Thursday, November 3, 2011

On cable, you can say the word 'shit'!

Halloween was so much fun with my girls. We went around the neighborhood, with the girls dressed as Lalaloopsy dolls! The older people didn't get it, seeing as how they're relatively new dolls, but the younger kids got it! They only released 3 different costumes, so having 3 daughters worked out well, huh? Funnier yet, yes, I collect the Lalaloopsy dolls myself, and Mia has one doll, Laila has one doll, Ani has 3, and I have 5! That's sad, isn't it? I should probably stop writing this. I should probably delete that. Ah, fuck it!

So I'll be in L.A. in a little over a week to find an apartment! Did I mention I've never been to L.A.?? I've seriously been obsessed with the idea of moving out there since I was a teenager! Actually, maybe even before that! Remember the movie "My Girl 2", when Vada went out to L.A. to stay with her uncle from the first one so she could find out more about her mother, who died during childbirth? Yeah, I'm pretty sure very few people remember that film. Anyway, I think that movie may have started my obsession with L.A. I have odd things that inspired me. I first decided to write a film because of an episode of "Degrassi"...yes, the original show. The episode where Lucy made a horror film for a class project. I then wrote my own. True story. Stop judging me!

Anyway, I'm going out there with a brand-new written pilot episode for "Local Couple Wins Lottery"! I wrote a whole 22-minute episode that I want to shop around to networks. I'm hoping for ABC, but I would really love a cable network. On cable, you can say the word "shit". No lie.

So I'm going to meet with my cast before I go to L.A., let them know what's going on and make sure everyone is still down, though they've already told me they are. Oh! I also edited all 4 parts together for a film festival! I just submitted it, and I won't know their decision until Dec. 15th...biting my nails!

And if you haven't already, visit my Youtube channel so you can watch all 4 episodes! And watch my short snippet of a song I've been working on with Bry called "Stupid Fucking Heart"! I'm going to go work on it again after I put Ani to bed. Since the girls share a room, I put the twins to bed first, then Ani goes to bed about half an hour later, after the twins are asleep. If I put them all to bed at the same time, Ani keeps them up. It's frustrating. But it works for now. This totally won't be a problem when I have a Hollywood Hills home. For realsies. Ani needs her own bedroom.


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