Thursday, September 27, 2012

Straight A's instead of a Baby Daddy...

I've kinda abandoned this thing,  huh? Yep. I haven't really been posting.

Life has been pretty busy, with my oldest daughter starting kindergarten and she gets 4 pages of homework every night! Yes, I know, I moved to Glendale because of the good schools, and yes, her teacher won teacher of the year in 2010, and yes, everyone keeps telling me that she'll have my little girl reading in no time, but damn, 4 pages? And then she requires them to color stuff on the page after they've written the letters, or read the sentence or find all of the 'U's' in the picture. I really shouldn't complain, though, because Ani doesn't complain, it's just normal for her now. I sit here with her, I tell her what she's supposed to do, and if she writes the U on the line crooked, I erase it and make her write it again. But 4 pages, though?! She's 5! And this is everynight...and more on the weekends! I guess I won't be complaining when she's in Harvard someday, bringing home straight A's instead of bringing home baby daddies....

Oh, and of course, I've been saving my creativity for my Second City Hollywood writing class. I'm taking Intro to Sketch Writing. I'm learning how to write for SNL. That's the dream, folks...SNL! I'd love to write for Conan too. I'm obsessed with Conan O'Brien. I get to go see the show Monday! So excited. I saw him when he was in Chicago and I was pregnant with Ani. All I remember is sitting in my seat and really, really, really having to go to the bathroom. I was like "I'ma run for the door, run into the hallway and find a bathroom" and Bry's like "You can't hold it?" and I was like "I'm pregnant FOOL!". Haha. Good times, good times.

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