Friday, November 5, 2010

When you Wish Upon a Handbag...

Alright, so I refuse to do a whole blog post on the fashions of K-Mart. I thought about it over the past week and realized that there really isn’t much to report on. Selena Gomez has a line of clothing there that is cute, but that’s about it. There is a good amount of flowery house-dresses (the kind your grandmother wears), so I can give you a recommendation to go there for one of those (for your grandmother). Other than that, there’s nothing hip or happening about K-mart fashions. I could possibly suggest the kids section if you’re a mother looking for a bargain, however, why waste your time when you can go to Wal-Mart or Target, where you can also pick up something for yourself?

With that being said, I wanted to take this time to make a point. I’m not writing this blog to convince people to have the same tastes as me. I’m very particular. I’m a mom who sometimes has to get dressed quickly, so I’ll throw my hair in a ponytail and slip on old ballet slippers to take the kiddies to school. Yes, I would prefer to wear heels all the time, but truthfully, most of the time I have to go with what is most convenient. But just for fun, sometimes I will put on a pair of heels just to go grocery shopping!

I also would prefer to wear nothing but high fashion designers, like Zac Posen, Betsey Johnson and Calvin Klein. I am not rich, yet. I don’t have the type of job that pays me like that, yet. I’m working on that. The point I’m trying to make through this blog is that fashion is fun. Sometimes it’s nice to dream about the things that you like and what you want. It sucks if you want a $500 bag, but can only afford a $50 one, but at the same time, it’s nice to dream. It’s nice to look. And sometimes, it’s nice to save to get to your goal. I have my eyes set on one or two things, and then I add them to an Amazon wish list, then figure out how I’m going to get them.

Other than that, I have many opinions on what some people shouldn’t wear! I started a topic today on Twitter about what you hate to see other people dress in. I got responses and added my own thoughts, such as boots with short shorts (on women) or boots with shorts period (on men!), something my husband has been guilty of doing in the past (which he knows better about now after years of ridicule!)

But most days, I’m happy wearing a comfortable dress and black socks to lounge around the house in, like I’m doing now.

I have many more topics coming in the next weeks that I’m working on, including ideas about accessories, and where to shop online for cute homemade accessories. Also, as some of you may know, I am setting up my own online shop for my tote bags and children’s designs. More info on that to come! Thanks to those of you who have read and followed my blog so far!

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