Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Things I'm Obsessed With Right Now - Jan. '14

Things I'm Obsessed With Right Now:

January 2014

Okay, I haven't done one of these lists in a while, but here goes:

American Dad

I kinda wrote about how horrible Roger is on HelloGiggles, but seriously, Roger is the reason why this show is so damn funny! I've binge watched it on Netflix recently, catching up on episodes I hadn't seen yet. You should too!

Roger as Ricky Spanish

Leonardo DiCaprio

Okay, I'm always into Leo, let's get that straight right now! He's amazingly awesome and awesomely amazing. He's been my favorite actor since I saw him in Romeo & Juliet and I always thought I'd grow up to marry him. That's not going to happen, seeing as how I'm very married and he only dates skinny supermodels. But whatever, to each his own. I still love that man, though. And God help me if I ever run into him somewhere in LA. because I will proceed to lose my shit. Both figuratively and literally.

Eisley and Eisley-related bands

And by Eisley-related, I mean the other bands Eisley members have been in, and their siblings. There's also Eisley spouses.


Sherri Dupree-Bemis

Say Anything, with lead singer Max Bemis, Sherri's husband

Stacy King, of Sucre & Eisley

Merriment, Christie & Collin Dupree, siblings 

Stacy and Darren King, drummer from MuteMath

Sherri & Max Bemis! Awwww!

Me, Sherri and Lucy!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Stand-up Comedy Stuffs

I haven't been updating this blog as much as I used to and I'm not sure why. I get writers block from time to time, but I'm never fully blocked. I write jokes a lot, and I still write for HelloGiggles and now I also write for PopWrapped, which gets my name out there even more.

I'm playing a show tomorrow night in North Hollywood at the Haha Cafe Comedy Club at 8:30 (in case you're reading this and you live in L.A.), and then on Feb. 2nd, I'm producing and hosting my own show at Flappers, with headliner Josh Fadem, and featuring Shannon Bobo, Mischa McCortney, Steve Dez, Martin Rizo and Rye Silverman. All awesome comics, all my friends who I've met while doing stand-up in L.A.

He was on 30 Rock, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a slew of other things. He's a great friend of mine and probably my comedy hero right now. Don't worry, I'm still obsessed with Chris D'Elia.

The last time I ran into Chris D'Elia, I'd just done a show at the Comedy Store, and he was out front. I walked up to him and he remembered me. I told him I'd just done a set up in the Belly Room and he asked me how'd it gone. I was all "wow, I'm having a real conversation with Chris D'Elia". I was probably totally awkward and weird. Hopefully, he didn't notice. No matter how many times I run into him or talk to him, I'll still be thinking "Oh My God, I'm talking to Chris D'Elia".

And my 4 year old Laila, when she sees him goes "That's Chris D'Laila".

Yep, I'm still obsessed with Chris D'Laila.

And Bastille. Forever. Who are the musical guest on this week's SNL. That makes MY LIFE.

Yeah, so...

Yeah, so...

I've been in a funk in the past week. It could be because we switched rooms with our daughters and now I'm having trouble sleeping in their old little room. My room was quite comfortable. Now it sucks. The end.

It was a great decision, though. It's 3 little girls who are getting bigger, they should have the bigger room. Especially now that they're getting older, they need more room for playing, and their three beds, including a bunk bed. There are no more toddler beds, so it just made sense. When we moved here 2 years ago, we gave them the smaller room because the bigger room has a bathroom in it and I didn't trust the then 2-year-old twins to not put toys in the toilet. Now, both are fully potty trained and love having their own bathroom.

I don't know why I'm having trouble sleeping in that room. It's the same bed, some dresser, etc. I don't know.

Then I got this really hateful e-mail from my brother yesterday that put me even deeper in a funk. I haven't spoken to my brother in almost 2 years, my mother in almost 1. He sends me this message saying "I get mad at mama too, but I've never gone that long without talking to her!" Okay, first of all, she was here with me and my family in Los Angeles for 3 weeks and made my life a living hell. She ruined Christmas for me and yelled at me and called me stupid in front of my children. Then in March of last year, she sends me a text message calling me terrible and telling me to have a nice life. I remember it because I didn't delete the text messages, just in case I decide to forgive her, I can go back and read those so I can stay mad.

He also told me karma was going to get me. Don't get me started on all of the horrible and truly terrible things he's done that he should really worry about if there is a such thing as karma.

And I don't really care if it's "unhealthy" or whatever, to hold on to anger. I believe what's healthy for me is not having people in my life who will call me names and make me feel like less than garbage. Since I've been in L.A., I've surrounded myself with good people. People who don't try to drag you down and make you feel guilty about everything you do. I was made to feel guilty for wanting to move out to Los Angeles for my career, better opportunities and for the sake of my kids and husband. I was told I was selfish and my husband would end up leaving me.

But truthfully, this is a much longer story than I'm willing to provide right now, in this blog. I've probably said too much already, but whatever. I don't want to bite my tongue anymore and writing about it is truly the best therapy.

My current group of friends are supportive, kind and truly beautiful people. And my kids make it impossible to be sad for too long.