Monday, August 29, 2011

Just So Awesome

Today I had a great meeting with the cast members of my new web series "Angelina's Scene". I met these two awesome actors. One will play my husband, and the other one will play my husband's friend. I had this meeting, of sorts, at Starbucks with my hubby, who is co-producing with me. We talked about how all of us are moving to L.A. soon, auditioning, and I gave them pretty much the set-up of how everything was going to go. It was awesome. My mom and aunt watched the girls, so we had a few hours beforehand to walk around Old Town and I got a few minutes of video footage with my HD camera. Then we got home, put the girls to bed, and went back to work. I had to e-mail the SAG Hollywood rep with the SAG actor's information and now, for the next few days, I'm all about storyboarding shots.

Meanwhile, I wish I was in L.A. already. The MTV VMAs was last night, and my bestie texted me that she had a chance to go to an after-party. She said she forgets that she's now there, where these things take place. I can't wait to be there when they hold the Oscars! That's the biggest dream of all, right there. To actually be at the Kodak Theater, there because I'll be nominated! Or even to perform my Oscar-nominated song. Truthfully, I hope I'll be there as a filmmaker and actor. I want to be known as a filmmaker just as much as I want to be known as an actress. Oh, and comedian. Oh, and singer. Oh, and greatest mom ever.

Speaking of my much as I love creating and accomplishing with my art, I look at my daughters and realize they smile 99.9% of the time, and that feels way better. They make me feel like I really am doing something right in the world. My mom and aunt, after watching my girls, always thank ME for bringing them and talk about how much fun they had with Ani, Mia and Laila. That feels awesome too.

And yes, they are knocked out sleep right now. Thanks mom and Auntie Carol!



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