Friday, April 13, 2012

Opening Night!!!

Last night was the opening of "Reservoir Bitches", an all-female version of "Reservoir Dogs" that I'm in. I play Ms. Brown, Quentin Tarantino's character. I was super nervous last night before going on stage. I knew my lines, but I was afraid I was going to get out there, freak out and freeze up. Okay, that didn't happen. We all prayed together before going out there, and then I threw up an extra prayer like "God, please help me remember my lines so I don't screw everybody else up".

Obviously, I went out there, and I did well. I remembered my lines, everyone else did, and the entire play was really good our director said. I don't get to see the entire thing because I'm only in the first half. After that, I was backstage texting and Facebooking and helping out the occasional girl who needed something between scenes. I was mostly a bottle of nerves because the play starts with ME saying the first lines! That was nerve wrecking. And then I had so many lines right out the box. Oh, and did I mention and I hadn't even had the script a week?! I guess I did pretty good considering. And I came into this like "A play full of chicks?? Is this going to be beauty school all over again??" But these girls were amazing. They were sweet and supportive to me also. They kept telling me "you'll be okay, you'll do great!". I'm so glad I got cast in this particular play. And I'm glad I got to meet the girls. Some of them are stand-up comedians, which is cool and might make me suck up my fear and do it once and for all.

Also, I was really happy Jontynise was there for me. I saw her before the play began and she gave me a big hug and got me to calm down. I was like "dude, nerves!" and she was all "Dude, woo-sahhhhh"! Then she really got into the play! I heard her from time to time either laugh and make a comment. She was rolling during my scene. It really helps to have the audience react to what you're saying, especially when you're being funny and people are laughing their asses off! Then her and I drove to Burbank and got some fries!

So for those of you in the L.A. area, my play, "Reservoir Bitches" runs through April and May for the next 7 weeks at the TreStage Theatre, 1523 N. La Brea in Hollywood. I tried inviting famousy people, like Thomas Dekker from Secret Circle, that show on The CW. He didn't show. I'll invite him again. Wouldn't that be cool if he came?! Or Josh Hutcherson! He's always hanging out in West Hollywood, he could show. Maybe. Perhaps?!


  1. Really proud of you Angelina!! I'm only sub-famous, but I'll be checking you out in this for sure!! ;)