Monday, January 16, 2012

Just because I love Eisley

Okay, so anybody who knows me knows how I feel about the band Eisley. I first heard of them probably in 2002 from one of those "You Hear It First" dealies on MTV, you know, back when they actually played music...oh, how that was soooo long ago...anyway, back then, Eisley still consisted of people in their teens and were singing about Sea Kings and going over mountains and stuff. Since then, I've had the amazing chance of meeting them and staying current with them, talking to them from time to time online and seeing them almost every time they come to Chicago and actually getting to speak with them and have real conversations. Some may say my love for Eisley may be a semi-obsessive. I hope to someday have them do the entire soundtrack to one of my films...

But also because of Eisley, I have discovered a lot of amazing music. Most of it indie rock. I just became enthralled with this band called TallHart and Kashmir.

I posted a few Eisley videos for your viewing pleasure, and a pic of me with some of my favorite people in the dear friends EISLEY! (That I sometimes refer to as "The Eisleys", though their last name is

Eisley "Smarter" off of their 2010 album "The Valley"

I thought they sounded so good and looked so amazing...

Their newest video "The Valley"

and just because I love this song by Kashmir, and Stacy is so pretty. This has to be at least 5 years old or something...

Sherri's tumblr:

Stacy's blog for her solo project:

Video I took from the last show I saw live of theirs, May 26th, 2011:

"Better Love"

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