Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If My Eyes are all X'ed with it...

Writing sketches and commercial parodies for my Second City writing class.

This class is like a dream to me. Comedy writing is so much fun.

Yes, all of these sentences are incomplete. Well, not that last one. Or that one.

I'm, like, really tired, dude. I don't even know why I'm sitting here trying to update this thingy. I just feel like I have to be writing something, to stay in the habit. Even if the writing is sophomoric and incorrect. Then am I really getting somewhere?

I had someone read my script for "Hello Again". He loved the first 30 pages. It's important to me that he really likes it. He's a real actor. Not like my bullshitty self. And that's not me feeling down or low, because I am quite the opposite. I just know that I spend more time writing than acting. But in my defense, I was in a play...2 months ago!

I created some new characters for myself. Lisa and I are talking about filming each other's sketches. She actually finished the Second City writing program so her opinion is important to me. And she's talking about directing my film. Now if real actor boy really wants to do it, then I'm finding funding fast! I will do what my girl Tiffanie Debartolo did and keep trying to someone wants to make this damn thing! And I promise, it's a really good script. It really is. I did actual research while writing it. Now if real actor boy reads the whole thing, loves it, says he has to play the part, I might die over...x's for fucking eyes. But what will that do? Can't make the film if my eyes are all x'ed with it...

But he said he had already read the first 30 pages and he was totally in. So tell me to stop overthinking it. Us women overthink a lot of things. Plus, I'm a writer. Writers overthink things. Plus, I think I'm intelligent, and I'm a dramatic person, so those things on top of those other things makes one huge over-thinker.

Okay, this was longer than I expected. My allergies are itchying at my eyes. I'm blarging to bed. I have to walk Ani to kindergarten in the morning. Still can't believe my baby is old enough to be in real school.

Later gators.

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