Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blame TV

I just had an epiphany...I haven't been laughing a whole lot. Let me start off by saying I'm a goof. I literally laugh at damn near anything. I got into trouble a lot back in school because I was "disruptive" or whatever because anything someone said that was even remotely funny, I'd laugh hysterically! In improv class at Second City and iO, I'd laugh hysterically at everything, which was probably disruptive at times.

Now I'm not sad or depressed or anything. I don't know...maybe a little, who knows. I don't feel depressed, but I do think I haven't been laughing enough. I could blame SNL just a little. I couldn't even finish the episode hosted by Anna Kendrick. It was so unfunny. I was also quite disappointed by the Charlize Theron episode. The Andrew Garfield episode was the funniest this season, truly. I actually laughed at that one. I also blame Mike & Molly for not being funny anymore.

I also blame Key & Peele for being on hiatus! But really, truly, it's my fault. I haven't been going to comedy shows. When tv is bad, I should go to comedy clubs. There's no excuse. I live near 50,000 comedy clubs here in Los Angeles! I could go see some of the best comics in the business on a regular basis! I also haven't been performing, which would be healthy for me.

Key & Peele

One could say that perhaps I've grown up in the past 2 months. Perhaps I'm no longer a goof. Well that just sounds sad. I love being a goof. Getting into trouble in elementary school for laughing was who I was and who I am. One time, back in high school, a friend and I went on a college tour. While we were touring the library, the tour guide introduced herself with a totally stupid last name. We chuckled! We tried to hold it back, God we tried, but in the end, we had to leave the library. That's who I am! I laugh at poop jokes! I come out of the bathroom and go "Coming out feeling about 10 pounds lighter!", even if I was just in there to wash my hands! (Thank you to Martin for that one)


Maybe I just need to get back to my roots. Who I am as a person is a goof. I never want to take myself too seriously. So as a self-diagnostician, I plan to fix this. I will watch the 8 unwatched episodes of The Middle on my DVR, I'm going to watch some old SNL sketches on Hulu, I'm busting out my Clone High, Stella and Sarah Silverman Program DVDs.

Stella...still waiting for a second season!

The Sarah Silverman Program

And maybe we should all blame network tv for our sadness. Be funnier! And stop cancelling funny shows (Hello, The Crazy Ones?! Are you fucking kidding me? And I swear to God, if they cancel Undateable after 2 episodes, I'm gonna be shitting on someone's doorstep!)


  1. Very true, it's not a lot of funny on tv. I watch old Simpson episodes, guy.

    1. American Dad has been consistently funny. The newer Simpsons episodes haven't been great.