Friday, August 3, 2012

Stand-up Stage Fright

I've been sitting here working on doing my first stand-up open mic. I have lots of jokes written, but I was just going through them, putting them together and seeing what really works. I even recorded myself on my phone, then went over it several times to see if I remembered it. You know,  it's really easy to remember something you wrote yourself. It was so much fun doing "Local Couple Wins Lottery", especially when I realized that the words had stuck in my head, because I wrote them! I had a little bit of difficulty with the play I was in "Reservoir Bitches", but in my defense, I didn't have much rehearsal time. I still find it amazing that I can remember anything nowadays. Yeah, stuff gets forgotten.

Anywho...I want this bad enough, so I'm going to bust my ass to do it. I also would love to book some gigs in Chicago sometime in the fall and fly in and make some money! I have a lot of friends in Chicago who could possibly show up too! And of course, I could stay with my mom and spend time with my family. But first I should probably conquer this little bit of stand-up stage fright, huh? I'm on it...

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