Monday, August 1, 2011

Crisis Averted

I'm tired. I ate too much Culver's and found out I'm not going back to school right now. Financial aid wasn't going to give me enough money and I would've had to take way too much money in loans. Not gonna happen. Hubby is going back to school, though. He's working towards his graphic design degree. He's a little over half-way there now. He's going to get enough because he's going to a state school, instead of the private college I was going to go to. When you go to a state school, you get more grants. I'll just wait until I get to California to work on my esthetics career. It only takes 4 months in California! It's only 6 months here in Illinois, which isn't bad either, but I don't plan on being here in 4 months, let alone 6!

Yeah, but my mom and aunt are over. They watched the girls while Bry drove me to the school, then we went to Culver's and go burgers, fries and onion rings. I have to stop eating this crud. No offense towards Culver's, cause they're food is good, and I only eat it once in a while, but still. Not good for ya when you're trying to get an agent in Hollywood! #foodfail

So anyway, enough of this bullshit...the real scoop is, me and the ex-friend are friends again. That's some bullshit calling her 'ex-friend' as we were mad at each other, for like, a week and a half and did the whole talking shit about one another and then started missing each other, then went all gay on each other over the phone with tears and "I love you bitch" and "we're family". It was so gay and so cute. I was all "I'm sorry I said that shit about you". Gay.

So I asked hubby today would he stay married to me if I was gay. He didn't answer the question, fully. He said "if you wanna be with women, fine, but just go through with it". What the hell does that mean? Does that mean "if you're gonna divorce me to be with women, I'd better not see you with some dude?" Yes. That's probably exactly what that means! You'd be okay with me leaving you for a woman, but not another man? He's funny like that. God knows if he was serious! If I popped up gay tomorrow and was like "I'm leaving you for one of the chicks from 'The Real L Word'," would he be all "Oh, okay...tell Kelsey I said hi". Yeah, no. Abso-not-ly! Wow. Did this post delve too deep?!

This post is in honor of Kelsey Chavarria...turning straight women gay since 2011 (Not really. Not really straight anyway.)

Anyway, so, crisis averted. Friend and I are back in love and gay for each other, without the sex. I jumped to conclusions. And I'm sorry.


  1. So glad for u so glad youre back writing again. I miss i BTW!!!!

  2. Hey girl! I forgot how much I love blogging! lol