Sunday, May 31, 2015

My new short comedy

Hi gang,

I made this short comedy with my daughters, Anneka, Mia & Laila. It was based on the fact that kids ask a LOT of questions. Sometimes my Anneka asks these really crazy, but cute questions. A year ago, I made a similar film entitled "Kid Questions", but decided to make a new one last week with real questions she's asked me over time.

I directed it, and this time I'm not in it at all, not even my voice. All I did was told her what to ask, and took several takes, using my iPhone 6 and then edited it on my MacBook Pro using iMovie. It's super short, but if you like, leave a comment, like the video on Youtube, all that good stuff! Hope you like it! Watch for my twin girls cheering at the end!

"Too Many Questions":

(c) Scenestealer Productions

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