Thursday, October 24, 2013

Very L.A. things

So I'm so excited my aunt is coming back to visit in November. She's coming for Thanksgiving and staying about 10 days. Not only am I excited because I love my aunt, miss her, blah blah blah...this means FREE BABYSITTER! Don't tell her I said that...

I'm sick of doing stuff by myself. The first time I went to a comedy club was by myself, and I went to see Chris D'elia, and I was so nervous about being in the same room as him. I was fangirling like crazy over some Chris D'elia, you don't even know. He's the reason I finally got off my ass and started doing stand-up! I owe him, for real. So my aunt was in town, Bry and I got to go see Chris together, and then I got up the nerve to actually talk to Chris! I met him, hugged him, took a picture with him! The third time I saw Chris live, Bry and I met him and talked to him for a while on the sidewalk outside of the Laugh Factory. What a great night that was. So I'm looking forward to some nights of doing totally L.A. things with my husband. Fancy dinners, schmoozing, giggling about condoms in a Rite Aid at midnight. Yes, we're that immature.

I'm also going to try to book some more stand-up gigs around that time. Who's coming out to see me??

Later guys.

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