Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Never Tired of the Beach

Mia at Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA

I've been tired, you guys. They said that during the second trimester I'd have more energy. They lied! Well, first of all, I have been doing more than normal. In between shopping for back to school for Anneka, Mia and Laila, we've been trying to get them out of the house to have fun. We've driven around so they can find Pokemon on their phones and we've been going to the beach! We've decided the only place to go to the beach is either Pacific Palisades or Malibu. Not because we're uppity and we're like "Malibu is the only place to be!" it's because it's the easiest place to find parking, easy access to the beach bathrooms and the cleanest sand. When we first moved here, we were all about the beaches you see on tv and in movies, Santa Monica and Venice Beach. The last time we went to Santa Monica, it was over-crowded and took us forever to find parking. The last time we went to Venice Beach, it was over-crowded, took us forever just to get towards the parking only to find out it was expensive, oh and full! And then we ended up at Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades. This past Sunday, we went straight to Zuma Beach in Malibu. Okay, all beach bathrooms are gross. Even in Malibu! That'll always be a complaint, especially while pregnant. That's why we do potty breaks while driving all the way from Glendale to Malibu. It's like an hour drive with three kids. We have to stop at a fast food place along the way usually. Once we were there, it was great, totally worth the trip! The twins, who are usually afraid to go near the water, got over their fear finally! There was a lot of "I'll hold your hand" at first, but then it go to a point where I was trying to explain to Mia why she couldn't go further into the water, reminding her that we need to get her swim lessons (and honestly, we should've done that already! What is wrong with us?!). But it's okay. They were just fine with the water going up to their knees and building sand castles. Then we got home in time to give everyone showers, wash hair, and get them dinner and in bed at a semi-decent time.

I love the beach, but it truly leaves me exhausted! I went to bed that night around 9:30! Then the next day, I had my prenatal appointment. I got to see the baby again on the ultrasound and she hand her hand up and moving like she was dancing. It's probably all that kpop we listen to!

I want to go back to the beach more. It's so relaxing, especially now that we have chairs and a huge beach tent that covers all of us. Now we need one of those coolers with wheels because we go with a ton of food each time!

Thursday, June 23, 2016


It's really hard when you're nesting but you have no energy to do anything! I want to paint all the walls in our apartment, go look for a new car, clean the refrigerator and start re-arranging our bedroom! I don't have the energy for ANY of this, but little by little, I guess I'll get it done.

Part of the problem is I've been having trouble sleeping. And it didn't help that I was watching O.J. Simpson: Made in America before bed! There's a lot of gruesomeness. The murders and case took place when I was a kid, so a lot of the details of the case I didn't know! For some reason, all of a sudden this country chose to revisit the case through the tv show and this documentary, but I'm hooked. And yes, I've completely changed my opinion on the case. I mean, I was like 12 when this happened! I knew nothing!

It's also been super hot in Los Angeles, to a point where your ac and central air has to work overtime just to keep you from melting! We have central air, and had it running all day and found ourselves in the back of the apartment where it was cooler! The "real feel" actually hit 111 degrees a few days ago! It doesn't bother me too much, but it does make you feel more tired. We stayed in the house, drinking lots of ice water.

So my plans for the rest of this day includes a nap, cooking dinner, and then going to bed. Exciting!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

First Update in a While

Yes, I realize I haven't updated this blog at all this year. Why, you ask? Yes, I'm busy, but we're all busy. This blog was once quite important to me and I used to always find time to update it. Once I realized more and more people were visiting the site and were reading my nonsense and updates about my day-to-day life, I got used to updating several times a week. I'm not exactly sure why I stopped updating, but I will get back to this. This blog was fun. And as I've always said, I'm pretty much an open book.

Quick update, I'm currently pregnant with baby #4! After a miscarriage a few months ago and being totally devastated by it, we were blessed once again. The baby is okay (I even got to see him or her move around on ultrasound yesterday at my doctor's!) My girls are very excited to be all be big sisters! We're hoping for a boy, but of course, I'd be totally happy with a girl! Yes, we already have names picked out! It's a surprise! I'll update this blog when we find out the sex!

That's all for now. I'm going back to watching The Big Bang Theory. I promise more updates in the near future! Later!