Friday, April 18, 2014

Overdo It Than Under-Do It

For the last few days I've been thinking about my next moves. Yes, I'm still doing stand-up, but I'm sick of putting off what I could be doing today. I keep saying I'll do more once the twins are in school and blah blah blah. I understand that I, of course, would need someone to watch them if I'm out doing stuff during the day but I no longer want to use them as an excuse to do nothing!

So while I'm at home teaching the girls how to write their names and singing songs from Frozen, I'm planning what I need to do. I think I might try to get all three girls into a program over the summer just for a few hours a day so I have time to write and work on my act. It's very hard to even blog when every few minutes a kid needs juice or asks to play on the Kindle. I just got interrupted while making dinner reservations over the phone!

So on top of doing stand-up shows, I'm going to start shooting some comedic shorts for Youtube. I'd love to have something on Funny or Die. I wrote one that stars me and all three girls that Bry is going to shoot. It's pretty funny. We're going to shoot it next week. I'm also working on recording a song or EP as a solo artist. Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but Bry and I met years ago and started working on music as an acoustic rock duo called Strangers of Grace. This was before we were even dating. I wrote a song the other day in 10 minutes and Bry had the guitar and came up with music for it. And thank God for iPhone, because I used both mine and his to record it right then and there. I wrote the lyrics on the phone and e-mailed it to both of us. We've talked about using some of our old Strangers of Grace songs and writing new ones and then going to perform at some small club.

I think I get anxious when I'm not doing enough. Yes, I guess I can overdo it, as I have before and even lately. But I'd rather overdo it than under-do it. Does that make sense?

Here's a song we made that we never quite finished from a few years ago:

If you wanna see a few more semi-embarrassing, not-yet-finished songs we never performed live go here and here. Yeah, I say semi-embarrassing cause fuck it. Takes a lot to embarrass me. Ha!

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