Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chicks With Guns

I've been uber busy, so I haven't posted on Angelina's Scene in a few days. My bad. My bizz-nad. My bizzad. Okay, I'm through with that. I really don't even have time to be posting on this shizznit! Truthfully, I'm supposed to be learning my lines! Remember that audition I went on Friday?? Yeah, I ended up getting a part in another play, that actually opens tomorrow night! What?! I'm in a play in Hollywood! Right off of Sunset! It's at Trestage Theatre! Every Thursday night, I'll be playing Ms. Brown in "Reservoir Bitches", an all-female cast version of "Reservoir Dogs"! I know, cool right? And it's my first play, and yes, I have the butterflies! All of the butterflies!

It's okay though, because I joined the cast late, exactly the same week as the opening, but I die halfway through the play. But get this, I start the play! The first lines are from me! And I play Quentin Tarantino's character, so everyone who's seen the film knows I get killed. I have like 4 scenes, but the first scene, I have a decent amount of dialogue, so I'm brushing up on it. I haven't had that much rehearsal. I rehearsed Monday, today, and then tomorrow right before we open. And I'm doing mad promotion for it too. The guy who casted me, Michael, has been really nice and understanding over the fact that I hadn't learned all my lines yet because I just got the script Saturday, but tomorrow, no excuses! Oh, and "Like" my Facebook page:

Now the kids are in bed, so I'm going to go learn my lines!


And if you're in L.A., come see my fucking play! "Reservoir Bitches", Trestage Studio Theatre, 1523 N. LaBrea in Hollywood. It's $20, and I promise you, it's really cool to see a bunch of chicks with guns!

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