Friday, July 5, 2013

Things That I'm Obsessed with Right Now

Still fuckin' love it. Instagram video is weird, y'all. It's like, there's a picture and it starts to move. Like those creepy "living" pictures from Harry Potter, which was the scariest thing about those films.

Fedoras on Kids
I have fedoras that I don't wear anymore. Kind of over them. But my 3 daughters look adorable in them! Keep in mind, they're too big for their heads. I have to buy kids fedoras. I'll buy 3 for each kid.

Esther Povitsky, "Little Esther"
She's this comedian chick who I've never seen live...yet, but we had a bunch of mutual friends on Facebook, so I sent her a friend request and she accepted! But she keeps posting these Vines of her really close-up and you can see how adorable she is, then goes on to say facts about dinosaurs! She's adorbs.

Josh Fadem
Another comedian/actor. Again, we had mutual friends and then became friends when my husband Bry tried to help him recover some lost footage off of a SD card or something. He's this really nice guy who brought over his dog to cheer up my kid when she was recovering from a spider bite. I knew him from "30 Rock" where he played Liz Lemon's agent, but since we became friends, I've watched his many funny videos he's done on YouTube and Funny or Die and just found out he's been in a lot of other stuff I've seen including "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and the film "Miss March". It's great seeing your friends on TV. You can see me in the background of many "ER" and "Early Edition" episodes! Ha!
Here's one of his Youtube videos. Notice that he thanks me and Bry in the credits!

"Josh Fadem Wants the News"

My Little Pony
Judge all you want, but when you have 3 girls under the age of 7, it's easy to get sucked into their world. They started watching the show on the Hub network and I just got back into it, seeing as how I had a My Little Pony as a kid myself. So recently, I bought myself a 20" Pinkie Pie My Little Pony! Yep! Just for me! They have their OWN!

Zuma Beach/Malibu
I'm starting to get more driven towards my career for one reason and one reason only: MALI-FUCKIN-BU! I just went for the first time recently, after living in Los Angeles for over a year. It's beautiful! I need to make the type of money that affords me the lifestyle to either live in Malibu or at least closer. I love Glendale, it's beautiful, but it's so far from the beautifully opulent Zuma Beach and mama doesn't like to drive. Driving in L.A. is super scary, y'all!

Old Timey Ads
I've been finding these old advertisements on the Huffington Post and that are usually sexist or just flat-out wrong! They make me laugh at what a different time we're living in. They also make me so happy that as a woman today, I can choose what I do, I don't have to stay in a kitchen and my only job is not just "mom" if I don't want it to be. Here's a few of the funniest/wrongest: