock. I just became enthralled with this band called TallHart and Kashmir.

I posted a few Eisley videos for your viewing pleasure, and a pic of me with some of my favorite people in the world...my dear friends EISLEY! (That I sometimes refer to as "The Eisleys", though their last name is Dupree...lol

Eisley "Smarter" off of their 2010 album "The Valley"

I thought they sounded so good and looked so amazing...

Their newest video "The Valley"

and just because I love this song by Kashmir, and Stacy is so pretty. This has to be at least 5 years old or something...

Sherri's tumblr:

Stacy's blog for her solo project:

Video I took from the last show I saw live of theirs, May 26th, 2011:

"Better Love"

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Terrible Service" - a short story

I entered the diner and quickly found Albert. He had been sitting there, perhaps a little too long, waiting for me. He seemed displeased with my epic tardiness, but the fact that he continued to wait made me smile just a little. With a frown upon his face, he began the tale of his day including the toast his mother burned and tried to force feed him, and continued his tale of anguish that concludes with my late arrival. He complained of the slow service and the terrible bread on the BLT he apparently scarfed down, seeing as if there was no trace of it on his plate.
I grew annoyed, as he rambled off complaint after complaint, not once asking me why I had shown up an hour late to our supposed lunch date. He had to know that I had absolutely no romantic interest in him and had only agreed to discuss a possibility of us working together.
I sat there, eyes transfixed on the couple across from me, having some sort of heated discussion. It seems that he'd been calling her sister a little too much and she was beginning to question if she should be marrying him at all. I watched the two talk over each other in a loop of "I'm sorrys" and "please don'ts" when Albert stopped talking. He focused his eyes on me, and spoke.

"How do you want her to die?" He asked in a hushed whisper. I gulped at the boldness of his question. We'd always spoken of her as "The problem that needs to be taken care of". Not once, ever, was death, or God forbid, murder ever brought up.
I guess one could inference that is what needed to be done, however challenging it may be. I knew that she was the daughter of a policeman who lived on Long Island. But that was so far away, he would never be given the case. Especially not his own daughter's murder case. I gulped at the boldness of my own thoughts.

"I want her destroyed, Albert! Not dead!" I exclaimed, though in hushed tones. He picked up his glass of water and took long, thirsty gulps. All of a sudden, he seemed more nervous than annoyed.

"I know this is about him. He'd never let her go. She's not going to just go back where she came from. She's not running home to daddy...she's stuck in his brain for good. What did you think would happen?"

I sat there, tapping my foot nervously. I fidgeted. I adjusted my dress. I noticed I had a hang nail and began to bite it. I then focused back on the couple across from us. She had forgiven him. The wedding was no longer in jeopardy. They were kissing and making up. Brendan had never kissed me like that. He never kissed me the way he kissed Delilah. Perhaps he never would. But I would never know with her in the way.

Just then, the waitress came up to our table. It was the first time I'd even seen a waitress in the amount of time I'd been there.
"So, have you made a decision yet?" She asked me, pen and paper in hand.
"I haven't been given a menu…yet". I said, half-smirking, staring at Albert. He smiled back as the waitress walked away to the front of the diner to retrieve a menu.

Albert was right. That diner really did have terrible service. And the bread really was awful.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Than Halfway There

So this is getting serious...I feel like I'm more than halfway there...and I should be documenting this more! It's been such a struggle, all this time trying to figure out what I need to be doing and where do I fit in and who am I and all of those other crazy cliche's that you hear in the beginning of coming-of-age films, as a narration/voice-over by the main character. I'm too old for the narration/voice-over movie...right? Unless it's about Drew Barrymore going back to high school and pretending she's not over 30. That was a coming-of-age film, right? "Never Been Kissed"...that's the title!

Anyway, I have a penchant for rambling. Let me get down to the point. I want to be a Hollywood writer. I want to write sitcoms and films. I want to be constantly working. I haven't done much of anything but write my entire life! I remember staying up late at night, working on a little film I entitled "Falling". I had this old dusty busted computer that I had Microsoft Word on and I would sit there in my room, with the door locked, and just write and write. I remember my friends calling me on three-way and me tuning them out because I was so engrossed in the dialogue I was writing. I eventually retitled the film "Words to a Page" and entered it into a screenplay competition. It didn't win, but I think I should re-enter it this year. Who knows? You may see it on the big screen next year!

I just want to prepare myself. I want to be a better writer. I didn't attend Harvard or the Tisch School of the Arts. I didn't even finish at Columbia College...I need to educate myself. I need to go back and read the great works. I need Ernest Hemingway...that's a writer I haven't touched yet. I have read a lot of great books over the years, and read lots of great poetry, but I think I'll make a list of the greats I haven't touched upon yet.

Meanwhile, for inspiration, I will go back to Arthur Rimbaud and Robert Frost...my first loves, who inspired my poetry as a child. I should also re-read "The Outsiders". And I had an epiphany that there are several major Shakespeare plays I never read! I've read "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet"...that's it! So in between working on my writing portfolio and challenging myself to write on a variety of topics, not just my silly problems and screwed-up life, I'm going to read about other people's silly problems and screwed-up lives...fictional or not. I'm going to Amazon to fill up my Kindle!

Later lovelies!

...The Tempest. I read The Tempest freshman year of college. Just had to add that. 3 of the 50,000 plays* Shakespeare wrote!

*May be an inaccurate amount of plays that Shakespeare wrote.

Friday, January 13, 2012

You Can't Force Someone to Love You

It really trips me out that so many people have been reading this little ol' blog. This thing started out of boredom, then just became an outlet for my musings. Now, I've been using it to update friends, family, well-wishers and haters about my triumphant move to Los Angeles (3 weeks baby! Yeah!).

With that said, I think I haven't been updating this thing enough, really. I mean, that's mostly because I stay pretty busy with the kids and packing and watching a lot of tv (really, pay attention to my GetGlue profile...lol).

I've been going through emotional things when it comes to my family and friends. Not any close friends, thank God, but close family members. For some reason, I'm not allowed to be upset with people in my family, and by upset I mean "crying, you hurt me" upset instead of "I hate you, please die" upset. Some people can't tell the difference. So I tell a certain person that I'm hurt, and I'm crying, it's mistaken for anger and certain people really don't seem to care that I'm moving across the country in less than a month and doesn't want to take advantage of the time they have with me and would instead feel better being angry at me moving across the country and chalk it up to "You're moving to L.A, I assumed I would never see you again"...though this person has no problem going to the south or Las Vegas on gambling trips, it's way too much to take a flight to Los Angeles to see a person you're supposed to love.

But you can't force someone to love you. You can't force someone to care. You can't grab someone and yell at them "why don't you love me?!" because it's not going to make them see you any other way. They're not going to wake up tomorrow morning and admit they're wrong, or apologize or hug and kiss you and say how much they love you. It'll never happen so it's time to let it go. I'm 30, I'm a mom...all I can do is adore my little girls and make sure they never have to question my love for them.

Okay...well...I'm a writer and I just wrote one long run-on sentence. Now I feel sick because I went against several of my rules...including the run-on sentence and using the word "haters".


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Worry is a Full-Time Job

So the real apartment searching has begun! Well, actually, I guess it really started in November when I was in L.A. actually going to apartments, but that's when we were supposed to be moving December 1st! Either way, the real REAL apartment searching has begun in L.A. and I have some pretty good choices so far! I called some places and the Bestie Jontynise is going to drop by and see a few of them for us and give us her expert apartment-hunting opinion. (Sidenote: She moves a lot! Lol)

Either way, we are almost there! I spoke with the manager who wants to sign the girls and she wants some new photos of them. Wait until she sees the phones from Anneka's 5th birthday party! She looked some amazing, with her long hair done and this beautiful white dress my aunt/her Godmother got her just for the party! And I have video of the three girls dancing in the living room. They're all so charismatic!

I'm still afraid of what's to come once we get to L.A. My three little girls are so special, and I know I feel that way because I'm their mom, but I'm a little afraid that everyone will see how amazing they are too and I have this fear of losing them. Not in a dramatic way, just losing a little part of them that belonged specifically to me. Does that make sense? It may sound crazy to some, especially considering they are my children and I am in control of whether or not they even have careers at such a young age. I know they like to perform, and I know it could mean they'll have money for college, but if at any point they get overwhelmed, or I get overwhelmed, I will pull them out of acting/modeling whatever.

I mean, I actually enjoy them spending time with their dad on his days off, and I get to go around and do some things I've meaning to do, like shopping or running errands, or even just going in the bedroom to write. But then once Bry goes back to work, I also really enjoy having them back to myself. Watching them play together and get in trouble together. Well, maybe not the get in trouble part, but I really do enjoy time alone with the kiddies. They're so funny and smart and I can't believe I can have real conversations with little kids! It still amazes me! Especially lately since the twins have started speaking practically in full sentences! I can't believe they're only 2! And Anneka and I had a conversation last night about the film "Midnight in Paris". I told her what happens in it, including the fact that Owen Wilson's character got to meet Picasso, and she thought that was cool! Then I told her about Ernest Hemingway. She's only 5!

But I'm not going to let fear rule my life. Or ruin it. What will be will be and I'm learning to shut my mind down after a certain hour each night. I should only worry about "what if's" from 9-5. Worry is indeed a full time job! LOL

Monday, January 2, 2012

Writey Rant

It's so hard to write in this house with all of this noise. I woke up this morning to the sound of my kids over-excited about the snow on the ground. Actually, they wake me up every single morning over excited about something...either a toy, a pop tart or jumping off of the toddler beds. Whatever it is, it's hard to concentrate on anything in this house.

Am I destined to be one of those writers who has to take the laptop to Starbucks and be there for hours? I find it hard to concentrate there after a while. Once I hit a wall in the writing, I find myself just watching people coming and going. But at least I can get something accomplished outside of this house. And now, there's snow and ice on the ground and it's 16 degrees in my tiny Chicago suburb. That does not sound like something I want to deal with just to drive a mile to the Starbucks. And I can't sit on the balcony and write.

I had this dream the other night that I had a house in Silverlake, a really nice area in Los Angeles that I went through with Jontynise while I was there. I loved the area, and yes, I can't afford it now, not by a longshot, but now I have a new goal to definitely work towards living there. Either Silverlake or Los Feliz. I'm obsessed with these two areas! I mean, we had coffee in Silverlake where I met with a talent manager, and we just drove through Los Feliz, which I think is just right next door.

And I've been questioning if I should be doing more with my writing, since writing is really the most natural and most fun thing I do, but I really like the challenge of acting. What I like about being a writer out of the gate is that there's always time to write...to some extent. I can write while the girls eat, even if there is the distraction of them getting giggly at some point. Writing is something I can do in the house. Writing is something I can do a mile away at the Starbucks while Bry is home with them. Acting scares me write now because I'm so afraid it's going to take me far, far away from them or be too time consuming. So I decided I'm going to polish my writing. I'm going to enter a writing program, probably at Second City, once I get to L.A. next month. One whole year of the writing program there is like college. And perhaps I can get a literary agent sometime this year and write a spec script for one of my favorite shows. Do you know how much writers make in Hollywood if you write for a show on a major network?! Or if I write a made-for-tv movie?! I can have a house this year if I work hard enough on my writing alone!

And I'm not giving up acting, not at all...I just think I'm a very good writer and I want to explore that more. For now. I'm still going to do web series and hopefully get to join the Writer's Guild sooner than later!

Sorry for this long-ass Writey Rant...I haven't been updating this blog quite enough! By the way, Happy New Year! Thank you to all my readers for getting my blog to over 1800 reads last year! I don't know who's reading this, but I really do appreciate it!!