Saturday, October 23, 2010


Okay, so here's the thing about me and why I've decided to start a fashion blog.

As a child, I had paperdolls. My aunt bought me these plastic things that came with paper dresses that you could color and design yourself. I used to draw hearts all over them. I still do that today. I'm all about hearts. Hearts are beautiful, hearts make me smile.

What also makes me smile are things that are pink or purple, black lace, petticoats under skirts and Mary Janes. I'm semi-goth, as in, I wear a lot of black, but with pinks, purples, blues, etc.

I went to beauty school (3 different ones, never finished), but I'm mostly driven by my acting career, music and FASHION! I will blog daily (or at least semi-daily) about my life, things I absolutely love, and my obsession with certain fashion designers.

I'm Angelina Grace, I write, I act, I do hair and make-up, I design (Angelina Grace Designs), I direct and produce films (Scenestealer Productions), I sing (Strangers of Grace, my band with my hubby) and I do that mommying thing! I have 3 little girls!


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