Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grossly Negligent and Barf-Inducing

Yes, I Tumble, or whatever the cool kids are calling it. Am I one of the cool kids yet??!

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Also, I'm almost at 6000 pageviews of all time on this blog! I'm really wondering who's actually reading this mess of run-on sentences, depravity, self-abashing, too much information, tongue-in-cheek, over-exaggerated, under uniformed, over-the-top, drama queen'ed, overly comedic, grossly negligent, barf-inducing, take-no-prisoners, no-holds-barred, diarrhea festival that is my life. All I talk about is Los Angeles, my kids, what people do that annoy me, and who I find attractive. Thank you for reading but not telling me how much of an assbag I must look like in these writings. In my defense, I write these a lot of the time at night while Bry is talking to me and we're watching Glee. And then, I don't go back and read them. That's probably for the best. I like being open about my life, whether or not I have fans. And if it's only my family reading these...hi mom, aunts and Kecia! lol


(ending "later" with a 'z' instead of an 's' is douchey, right? Or is it cool? Comments, opinions?)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Where They Get this From

I'm having a pretty good week. I woke up early this morning, before hubby had to start getting ready for work, and decided to go to Intelligentsia, this nice coffee bar in Silver Lake, which is not too far from my house. I got up, went there, found parking on the street and sat there drinking my chai latte and talking to my mom about why she's afraid to move to California. Okay, I get it, the earthquakes, the wildfires the mudslides, I get it, I really do. Those things are part of the reason why I never moved here before, truthfully. But in Chicago, I was afraid to drive around! I was afraid to go into the city for auditions and for my acting classes. I still did it, but I really got to the point of being terrified of getting shot in the face. Nobody wants to get shot in the face. Not to say that it couldn't happen here, because obviously, crime happens in L.A. too, duh! It just got to a point where people I grew up with were getting killed back to back. I lost two old friends in a month period! One in December, right before Christmas, and then again in January! The gang violence just got out of control and it wasn't just in one area, it was all over. It got dangerous to go downtown. I still love Chicago, I really, I do. I love it for its beauty and I love it because of its history and because of Second City and the amazing people that have come out of there and made great things of themselves. I'm just a little afraid of getting shot in the face. That's all.

But, in hindsight, there was an earthquake here today. A relatively small one, so small I didn't feel it and wouldn't even had known about it if it wasn't for the fact that it was a top story on Yahoo. So for a few hours after reading that, I thought I felt the floor shaking. At one point, Anneka's water bottle fell off the counter and hit the floor. I jumped like "what was that?" and Ani was like "I don't know". I was like "did you feel the floor move?" and she goes "No!" looking at me, like I'm crazy.

These kids...I'm sitting here trying to write this blog, and I've had to stop like 7 times. They're supposed to be eating dinner, and I'm at the table with them, but they're clowning around. I don't know where they get this snizz from. Clownshoe babies. Everything is a joke to them. Absolutely no clue where they get this from...

Yes, this is really how they are at dinnertime. I probably should be all "Knock it off! Have better table manners!" But whatever, they're little kids. And it's funny!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Your Beauty is My Muse

So we're driving through Griffith Park, going up into the hills, blasting Sucre's new album, and realizing that I belong here. I've never been this happy. All of the hard work, sacrifice, arguments and positive thinking finally got us here. We drove up to the Griffith Park Observatory, where parts of Rebel Without a Cause was filmed. Now I want to watch it again and relive that magical first time I saw that film and it changed my life. The first time I really saw Natalie Wood and just fell awesomely in love with her. After that film, I decided she was my favorite actress and saw "Love With the Proper Stranger", which is now one of my favorite films of all time.
And James Dean. My God. James Dean. To find out years later that we share a birthday (February 8th). What an amazing actor he was. He was so compelling in that film.

I'm writing a film right now that I think is going to change my life. I have so much hope and faith in the idea and I think I'm doing my best writing to date. I'm obsessed with it. I spent hours listening to Sucre in the bedroom the other day with Bry, and I was sitting up in bed with my laptop open and just writing and writing, and checking notes that I had written a few months back when I first began writing this script. And I can see it. It looks like a completed film in my mind. I feel like this could be the script that finally garners attention for me. It's going to be the story that gets me my house on a hill in Silverlake or Los Feliz. It's going to be the story that changes my life. And I'm halfway done with the first draft. I'm not going to talk about what it's called, what it's about, blah blah blah yet. I'll get there, at some point. Right now, I'm just concentrating on the journey.

These experiences that I'm having gives me these beautiful ideas. Looking from the Griffith Observatory and realizing we were so high up that we could see the Hollywood sign and pretty much all of Los Angeles, just inspired me. L.A., your beauty is my fucking muse.

When we went to Santa Monica pier last week, and we were driving along the freeway and realized that there was this thick fog covering the area and the temperature began to drop drastically and we were cold, but yet I still got out of that car and walked across the sand and put my feet in the ocean. That was the first time I'd ever been to the ocean. And yes, it was cold, and yes, I had a two year old on my hip who thought she would have to get wet too...(I told Mia "I'm not putting you in the water...I'm your mommy, don't you trust me??" and my gorgeous girl said "No"! LOL) I just let the water wash over my feet a couple of times, and that was good enough to get me just a little emotionally. I'd finally made it here. I finally made it to L.A.

These experiences are leading up to something. And there's still a lot left to explore. There's still Venice Beach! There's still Zuma Beach! There's Malibu! Pacific Coast Highway! A bunch of things left to explore in L.A. Can't wait!!!

Mia, at the observatory today. Love my girls!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Afraid to be

I have this habit of trying to be a people-person, though people frighten the hell out of me. I'm always afraid I'm going to say the wrong thing, hurt someone's feelings, rub someone the wrong way. So I sometimes do this thing where I tell people what they want to hear. I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry for telling you what you wanted to hear all the time, instead of telling you that you and your actions scare the hell out of me. I'm sorry that we've spent so much time together that your phone calls and texts started to bother me so much that I found myself turning my phone off or intentionally not answering them. That makes me a liar. I'm not perfect. I hate confrontation. In recent months when I tried to tell you what was wrong, I got attitude. I got yelled at a few weeks ago because you misunderstood something I said in a text, so I lied and said "I didn't mean it that way", because I didn't want to upset you. I didn't want this to happen.

I am also sorry that I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm sorry that I felt, again, for the billionth time, that I couldn't talk to you. I felt like if I told you ANY of the things I was feeling, I'd be the horrible person. I'd be the bitch. Then you would go tell all your friends "Angie is horrible, Angie intentionally said these things to hurt me". I'm also sorry that you felt so much like family that I felt like I had to take your shit constantly and not say anything and that I was stuck. But during all of this, I've had these epiphanies that you were not there for me through the most important things that happened to me, you were only there to hear about it later. Where were you when my grandmother died? Where were you when my husband and I were separated? Where were you when I had a miscarriage? Oh right, you started a fight with me a week afterwards and I didn't talk to you for months and then I find out you were dogging me to everyone who would listen, including mutual friends. Where were you after you pushed away our other friend with your actions? Where were you when my husband was across the country for two weeks?

When I've tried to tell you that your behaviors scared me, or maybe something you've done that was unsafe, you called me judgmental. Is it really considered judgmental to tell someone you love that what you're doing can lead to bad things for them? Isn't that what a real friend does? So I kept my mouth shut lately. I don't say anything. Because if I speak up, I lose you. Well, I spoke up this time. I said I felt like you were taking advantage of my kindness. I tell you you're causing arguments between me and my husband because you keep asking for favors. You don't care. I tell you I'm stressed because I'm trying to keep both of you happy and apparently failing at it. I let you borrow our car and kept it from him! That was wrong! You didn't care.

I don't care about airing the dirty laundry right now. I don't care if this makes me look like a bad person putting my shit out there like that. I'm sick of being a liar. I'm sick of biting my tongue. I don't care if you tell everyone who'll listen that I'm a judgmental bitch who just said things to hurt you. The truth of the matter is, you made my life way more stressful lately than it had to be. I should not have had to have the conversation with you mother about how we worry about you, when I know I'm more worried because I know what you actually do all the time. And your secrets are safe with me, because whatever you do, I'm not going to go around telling everyone who'll listen exactly what you're doing, with who and when. And I'm just blogging about this now because I'm hurt and stressed and perhaps just a little self-destructive, so I'm not thinking clearly.

Now I'm going to go drink a glass of wine and get a massage from my husband. It's amazing he stays married to me, I know. For everytime I've hurt him and we've figured it out, I'll never understand it. For everytime he's hurt me in the past and he's made up for it. I'll never understand it. I really really really hope you find a friend who will be honest with you like I wanted to be but was too afraid to be.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Excitement of Live Theater!

Still promoting "Reservoir Bitches"! Did I mention that this was my first play? The excitement of live theater is incomparable! I mean, I've done my own web series, I've done other people's films, but seriously, this is just indescribable! There is no second take! And you either got it down or you don't...or you wing it! And the adrenaline...I'm really looking forward to our second show tomorrow night! I don't need to jump out of a plane, I do live theater!

Come see us do our thing!

"Reservoir Bitches"
Trestage Theatre
1523 N. La Brea Ave
Hollywood, CA
Thursday thru May 31st @ 8PM
Admission: $20

And don't forget to like my new Facebook page!!!

and my twitter:

Later Bitches!

(lol...see what I did there? Cause the play is called "Reservoir Bitches"?? It's a joke! Get it? It's a play on got it?? Nevermind. Geez)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Promoting the Shit Out of It!

Me and Carmen Barton backstage at "Reservoir Bitches", opening night April 12th, 2012.

So as of right now, I'm promoting the shit out of this show! I'm like "I'm doing this show at the TreStage Theatre, Hollywood, 1523 N. La Brea, every Thursday through May, blah blah bloop" and hoping we get a huge crowd! I think all of us were just so jittery about opening night, we didn't advertise it as much as we should have. Our bad. I'm really big on Twitter...I mean, seriously, I'm in love with Twitter. Keegan-Michael Key said the play title was hilarious, but he's out of town until May. So I tweeted back at him to tell him the play runs until May 31st. I haven't heard anything back, but I'll remind him in May. How exciting. I've loved that man since I saw him on MadTV in the Taco Bell sketch and this fool, playing a Mexican immigrant, called a Chalupa a "little boat" and called the menu the "Raping Menu". I died. Love that guy. And of course, I watch the fuck out of his show "Key and Peele".

It's really friggin' awesome though that Saj Golde from "The Real L Word" said she'll come check it out this Thursday! I love that show so friggin' much. I recorded it every Sunday night, and really looked forward to it. And yes, I developed a crush on Kelsey (don't tell my husband I was crushing on a girl...oh wait...he knew! LOL) But I really, really liked Saj. She was so real and so down to Earth. She seemed like somebody I'd like to know in real life. And then, I found her Twitter, started tweeting at her, and she would tweet back! Kelsey would tweet back too, but Saj seemed to be always on Twitter, so she would tweet me right back, usually. Once I told her "Damn, you tweet as much as I do" and she went "What, should I not tweet so much...would that make you happy?" just joking around with me. That was hilare. What cool peeps. I spoke to a few other of the girls from the show on Twitter also. Made me love the show more!

I'm happy she's going to come, and hopefully Kelsey will too. I invited her also. And a few casting directors, including one who retweeted me! And of course, my kids' manager Michele Large' of Epic Talent Management, who I hope to impress the fuck out of!  LOL

Oh, did I mention I wrote "Local Couple Wins Lottery" as a full-length stage play?? I'm thinking about putting it on at the TreStage Theater...yep.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Opening Night!!!

Last night was the opening of "Reservoir Bitches", an all-female version of "Reservoir Dogs" that I'm in. I play Ms. Brown, Quentin Tarantino's character. I was super nervous last night before going on stage. I knew my lines, but I was afraid I was going to get out there, freak out and freeze up. Okay, that didn't happen. We all prayed together before going out there, and then I threw up an extra prayer like "God, please help me remember my lines so I don't screw everybody else up".

Obviously, I went out there, and I did well. I remembered my lines, everyone else did, and the entire play was really good our director said. I don't get to see the entire thing because I'm only in the first half. After that, I was backstage texting and Facebooking and helping out the occasional girl who needed something between scenes. I was mostly a bottle of nerves because the play starts with ME saying the first lines! That was nerve wrecking. And then I had so many lines right out the box. Oh, and did I mention and I hadn't even had the script a week?! I guess I did pretty good considering. And I came into this like "A play full of chicks?? Is this going to be beauty school all over again??" But these girls were amazing. They were sweet and supportive to me also. They kept telling me "you'll be okay, you'll do great!". I'm so glad I got cast in this particular play. And I'm glad I got to meet the girls. Some of them are stand-up comedians, which is cool and might make me suck up my fear and do it once and for all.

Also, I was really happy Jontynise was there for me. I saw her before the play began and she gave me a big hug and got me to calm down. I was like "dude, nerves!" and she was all "Dude, woo-sahhhhh"! Then she really got into the play! I heard her from time to time either laugh and make a comment. She was rolling during my scene. It really helps to have the audience react to what you're saying, especially when you're being funny and people are laughing their asses off! Then her and I drove to Burbank and got some fries!

So for those of you in the L.A. area, my play, "Reservoir Bitches" runs through April and May for the next 7 weeks at the TreStage Theatre, 1523 N. La Brea in Hollywood. I tried inviting famousy people, like Thomas Dekker from Secret Circle, that show on The CW. He didn't show. I'll invite him again. Wouldn't that be cool if he came?! Or Josh Hutcherson! He's always hanging out in West Hollywood, he could show. Maybe. Perhaps?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chicks With Guns

I've been uber busy, so I haven't posted on Angelina's Scene in a few days. My bad. My bizz-nad. My bizzad. Okay, I'm through with that. I really don't even have time to be posting on this shizznit! Truthfully, I'm supposed to be learning my lines! Remember that audition I went on Friday?? Yeah, I ended up getting a part in another play, that actually opens tomorrow night! What?! I'm in a play in Hollywood! Right off of Sunset! It's at Trestage Theatre! Every Thursday night, I'll be playing Ms. Brown in "Reservoir Bitches", an all-female cast version of "Reservoir Dogs"! I know, cool right? And it's my first play, and yes, I have the butterflies! All of the butterflies!

It's okay though, because I joined the cast late, exactly the same week as the opening, but I die halfway through the play. But get this, I start the play! The first lines are from me! And I play Quentin Tarantino's character, so everyone who's seen the film knows I get killed. I have like 4 scenes, but the first scene, I have a decent amount of dialogue, so I'm brushing up on it. I haven't had that much rehearsal. I rehearsed Monday, today, and then tomorrow right before we open. And I'm doing mad promotion for it too. The guy who casted me, Michael, has been really nice and understanding over the fact that I hadn't learned all my lines yet because I just got the script Saturday, but tomorrow, no excuses! Oh, and "Like" my Facebook page:

Now the kids are in bed, so I'm going to go learn my lines!


And if you're in L.A., come see my fucking play! "Reservoir Bitches", Trestage Studio Theatre, 1523 N. LaBrea in Hollywood. It's $20, and I promise you, it's really cool to see a bunch of chicks with guns!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wish Me Luck

I have an audition today, an audition tomorrow. I'm super nervous. I'm not totally sure why. I mean, I always get nervous right before an audition, but hours before? Maybe it's because it's an L.A. audition, not a Chicago audition. Maybe because it's in Hollywood. Obviously, I'm not going to let fear or anything get in the way of what I need to be doing, but I probably won't be able to eat for the rest of the day. I mean, at least until after the audition!

It's for a play at a theater in Hollywood. Pretty exciting stuff. I really hope I get it! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

L.A. Looks Good on Me

So I had a busy day. Went to Intelligentsia with Jontynise today in Silverlake! Then we walked around, went to vintage shops, and met Chris Masterson. He was cute and nice. We talked to him for a few minutes and then continued to walk around. Then I got home, ate really quick, showered, then went to the movies to see "The Hunger Games" with Bry. That movie was amazing and touching and exactly like I pictured it when I read the book! I read all three books in a two-week period. I might re-read them too. And God, Josh He's an amazing actor and so handsome. Wow.

Anyway, I can't believe how much weight I'm losing! My clothes don't fit, and then clothes I haven't been able to wear for a long time fit now! L.A. looks good on me, eh?!

Oh, and I have my first audition in L.A. tomorrow! Really excited about that too. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Really Can't Complain

Mia, Ani, Laila at the playground today

Hubby's coming home...I submitted my headshot and resume for acting jobs all around town, and I'm starting to check out and planning to go visit some acting schools here in L.A. Yep, things are starting to look really, really good!

I had a few complaints about the new apartment, initially. That has been my main problem, truthfully, other than Bry being back in Chicago, of course! When we moved in, I was told that our current manager was only a temporary manager and they had hired someone new, a husband and wife team, to takeover a week after we'd moved in. I complained about a few things to the temporary manager, including the fact that the second bathroom's toilet would run unless you jiggled the handle and the fact that we were promised a storage space, but we hadn't been assigned one! Oh, and the stove...old as balls and two of the pilots wouldn't light. I was like, this is a nice neighborhood in the valley, why does the apartment seem so ghetto?! And it looks nice as dishwasher, new carpet, new tile in the kitchen and both vertical blinds, an assigned parking space, etc.

So then the sink stops up, and is leaking underneath! The new manager comes and fixes it right away, but then the garbage disposal stops working! I tell them this Thursday, a guy comes in on Monday, today, and replaces the garbage disposal with a brand new one! That's megacool and all, but did they not fix anything between tenants, only put in new flooring?! Whatever. The toilet got fixed the same day after it overflowed, the garbage disposal is new, but we still don't have a storage space! Ugh. But the new managers are nice. Really nice.

I try not to complain too much, though. Because I get to live in this beautiful place, with these amazingly beautiful people (Bry, Ani, Mia, Laila), and I get to be among lots of different people who are friendly and smile at me when I walk down the street. And, last week, I got to drive down Sunset Blvd to take my daughter to an audition for a tv show!

Yeah, life is pretty fucking awesome. Overflowing toilets and all.