Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Designers

Okay, let me start off with saying that this blog is still in it's early stages, so let me continue to introduce myself.

I've been a writer since I was a child. I was on the newspaper staff in grammar school...when I was in 1st grade! No lie! My mother still has the newspapers! I then wrote on the school newspaper and yearbook in high school, then the literary magazine in college. No, I never got a degree in English or Creative Writing, and I've bounced around careers a bit. Two things that have been mainstays in my life, thus fair, have been acting and writing. I started acting when I was in high school, and I currently am auditioning for film and theater and I have an agent (finally!).

Nonetheless, this is a FASHION blog, not an ACTING blog. Perhaps one day I'll have time for both, but for now, I just want to introduce what makes me qualified to write a fashion blog.

First of all, I have a lovely obsession with certain fashion designers. As a teenager in high school, I wanted to be a model. I called different modeling agencies in Chicago and New York just for them to tell me that I was too short (5'8" was the minimum, I'm 5'3"). I got over the disappointment, but I still followed the fashion industry closely. I began my obsession with Calvin Klein (I loved my CK t-shirt and wore CKOne every day!), Todd Oldham (my size 4 Todd Oldham jeans that I wished I still had), and then began loving the hell out of Isaac Mizrahi towards college.

Right now, as I'm nearing my 30s, I'm crazy about anything semi-gothic, with lace or Victorian sleeves, ruffled blouses, or anything classy. I adore Betsey Johnson. Her designs are classy but modern, semi-gothic but cutesy, but just overall lovely! And did I mention I love her personality?! She's now a legend in every sense of the word, and still going strong. Here is one of my favorite Betsey Johnson designs:

Right now, I'm also digging Zac Posen and Alice Temperly. So classy.

And by the way, you have to check out this site called Lots of awesome designs by Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, BCBG Max Azria, and I've been able to find a few Zac Posen items on there too. They don't have great quantities of items, but the ones they do have are marked down from their usual prices. Check it out!

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