Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things I'm Obsessed with Right Now- October 2013

Okay, I did this list before and it got a lot of attention, so since I'm an attention-whore (not really...okay...really), I figured I should do this again. Let's get started...

1. Studio City

Okay, maybe I'm just a little celeb-enthused. I refuse to say "obsessed" because I seriously don't put much effort into meeting celebrities. I really don't. I go fun places with the husband and kids and run into them. I'm not Stalker Sarah, though I know her and like her. I usually run into celebrities at random places, like grocery stores and coffee shops. It's frickin' Hollywood for crap's sake! It's really not that hard! The only difference is, I have the balls to go up to a celebrity and ask them for their picture. No one has ever told me no, and then I usually have a really nice conversation with them. Every time I go to Studio City, usually to take the girls to their favorite bookstore or this kickass Farmer's Market, we run into somebody famous. Not our faults. We've now run into Ariel Winter, you know, Alex Dunphy from the hit tv show Modern Family. She's so nice and cool. I know her older sister now.

My picture, obviously.

And it's not about celebrity, because I couldn't say that I'd ask just anybody for a picture or talk to them just because they're famous. I like meeting incredible people who I admire for some reason or another. I love Modern Family! It's one of my favorite shows, that's why it's so cool to know Ariel and her sister Shanelle. Also, this past weekend, after running into them again and talking with them, my family ended up in some paparazzi pics on Just Jared Jr. and Perez Hilton. I'm not posting them because you can barely see us, standing next to Ariel. You see my back and back while Ariel is talking to me...and Laila's back...and Laila's bangs in one...and my husband's hat in another. Not really worth posting...well, okay...

My back and Trader Joe's bag. Pretty neat, huh? We were talking.

If you look to the right of this pic, you can see Laila's bangs (or Mia's, who knows, they look the same) and the top of Bry's hat! 

And in the bottom right corner, Laila. I think. Or Mia. Laila? Whatever. It's one of my twins!

2. This Damn Water Bottle!

I got it from Target for like $22. It keeps your water cold for 24 hours! Seriously! I fill it up at night, and since I have Hypothyroidism, I have to take my Synthroid medicine first thing in the morning, before I eat or anything, so I can just get up, take my pill, and then go back to bed if I want to. It's awesome! I take it almost everywhere with me. I even got hubby one too! I'm aware that I'm a little too excited about a damn water bottle...

You can also buy it at Amazon here.

3. HelloGiggles

Okay, I swear this isn't a plug! Yes, I write for the site, but I honestly love it! I swear, there is an article for almost every aspect of my life. When I'm bored or need inspiration, I go read other people's articles. I just read an article about Lasik surgery, because I'm considering getting it done. Seriously, it kind of eased my mind! Here's a link to that article:


And for the shameless self-promotion. I wrote an article about The Wizard of Oz entitled "5 Reasons The Wizard of Oz is Still Damn Good" and it's now my most read article! It had over 3200 likes on Facebook! Mostly due to the fact that Zooey Deschanel, one of the HelloGiggles founders, shared the link on her official Facebook page. That was exciting! And they just posted my interview with Tia Mowry-Hardrict today, which Tia retweeted on Twitter. I love that site. And I love Molly McAleer for asking me to be a part of it! You can read about that too.

4. Tumblr

No disrespect to Blogger or Wordpress, but Tumblr is just so interesting! Yeah, there's a lot of sick stuff on there, like, seriously sick, but where else can I see gifs of Bastille videos I've already seen? Where else can I see pictures of pink houses and closeups of donuts? Hmmm...I'm not giving very convincing reasons of why Tumblr is so great, am I? It's also great for promotion...and stalking Bastille.

Did I say stalking? I meant admiring...

5. Luis Bunuel

Okay, I promise I'm not pretentious. I'm just an ex-film school geek who writes screenplays that are nothing like the films I love. I really need to re-write some scripts! So, lately, I've fallen in love with Luis Bunuel. I first heard of him because he was portrayed in "Midnight in Paris", one of my favorite films of all time. The film "The Exterminating Angel" was mentioned in it. In the film, a group of rich friends come from a play and go to one of their mansion's to have dinner. After dinner, no one seems to be able to leave the room! They all keep coming up with excuses not to leave. The next morning, they begin to realize that they cannot leave the damn room, let alone the house! They go to the threshold of the room, and turn around! People die. They're starving. They have no water. They stink. They can't leave the room! It's psychological! There's no door or wall holding them in...open space! But they can't leave the room! Look him up! He made other great films too that I'm going to buy and watch this week. I'm obsessed!

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