Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't Piss Off Someone Semi-Famous!

I got some really great advice from a Hollywood talent manager today. She actually told me based on my headshot and resume, she thinks I'm going to do really well out there. That was great, but I wish she'd wanted to sign me.

November 1st is the move date, and I still have no agent or manager set to go to out there. I mean, it's not the most important thing in the world to have an agent RIGHT NOW, because truthfully, I have an agent here in Chicago who does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me. It's one of those agencies that sign a bunch of people, charge you fees to be  on their website, and then call you a few times. I sent my agent an e-mail about 2 weeks ago, and I'm yet to hear anything. I told her I was moving to L.A. and asked for advice. Keep in mind, she is also my daughters' agent. She has never sent them on anything. And she was real excited to sign the twins, especially after she met them face to face and saw how cute and friendly they were. Whatevs. On to the next thing.

I'm working on my stand-up again. I'm going to use my communication with Nicole Richie via twitter in my routine for the open mic. I tweeted once "@nicolerichie thinks we shouldn't buy plastic and only buy organic...well @nicolerichie thinks we all have Nicole Richie money". I tweeted that in the morning, then went to Bally's, got my cardio on, then was in the locker room getting my stuff together when I decided to check my phone and realized she'd tweeted me back! She said "There are a lot of wooden toys that can be bought at Target that are reasonably priced". I was like "Oh my God, I've offended someone semi-famous!".

Here's the thing, when I tweeted that, mentioning her as @nicolerichie, I knew there was a chance she would see it. But people with a shitload of followers, especially someone like her, don't have time to look at all of their mentions! She's running businesses, she's got 2 kids, doesn't she have better stuff to do? I did send her a tweet saying I'm sorry if I offended her. Never heard anything back. That got me more followers that day!

But the main reason why I have as many followers as I do now, is because of Rosario Dawson retweeting to her followers to follow me. All based on her kindness, and me mentioning that I met her when I was an extra on "Light it Up". She doesn't remember me, obviously, that was years ago, she'd probably like to forget that movie, and she met a lot of extras on that set, I'm sure. But she retweeted me, and I tried to get her 100,000 followers. I adore her. One of my favorite actresses...or should I think of her as competition?! LOL

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