Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Than Halfway There

So this is getting serious...I feel like I'm more than halfway there...and I should be documenting this more! It's been such a struggle, all this time trying to figure out what I need to be doing and where do I fit in and who am I and all of those other crazy cliche's that you hear in the beginning of coming-of-age films, as a narration/voice-over by the main character. I'm too old for the narration/voice-over movie...right? Unless it's about Drew Barrymore going back to high school and pretending she's not over 30. That was a coming-of-age film, right? "Never Been Kissed"...that's the title!

Anyway, I have a penchant for rambling. Let me get down to the point. I want to be a Hollywood writer. I want to write sitcoms and films. I want to be constantly working. I haven't done much of anything but write my entire life! I remember staying up late at night, working on a little film I entitled "Falling". I had this old dusty busted computer that I had Microsoft Word on and I would sit there in my room, with the door locked, and just write and write. I remember my friends calling me on three-way and me tuning them out because I was so engrossed in the dialogue I was writing. I eventually retitled the film "Words to a Page" and entered it into a screenplay competition. It didn't win, but I think I should re-enter it this year. Who knows? You may see it on the big screen next year!

I just want to prepare myself. I want to be a better writer. I didn't attend Harvard or the Tisch School of the Arts. I didn't even finish at Columbia College...I need to educate myself. I need to go back and read the great works. I need Ernest Hemingway...that's a writer I haven't touched yet. I have read a lot of great books over the years, and read lots of great poetry, but I think I'll make a list of the greats I haven't touched upon yet.

Meanwhile, for inspiration, I will go back to Arthur Rimbaud and Robert first loves, who inspired my poetry as a child. I should also re-read "The Outsiders". And I had an epiphany that there are several major Shakespeare plays I never read! I've read "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet"...that's it! So in between working on my writing portfolio and challenging myself to write on a variety of topics, not just my silly problems and screwed-up life, I'm going to read about other people's silly problems and screwed-up lives...fictional or not. I'm going to Amazon to fill up my Kindle!

Later lovelies!

...The Tempest. I read The Tempest freshman year of college. Just had to add that. 3 of the 50,000 plays* Shakespeare wrote!

*May be an inaccurate amount of plays that Shakespeare wrote.

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