Monday, April 2, 2012

Really Can't Complain

Mia, Ani, Laila at the playground today

Hubby's coming home...I submitted my headshot and resume for acting jobs all around town, and I'm starting to check out and planning to go visit some acting schools here in L.A. Yep, things are starting to look really, really good!

I had a few complaints about the new apartment, initially. That has been my main problem, truthfully, other than Bry being back in Chicago, of course! When we moved in, I was told that our current manager was only a temporary manager and they had hired someone new, a husband and wife team, to takeover a week after we'd moved in. I complained about a few things to the temporary manager, including the fact that the second bathroom's toilet would run unless you jiggled the handle and the fact that we were promised a storage space, but we hadn't been assigned one! Oh, and the stove...old as balls and two of the pilots wouldn't light. I was like, this is a nice neighborhood in the valley, why does the apartment seem so ghetto?! And it looks nice as dishwasher, new carpet, new tile in the kitchen and both vertical blinds, an assigned parking space, etc.

So then the sink stops up, and is leaking underneath! The new manager comes and fixes it right away, but then the garbage disposal stops working! I tell them this Thursday, a guy comes in on Monday, today, and replaces the garbage disposal with a brand new one! That's megacool and all, but did they not fix anything between tenants, only put in new flooring?! Whatever. The toilet got fixed the same day after it overflowed, the garbage disposal is new, but we still don't have a storage space! Ugh. But the new managers are nice. Really nice.

I try not to complain too much, though. Because I get to live in this beautiful place, with these amazingly beautiful people (Bry, Ani, Mia, Laila), and I get to be among lots of different people who are friendly and smile at me when I walk down the street. And, last week, I got to drive down Sunset Blvd to take my daughter to an audition for a tv show!

Yeah, life is pretty fucking awesome. Overflowing toilets and all.

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