Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Worth It

Griffith Park

It has taken me over a week to recover from Disneyland. It was hot as crap and there was a lot of walking involved. Obviously, I knew all of this, especially since I'd been to Disney World 4 times in the past. It was totally worth it, though. We had a lot of fun and the kids got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We got a lot of great pictures and I was able to flood my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with pictures.


I always expect someone to say "Okay, Angie, we get it! You like your kids!" but no one is usually rude to me like that online. I'm not sure why either. A lot of people are rude online, but not to me so much. I get creepy people coming at me from time to time, but that's it. Which is a good thing because I'm the type of person who'd get angry, then upset, then just stop tweeting for a few days.

I did stop tweeting last week for a bit, perhaps a day and a half. Not because someone pissed me off, it was because I was just tired. After the Disneyland trip, I was just drained. We stayed at a hotel the day before and got in the pool with the kids. Bry even got into the pool with swim trunks on and his iphone in his pocket! Don't ask me if I laughed. Don't ask. Okay...I laughed. I laughed a lot...until I realized that his phone was completely broken! That was messed up.

Me and my lovelies in Griffith Park with our matching Frozen shirts on.

Then this past Sunday we went for a hike through Griffith Park. It was my idea. I'm trying to lose weight but not so much to a point where I'm weighing myself constantly, but I really want more energy. I want to be more physically active. I don't eat a lot of bad foods, I just never lost the baby weight from back-to-back pregnancies, one of them with twins! The most active I am usually includes loading a dishwasher, dropping off and picking up Ani from school (which really is just driving), and other cleaning things around the house. I also would like to be more outdoorsy. There's no reason to not be where we live in California. All of a sudden, I feel like I just want to explore more.

So yes, my muscles are sore from all the walking, plus I've gotten on the treadmill a few times in this past week. Advil helps. I'll be alright. The sore muscles are worth it!


  1. I love the girls! You don't annoy anyone talking about them, they're cute!

    1. Awww, thanks! That's good that I don't annoy you! Haha!