Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I'll Miss About Chicago, Part 1

I know I talk a lot of crap about wanting to get the hell out of Chicago...but what you must understand is, there is nothing personal against CHICAGO. It's against the weather...and a few people! Lol...but other than that, I'm a proud Chicagoan, and I will be yelling that in L.A.

And lately I've begun to think about what I'm actually going to miss about my dear Chicago (besides a few people...select few! Lol) One of those things is definitely the beautiful Sears Tower (and hell no, I'm not calling it the Willis Tower cause that just sounds lameballs). I remember going to the Skydeck as a kid and my brother and me laughing at my mom because she was so scared! At that age, I didn't have any real fear of heights, so it was just funny to me!

But what I really love about it is it really makes the Chicago skyline so beautiful. It's always the main building you see! And I love that when you're lost on the north side, you always know where to drive to get back south! You can see that bad boy from miles away! And I used to get lost pretty often on the north side, coming from my agent's office or from an audition! Once, I got really balls lost with my mom and the kids in the car coming from visiting my agent on the north side. Keep in mind, I had never driven there before, and my GPS was acting crazy. So I get turned around, and there we are, in the middle of the afternoon near some high school on Chicago's west side where a bunch of teenagers were getting out of school! That was scary, not knowing where I was! But as I called Bry on speakerphone in a panic, I looked up and saw the Sears Tower, and I said "Okay, I know where I'm going now!" and I found my way back to the expressway! So, thank you, Sears Tower. It also helped me once I got lost coming back from Second City late night after my acting class! Once I saw it, I knew how to get back to the 55.

One day I'll come back and take the kids up to the Skydeck. You know, before they really develop fears.



  1. Love it! What I really miss about the "Go" is the food! We have some of the best food places in the world! I have done some traveling which led me where I am today and I must say our food is the best.

  2. Perhaps that will be my next blog...the food! Lol