Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Work For It

I went to a great acting lecture last night in Hollywood. I worked with this acting coach named Jack Plotnick, who is a very good actor himself. I get these e-mails about when he has these lectures and workshops and it was my first time going to one. I had Bry drop me off because I figured there was no point in rushing down there and still had to find parking. Either way, I got there a little late but I stayed for both lectures. He talked about how to prepare for auditions and letting go of anxiety, very helpful stuff.

I went ahead and signed up for L.A. Casting again. I need work! My kids are in school and I'm sitting at home bored all day! I'm also looking for a part time job in the meantime because I want to try to rent a house. We need more room. We're a family of 5. I want a yard for my girls to play in. I want a dog! I want a porch and a nice little table on the porch or patio to have my coffee on after I drop the girls off at school. I love where I live, don't get me wrong. We have a really nice apartment, 2 bathrooms, a dishwasher, nice stuff that I didn't have in Chicago Ridge. This is also a nice neighborhood and the girls go to a really good school, but I want more. I'm sorry, I'm 34, I'm at this age where I want to drive a better car, live in a better place, be able to go buy things when I want them. Maybe that sounds shallow, I don't know. We're doing okay, though. Our bills are paid and we always have food. But I want just a little bit more. And I'm willing to work for it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We're Talking Wayyyyyyy Back

I went to the dentist yesterday. Ouch. That's all I have to say about that. Friggin' ouch.

We found a house right around the corner from us. It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath and it's pink. Yes. It's pink. The girls could stay at the same school and it's only one story so my aunt could get around easily. But the deposit for it...whoa, the deposit. We're trying to figure this out, fast. I'm so afraid someone else is going to take the house that we're meant for.

I've been talking to an old friend. An old, old friend. Not like she's old, she's actually younger than me, but old as in, known-since-the-womb old. We're talking wayyyyyyy back. But that's another blog.

I have an acting lecture later today. Yep, I'm getting back into that. My girls are in school longer now and I need a life! I need to get back to do what I love. No more excuses. I'm talented and I need to remember that.

Later gators.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I Feel Old

I haven't updated this blog in a while. I know, I say that every time I come back to this thing. The truth of the matter is, I haven't had much time. All summer, I was home with the kids. We did a lot this summer. My Aunt Carol visited for the month of June and she's really into getting out and doing stuff, so it forced me to get out more. We took the girls to the playground more often. I also got a Fitbit to count my steps.

Then last month I decided to become a vegan. I was a vegetarian on and off through my teen years and 20s. I didn't have the right kind of discipline, or money, to keep it up. And when others around you are all "How can you give up fried chicken?", it was easy for me to go back to meat. It's not going to happen this time.

I'll try to update this blog more often now that the girls are back in school. Anneka is in 3rd grade and the twins are in 1st grade. And I feel old.