Monday, December 20, 2010

My New Betseyville Handbag!

So, I had the awesome opportunity to be an extra in the upcoming film "Contagion"...(I'm in a scene with Kate Winslet, then another one with Gwyneth Paltrow) but nonetheless, when I got paid (not much) I decided I wanted to buy myself something special. Okay, if you consistently read my blog, you know I'm obsessed with everything Betsey Johnson! So, day before my daughter's birthday and birthday party, mama bought herself something special out of her movie check!

My husband informed me that he'd spoken to a co-workers wife last week when he visited his house and he asked her about where he could find a Betsey Johnson handbag and she told him to try TJ Maxx! Now keep in mind, I've been trying to find one particular handbag that I'd been looking for. It's called the B-My Sweetheart bag. I can't find the hot pink one with the hearts or the purple one! And here's the thing...I wanted to buy that particular bag a long time ago. It's a Betseyville bag that I kept saying I was going to order through, then I didn't do it, and it was gone from the site! The message on the page said it was unavailable! That was so  upsetting. Even my husband said "I told you you should've ordered it a long time ago". Oh yeah, husb? Then why didn't you???

Either way, I'm totally happy and excited that I was able buy a Betseyville bag for myself, that I found at TJ Maxx, for a very discounted price! And it's soooo beautiful. Bry tried to put it on the floor in the van and I told him "Hey, Betsey doesn't go on the floor!" Is he crazy or what?!

Isn't she a beaut?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hot-Ass Shoes Part. 1: Betsey Betsey Betsey!

In my last blog I talked about the convenience of the Amazon Universal Wish List button that you can use to put practically anything on one list, from any store on the internet. I forgot to mention that part of the reason why it's so great is not just so others know what you want for Christmas or your birthday or any other occasion, it's also great to wish and hope and dream about things you'd like to purchase yourself! I used to be the kid who got excited when my mother would buy the Sunday paper so I could go through the sale papers and circle things I wanted, even if I never got them, it was fun to dream, wasn't it?

Well I've done just that while looking at shoes on the internet, on sites such as Zappos, Karmaloop, Target, Aldo and even Amazon itself. Now, if you've been reading my blog lately, you know how I am obsessed with Betsey Johnson, so much so that I named my acoustic guitar after her!

This is basically my "Betsey Johnson shoes are awesome" blog post! All of these pictures of shoes are ones that I wish I could afford, and if I could, I would have a special closet just for the shoes themselves!

And links to the sites I use to find these shoes:
Betsey Johnson's site

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Let the Shopping Begin!!!

With Thanksgiving down, now we have Christmas coming up, and I've found myself trying to decide what I want for Christmas. It's hard, as a mom of 3 girls, to figure out exactly what I want when I'm constantly buying mostly toys and clothes for little kids. But in all seriousness, I know what I like, so I created an Amazon Universal wish list. If you have an Amazon account, you can add the Universal Wish List button to your toolbar so when you find things that you want to add to your wish list from other sites, just hit that button. With some sites, such as the website, it automatically adds the price of the item you're adding. With other sites, you have to add the price yourself, but it's so worth it. It keeps you organized if you create a wish list of things you want to buy others, or if you just want people to know what you want for Christmas. So instead of paper, pen, and a lost wish list you tear the house up to find, just use the Amazon Universal Wish list. You don't even have to add things from Amazon to it! That's the beauty of it! And works for practically anything you find!

And just for fun, I'm going to put pictures of some of my faves that I would love to get for Christmas this year that is absolutely on my wish list! Did I also mention that you can e-mail your wish list to your friends and family? Or you can post a link to your wish list on your Twitter account or Facebook. And add your address, so if a friend wants to buy you a gift, and they're out of town, they can have it sent to you automatically, based on the address you have listed with Amazon! I used it last year, actually, and this year I'm making my husband create one so I'm not trying to figure out everything he wants. It's so much easier than just asking!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Make-up Introduction

For those of you who do not know, I am make-up obsessed. I really am! Many times, my husband has complained about the amount of make-up I bought all at once, but at the same time, it does go to good use. My excuse to him is the fact that it can be tax deductible, as I'm an actress and I need make-up all the time! Nevertheless, I find myself overwhelmed any time I am in the MAC make-up store at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. Recently, I went there with two friends of mine and my husband, who walked in, then walked back out. I only bought two eye shadows to complete my color palette, but I do plan to go back soon to buy more!

So I got to speaking with my mother about what she can do simply every day just to enhance her look, that wouldn't take too long to do every morning before leaving the house. Some women seem to think that in order to wear make-up regularly, they need to wake up earlier than usual and go through a make-up artists' step-by-step instructions to achieve the look they want. Now, if you're going to a wedding or something special like that, then yes, you probably should wake up early and take the time to prepare yourself, but if you want just a simple enhancement to boost your confidence, then it doesn't take too much.

I started doing my make-up the way I do it by watching tutorials on YouTube. There are so many, how do you know which ones would be the most helpful? Just watch how you search on YouTube and put in the search bar exactly what you're searching for. If you really want a simple, easy everyday look, search for that, don't just put "make up tips" in the search bar. Your results are going to lead to way more than you could even have time to watch. I subscribed to Michelle Phan's YouTube channel. She's an excellent make-up artist who is starting to garner worldwide attention and she's an amazing teacher. She's taught me a lot. Check her out:

Michelle Phan's YouTube Channel

I think over time, I will delve more into my love for make-up and how I do certain things. I might do a few make-up tutorials, actually, as I'm also a filmmaker (Scenestealer Productions represent! Lol). I should probably write a blog about my two main make-up loves, Mary Kay and MAC and how Maybelline and Covergirl foundations (any of them) just don't cut it! But that's another blog for another day!

Coming up soon, I'm working on blogs about thrift store finds and the time and effort you have to put into that to find something amazing, I also have some opinions about hair, how black women view our hair and how I think of hair as just an accessory, like a bracelet. Like when I got so much crap from so many people when I cut my long hair short (it's just hair people!) and then when I went to braids (it's just hair...), and then to extensions (HAIR!) and then back to my overly curly natural hair (seriously?) and then back to extensions (I was bored).


Friday, November 5, 2010

When you Wish Upon a Handbag...

Alright, so I refuse to do a whole blog post on the fashions of K-Mart. I thought about it over the past week and realized that there really isn’t much to report on. Selena Gomez has a line of clothing there that is cute, but that’s about it. There is a good amount of flowery house-dresses (the kind your grandmother wears), so I can give you a recommendation to go there for one of those (for your grandmother). Other than that, there’s nothing hip or happening about K-mart fashions. I could possibly suggest the kids section if you’re a mother looking for a bargain, however, why waste your time when you can go to Wal-Mart or Target, where you can also pick up something for yourself?

With that being said, I wanted to take this time to make a point. I’m not writing this blog to convince people to have the same tastes as me. I’m very particular. I’m a mom who sometimes has to get dressed quickly, so I’ll throw my hair in a ponytail and slip on old ballet slippers to take the kiddies to school. Yes, I would prefer to wear heels all the time, but truthfully, most of the time I have to go with what is most convenient. But just for fun, sometimes I will put on a pair of heels just to go grocery shopping!

I also would prefer to wear nothing but high fashion designers, like Zac Posen, Betsey Johnson and Calvin Klein. I am not rich, yet. I don’t have the type of job that pays me like that, yet. I’m working on that. The point I’m trying to make through this blog is that fashion is fun. Sometimes it’s nice to dream about the things that you like and what you want. It sucks if you want a $500 bag, but can only afford a $50 one, but at the same time, it’s nice to dream. It’s nice to look. And sometimes, it’s nice to save to get to your goal. I have my eyes set on one or two things, and then I add them to an Amazon wish list, then figure out how I’m going to get them.

Other than that, I have many opinions on what some people shouldn’t wear! I started a topic today on Twitter about what you hate to see other people dress in. I got responses and added my own thoughts, such as boots with short shorts (on women) or boots with shorts period (on men!), something my husband has been guilty of doing in the past (which he knows better about now after years of ridicule!)

But most days, I’m happy wearing a comfortable dress and black socks to lounge around the house in, like I’m doing now.

I have many more topics coming in the next weeks that I’m working on, including ideas about accessories, and where to shop online for cute homemade accessories. Also, as some of you may know, I am setting up my own online shop for my tote bags and children’s designs. More info on that to come! Thanks to those of you who have read and followed my blog so far!

Target of my most-shopped places!

In my last blog, I talked about discount store fashion and if it's even worth buying clothes from stores like Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart. I also mentioned that the only thing I get from Wal-Mart, really, are things like tank tops and t-shirts for layering, but I also forgot to mention accessories. Though I'm not crazy about the jewelry, you can get a cute functional watch from Wal-Mart for something around $10. Nothing too fancy, but I've bought watches there over the years for work or school.

Also, I love how Wal-Mart had these Michael Jackson fedoras last year, not too long after the King of Pop's death. I bought a black one and it came with a Michael Jackson button on the side. They also have cutesy totes and messenger bags, which aren't too expensive, and are wonderful if you like hearts and stars all over everything, or if you want to buy something for a younger girl.

With that being said, yes, you can get cute accessories at Wal-Mart, but you can get even cuter accessories at Target! The bags there, though they are not a major design brand, are quite trendy-looking and a steal for under $30.

The main reason I like shopping at Target is the brands. Merona and Mossimo have the best fashions, from everyday wear, to frilly dresses, to business attire. The fabrics are good quality and will last you a while also. Over the summer, I bought 3 different dresses that were about $25 dollars each. I really like dresses, short and long, and that's all I really wore all summer.

Also, I have to mention, as a mom of 3 little girls, I can't help but to find my way over to the kids' section and I love dressing my little girls. Here is my issue, not so much with Target, but with many stores and designers...when was it okay to dress our little girls like little adults? No one should look at my 3 year old and go "she looks like a miniature woman". Why is it okay for the fashions that we are putting on ourselves to also be put on our daughters? I'm a strong believer in the old adage that one day, they will be adults and they have plenty of time to wear hoochie skirts and bikinis and make-up! With that being said, my little girls stick to Hello Kitty and Disney Princesses! I want my little girls to look like little girls while they're little girls! I like the bargains on the clearance racks, which is usually out-of-season clothing, such as at the end of summer, you can find shorts and tank tops for very cheap. Once, I went into Target and spent very little for a bunch! I got my girls things that were only a little over a dollar! And because they're close in age, I could get them matching or similar outfits.

So, in conclusion, I think Target honestly has the best fashion out of the 3 main discount stores, with Wal-Mart a close second and K-Mart very far behind, but that's my next blog!

(Image is of a Merona dress at the Target website currently for $8! I bought it at the beginning of the summer for more than twice that! LOL...just goes to show you how much they drop prices at the end of the season on certain things)

Here's the link:

Target Merona dress

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A 3-part series on Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart Halloween notes!

Okay, I don't have all the money in the world to buy the expensive fashions that I would like to, nor am I a size 2-4, which is the usual sample size, and easier to find when you're out shopping at high-end places like Macy's, Nordstrom's, Bloomingdale's, etc. Also, as a mom whose money goes a lot of the time to diapers (twin baby girls) and/or kids clothes, sometimes I have to find more economical values. I'm pretty sure my hubby wouldn't be too happy if I spent thousands of dollars on just a few items!

So, while I'm out doing my rounds of household shopping, I look at the fashions and accessories at different stores. I mostly frequent Target, Wal-Mart and K-mart for my everyday purchases of detergent, toiletries and diapers, and so I've come up with a review of each store and how their styles fair.

Let's start with Wal-Mart, the store I go to the most and have always since I've been married and a mother of 3. Though the clothes are cheap, they're not really high-end, cutting edge fashion, surprise surprise! When you walk into my local Wal-Mart, there's the Miley Cyrus line of clothing, which is kind of cute, but the sizes are all wrong! The sizes are cut smaller than you would usually wear in other stores or other lines of clothing. Believe me, a Large is not a large! Then as you walk on through, it seems to be more womens' fashions that are larger sizes, which kind of makes sense considering most of American women are larger sized, not Miley Cyrus or any other thin celebrity! But here's the problem: just because we're overweight, we have to wear such hideous fashion?! Next!

The only things, clothes-wise worth buying at Wal-Mart is the t-shirts. I mean the baby tees and cutesy tees that you can wear with a nice pair of jeans, perhaps a sweater or feminine blazer over it for the cold months ahead. I noticed while watching "Lala's Full Court Wedding" on Vh1 recently that she really rocks the jeans/t-shirt/blazer/really high heels look. It's feminine, cute and low-maintenance. The shirts at Wal-Mart usually are about $7-$12, so you can get several, and if you're looking for out-of-season fashion, like tank tops in the fall, you can get them at $3 a pop, marked-down from the usual $7, so that's even more of a bargain. Layer them, wear them under something, whatever. I like having tank tops on hand to wear under certain tops or dresses that show way too much cleavage. And yes, in hindsight, you could think that maybe I shouldn't buy something if it shows too much cleavage, but there's a time for cleavage and there's a time for no cleavage! Wear the tank top underneath the dress if you're out with your kids. Wear it without if you're having dinner with your hubby!

In my next blog, I'll explore the fashions of Target, which should be a 2-part series on that store alone, really, because I'm always super-impressed with Target fashion. But that's another time.

Also, seeing as how this is the day before Halloween, I just want to make a short statement on the costumes of this year. Now, I don't watch Jersey Shore, and yes I like Lady Gaga, but not obsessed with her like some are. Nevertheless, why, ladies, would you want to dress like the biggest star in the world, or who everyone else is talking about? Snookie is mostly known for being that drunken chick who got punched in the face and then got arrested for annoying people with her drunkeness! And Lady Gaga is the biggest star in the world right now! Now, to each it's own, but I'd rather get attention on Halloween for wearing something original or something that not everyone else is wearing. But yet, my daughter Ani is dressing up like Jessie from Toy Story 3, a costume we had trouble finding in her size because they kept selling out everywhere! She's going to run into a lot of Little Jessie's while out tomorrow!

Whatever you decide to wear for Halloween tomorrow ladies, just make sure your confidence is there and rock that costume to the best of your ability! Feel like the princess, superstar or French maid! LOL...I'll be dressed as a rock star, because deep down, that's what I am!

I'll take pictures as I spent a good amount of money buying make-up yesterday while out with my girls Jontynise and Miel! Later Party People!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mod Cloth

I wanted to tell you about this site that I frequent called Mod Cloth. A long time ago I saw an ad on Facebook about it and I dress that was absolutely adorable!

Now I've mentioned before that I adore anything black, lacy, girly, classy, Victorian, vintage, etc. Well, this site has all of those things and more! And they have a fashion blog also on the site!

Just thought I'd share one of my favorite fashion sites! And yes, I shall buy this dress, sooner or later!

Also, follow me on Twitter! I have a list of my favorite fashion people to follow, including designers Betsey Johnson and Zac Posen, and some fashion blogs and magazines!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Designers

Okay, let me start off with saying that this blog is still in it's early stages, so let me continue to introduce myself.

I've been a writer since I was a child. I was on the newspaper staff in grammar school...when I was in 1st grade! No lie! My mother still has the newspapers! I then wrote on the school newspaper and yearbook in high school, then the literary magazine in college. No, I never got a degree in English or Creative Writing, and I've bounced around careers a bit. Two things that have been mainstays in my life, thus fair, have been acting and writing. I started acting when I was in high school, and I currently am auditioning for film and theater and I have an agent (finally!).

Nonetheless, this is a FASHION blog, not an ACTING blog. Perhaps one day I'll have time for both, but for now, I just want to introduce what makes me qualified to write a fashion blog.

First of all, I have a lovely obsession with certain fashion designers. As a teenager in high school, I wanted to be a model. I called different modeling agencies in Chicago and New York just for them to tell me that I was too short (5'8" was the minimum, I'm 5'3"). I got over the disappointment, but I still followed the fashion industry closely. I began my obsession with Calvin Klein (I loved my CK t-shirt and wore CKOne every day!), Todd Oldham (my size 4 Todd Oldham jeans that I wished I still had), and then began loving the hell out of Isaac Mizrahi towards college.

Right now, as I'm nearing my 30s, I'm crazy about anything semi-gothic, with lace or Victorian sleeves, ruffled blouses, or anything classy. I adore Betsey Johnson. Her designs are classy but modern, semi-gothic but cutesy, but just overall lovely! And did I mention I love her personality?! She's now a legend in every sense of the word, and still going strong. Here is one of my favorite Betsey Johnson designs:

Right now, I'm also digging Zac Posen and Alice Temperly. So classy.

And by the way, you have to check out this site called Lots of awesome designs by Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, BCBG Max Azria, and I've been able to find a few Zac Posen items on there too. They don't have great quantities of items, but the ones they do have are marked down from their usual prices. Check it out!


Okay, so here's the thing about me and why I've decided to start a fashion blog.

As a child, I had paperdolls. My aunt bought me these plastic things that came with paper dresses that you could color and design yourself. I used to draw hearts all over them. I still do that today. I'm all about hearts. Hearts are beautiful, hearts make me smile.

What also makes me smile are things that are pink or purple, black lace, petticoats under skirts and Mary Janes. I'm semi-goth, as in, I wear a lot of black, but with pinks, purples, blues, etc.

I went to beauty school (3 different ones, never finished), but I'm mostly driven by my acting career, music and FASHION! I will blog daily (or at least semi-daily) about my life, things I absolutely love, and my obsession with certain fashion designers.

I'm Angelina Grace, I write, I act, I do hair and make-up, I design (Angelina Grace Designs), I direct and produce films (Scenestealer Productions), I sing (Strangers of Grace, my band with my hubby) and I do that mommying thing! I have 3 little girls!