Sunday, May 10, 2015

Amazing Mother's Day

At the Little Tokyo Galleria in Los Angeles

I had an amazing Mother's Day. After a week of hits and misses, I had a really good day today. I woke up to my kids poking me going "Hey mom, you wanna open your presents??". Then Laila going "It doesn't feel like Mother's Day because no presents". It was 7:40 am. I realized, hey, my kids aren't just about getting presents themselves (like they are on Christmas, birthdays, etc.), they just love presents!

I got a huge bag of handmade cards and drawings and different crafts they made at school and on Saturday afternoon after I passed out in my bed after cleaning and rearranging all of the kitchen cabinets. Yes, I did that. I put on a movie in the living room for my aunt to watch with the girls and I literally hurt myself cleaning the cabinets. It was worth it. I guess. I severely needed a massage after that. But whatever, exercise!

After breakfast (Denny's take-out, cause balls to going there, waiting for a table then having to deal with a large crowd of people and having to take all three girls to the Denny's bathroom at some point). So after gifts (including a blue jean vest, a banana pillow that actually smells like banana, a Supergirl necklace and matching earrings, a mini banana plush and a cute little Ty Beanie Boo owl that Ani got for me). After reading the beautiful card that Ani wrote me and Bry wrote me (that made me cry, geez), Bry went to get the food.

Later in the day, we went to Little Tokyo in downtown L.A. to a Japanese shopping mall that I didn't know existed until today. Bry used one of those claw machines to try to win a plush loaf of bread for me. It's like a neck pillow that looks like a loaf of bread, seriously!

We did some shopping. We had fun. We goofed around. My thighs hurt from all of the walking, but at least I had on my Converse!

And now I'm trying to write this and make it make sense while watching last night's episode of SNL with the aunt and husband. I'm tired and I'm going on Mia's field trip with her and her class in the morning as a chaperone. It's her first field trip! More walking. More, more walking. But I'm excited to spend that time with my little Mia.

I thought Mia looked like this pic I found in my wallpaper app. 

Okay, I did my post for the day. Laters!

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