Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Make-up Introduction

For those of you who do not know, I am make-up obsessed. I really am! Many times, my husband has complained about the amount of make-up I bought all at once, but at the same time, it does go to good use. My excuse to him is the fact that it can be tax deductible, as I'm an actress and I need make-up all the time! Nevertheless, I find myself overwhelmed any time I am in the MAC make-up store at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. Recently, I went there with two friends of mine and my husband, who walked in, then walked back out. I only bought two eye shadows to complete my color palette, but I do plan to go back soon to buy more!

So I got to speaking with my mother about what she can do simply every day just to enhance her look, that wouldn't take too long to do every morning before leaving the house. Some women seem to think that in order to wear make-up regularly, they need to wake up earlier than usual and go through a make-up artists' step-by-step instructions to achieve the look they want. Now, if you're going to a wedding or something special like that, then yes, you probably should wake up early and take the time to prepare yourself, but if you want just a simple enhancement to boost your confidence, then it doesn't take too much.

I started doing my make-up the way I do it by watching tutorials on YouTube. There are so many, how do you know which ones would be the most helpful? Just watch how you search on YouTube and put in the search bar exactly what you're searching for. If you really want a simple, easy everyday look, search for that, don't just put "make up tips" in the search bar. Your results are going to lead to way more than you could even have time to watch. I subscribed to Michelle Phan's YouTube channel. She's an excellent make-up artist who is starting to garner worldwide attention and she's an amazing teacher. She's taught me a lot. Check her out:

Michelle Phan's YouTube Channel

I think over time, I will delve more into my love for make-up and how I do certain things. I might do a few make-up tutorials, actually, as I'm also a filmmaker (Scenestealer Productions represent! Lol). I should probably write a blog about my two main make-up loves, Mary Kay and MAC and how Maybelline and Covergirl foundations (any of them) just don't cut it! But that's another blog for another day!

Coming up soon, I'm working on blogs about thrift store finds and the time and effort you have to put into that to find something amazing, I also have some opinions about hair, how black women view our hair and how I think of hair as just an accessory, like a bracelet. Like when I got so much crap from so many people when I cut my long hair short (it's just hair people!) and then when I went to braids (it's just hair...), and then to extensions (HAIR!) and then back to my overly curly natural hair (seriously?) and then back to extensions (I was bored).


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