Saturday, October 30, 2010

A 3-part series on Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart Halloween notes!

Okay, I don't have all the money in the world to buy the expensive fashions that I would like to, nor am I a size 2-4, which is the usual sample size, and easier to find when you're out shopping at high-end places like Macy's, Nordstrom's, Bloomingdale's, etc. Also, as a mom whose money goes a lot of the time to diapers (twin baby girls) and/or kids clothes, sometimes I have to find more economical values. I'm pretty sure my hubby wouldn't be too happy if I spent thousands of dollars on just a few items!

So, while I'm out doing my rounds of household shopping, I look at the fashions and accessories at different stores. I mostly frequent Target, Wal-Mart and K-mart for my everyday purchases of detergent, toiletries and diapers, and so I've come up with a review of each store and how their styles fair.

Let's start with Wal-Mart, the store I go to the most and have always since I've been married and a mother of 3. Though the clothes are cheap, they're not really high-end, cutting edge fashion, surprise surprise! When you walk into my local Wal-Mart, there's the Miley Cyrus line of clothing, which is kind of cute, but the sizes are all wrong! The sizes are cut smaller than you would usually wear in other stores or other lines of clothing. Believe me, a Large is not a large! Then as you walk on through, it seems to be more womens' fashions that are larger sizes, which kind of makes sense considering most of American women are larger sized, not Miley Cyrus or any other thin celebrity! But here's the problem: just because we're overweight, we have to wear such hideous fashion?! Next!

The only things, clothes-wise worth buying at Wal-Mart is the t-shirts. I mean the baby tees and cutesy tees that you can wear with a nice pair of jeans, perhaps a sweater or feminine blazer over it for the cold months ahead. I noticed while watching "Lala's Full Court Wedding" on Vh1 recently that she really rocks the jeans/t-shirt/blazer/really high heels look. It's feminine, cute and low-maintenance. The shirts at Wal-Mart usually are about $7-$12, so you can get several, and if you're looking for out-of-season fashion, like tank tops in the fall, you can get them at $3 a pop, marked-down from the usual $7, so that's even more of a bargain. Layer them, wear them under something, whatever. I like having tank tops on hand to wear under certain tops or dresses that show way too much cleavage. And yes, in hindsight, you could think that maybe I shouldn't buy something if it shows too much cleavage, but there's a time for cleavage and there's a time for no cleavage! Wear the tank top underneath the dress if you're out with your kids. Wear it without if you're having dinner with your hubby!

In my next blog, I'll explore the fashions of Target, which should be a 2-part series on that store alone, really, because I'm always super-impressed with Target fashion. But that's another time.

Also, seeing as how this is the day before Halloween, I just want to make a short statement on the costumes of this year. Now, I don't watch Jersey Shore, and yes I like Lady Gaga, but not obsessed with her like some are. Nevertheless, why, ladies, would you want to dress like the biggest star in the world, or who everyone else is talking about? Snookie is mostly known for being that drunken chick who got punched in the face and then got arrested for annoying people with her drunkeness! And Lady Gaga is the biggest star in the world right now! Now, to each it's own, but I'd rather get attention on Halloween for wearing something original or something that not everyone else is wearing. But yet, my daughter Ani is dressing up like Jessie from Toy Story 3, a costume we had trouble finding in her size because they kept selling out everywhere! She's going to run into a lot of Little Jessie's while out tomorrow!

Whatever you decide to wear for Halloween tomorrow ladies, just make sure your confidence is there and rock that costume to the best of your ability! Feel like the princess, superstar or French maid! LOL...I'll be dressed as a rock star, because deep down, that's what I am!

I'll take pictures as I spent a good amount of money buying make-up yesterday while out with my girls Jontynise and Miel! Later Party People!


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