Friday, May 15, 2015

Let it Rain

I haven't been blogging everyday. I know I said I would, and boy did I try, but then I got busy. So sue me! In hindsight, I guess I could've tried harder. I could say a lot has been going on, but not really.

I hadn't really felt like writing about my life. I thought about changing my blog to one of those "Hey, have you seen this movie?"-type review blog. But that's bullcrap. I started a blog to get my feelings out about things. Yes, I guess I could include movie reviews. That might be fun.

It's been super rainy in Los Angeles these past few days. I'm loving it! Some people around me are all "I'm sick of this rain!" I love it. Let it rain all weekend! Keep in mind, I don't really have to drive in it other than picking up the girls from school. Perhaps the people who have to get up and go to work would be annoyed with me saying "Let it rain!". Whatever.

It's when the rain comes that you forget you have barely any rain gear. The girls were late for school this morning because I had this realization that their rain boots no longer fit! What a fail! Ani is a kids size 5. Her boots are a size 3. Mia and Laila are in a 1. They are currently wearing size 13 boots, one of them being Ani's old, old rain boots. Ani had to take my old small umbrella. I might just need to buy her one. I guess I'll be headed to Target later.


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  1. I love rain, always have. It's to the point where though I don't watch local news or weather, there's a weather gadget on this PC, but I forget to look at it most of the time yet I can feel (smell sort of) that it's going to rain well before it's coming.