Saturday, May 9, 2015

From Bad to Good...a week of fails

I've had a rough week. Yes, I'm aware that other people have it worse and I can always count my blessings. I know it could be a lot worse, but that still doesn't detract away from the fact a few things have screwed-up my week in epic proportions. First, there was the kitchen fire, then I scratched up my van, then I almost got into an accident that would've been my fault, etc., etc. Did I also mention that I dropped all the cornbread muffins on the floor? I know that sounds HILARIOUS, but the twins cried and cried. Yeah, they're not foodies, they don't care too much about food, but they love cornbread! Haha.

So yeah, it could be worse, I'm aware. I've been beating myself up over things I've done this week and going "what a week of fails", but at the same time, I can say "It's just a bad week, things will be better next week".

It's okay. Everything is fine, obviously. I still haven't heard about that big job I applied for but sometimes, no news is good news! I try to stay positive and remind myself how fucked up some other people have it. I try to always remind my daughters that they have things way better than I had it growing up. I go "Do you have both of your parents in the house? Yeah? Then hush!" They also have more toys, food and love than they need. They are more than loved, they're adored. The great George Lopez said that.

Anyway, so then we went out last night, the husband and me. I got on the guest list at the Comedy Store (they announce through Twitter that the guest list is open so you don't have to pay the cover. I don't think I've ever paid a cover to get into a comedy club). I went specifically to see Chris D'elia. Now, if you're my friend or have followed my blog, you know the Chris D'elia deal. If you're not familiar, let me give you some background.

I have adored Chris D'elia since I first saw him on T.J. Miller's awesome but now cancelled show "Mash Up" that came on Comedy Central. Chris is so energetic and confident but also, at times, self-deprecating. He's one of the few people that make me laugh so hard my chest hurts. There's only one other person who makes me laugh that hard, and that's Josh Fadem, who's an amazing comedic actor but also my friend.

I laughed last night, had a great date night with the husband, then ran into Chris out on the Comedy Store patio when we were leaving. He remembered me from the many other times I've run into him and I told him congrats on the Undateable show renewal at NBC. I told him "I'm your number one fan, you know, other than your mom" and he laughed. I made Chris laugh. He then hugged me when saying good-bye and thanked me for my support. Night...made.

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