Sunday, August 19, 2012

That's Stalky

What have I been up to? Working on some stand-up, working on writing comedy, getting ready to start the comedy writing program at Second City Hollywood and stalking at celebs' houses. Yeah, you heard me! It's just like getting one of those star maps and then going around town and taking pics in front of those houses. I really enjoyed going by Lucille Ball's old house in Beverly Hills. I also found Robert Pattinson's current house, not that far from my damn house! That was exciting, except for the fact that he's been in New York ever since I found his place. Whatever. It's not like I was going to go up to the gate and ring the bell. I do have limits. I took a picture of his front gate. That's it. Then we left. Oh, and Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson's house. That's not too far from my house or Rob Pattinson's. I took a picture of their front gate. Then left. That's it.

I don't know. I think it would be scary being famous and having people in front of your house taking pics all the time. I guess that's why they have good security. But for people like me who just goes "Oooh! It's their house!" and leaves, it's fine. But of course, there are people who will go to a celebs' house and actually stalk at it! I mean, you can get arrested I think if you go to a celebrities' house and just hang out on the curb for a while. That's creepy. That's stalky.

So this was just a break for me. I thought I should update my blog. Going to hang out in Studio City tomorrow, hopefully meet some more celebs, take a few pictures, post them on my Instagram, then come home and write some more. I'm so focused on my comedy write now. I'm about to start doing stand-up regularly. I'm getting some good advice from a comedienne that I know. I'm going to call her tomorrow. She told me she can answer a lot of my questions about getting gigs and doing open mics.

Laters, man!

But look at him, though. Robert Pattinson...come back to L.A., yo! Lol

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