Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cut Back On Stuff

My laptop isn't working right, which makes it really hard to write. I've been so bored, you guys. So, so, so bored! And yes, I write on my iPhone, but after a while, your thumbs start to hurt! I'm going to end up with carpal-tunnel syndrome from trying to type stuff up while out. So right now, I'm blogging from an iPad, which is weird, to say the least.

I wish I had more of an update. All I have are ideas right now and trying to figure out ways to execute them. If anyone asks what I'm doing with my time, besides being a wife and mother, I'm taking time to think. Yes, I'm aware how that sounds. The last time I took time off to "think", I ended up dropping out of college. I'm not dropping out of anything and I'm not depressed again. What I need is a job. A lot of opportunities are coming my way but none of them pay. So yeah, that's particularly what I'm thinking about. How do I get paid? Our rent is about to go up and we're just going to have to cut back on stuff. Or you'll see me at your local Starbucks making lattes and shizz.

But I'm very optimistic and I have a few ideas up my sleeve, so you never know!

By the way, Bry is working on my laptop right now. Fingers crossed!

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