Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Stressful Week

Laila Raine

Laila, today at Pinkberry. She loves frozen yogurt!

A few days after she hurt her teeth. She seemed just fine. Thank God.

I've had a stressful week, with Laila getting hurt and 2 straight weeks of family being here, now I don't know how to be on my own again. Lol.
I mean, I haven't been alone with my own kids for 2 weeks! Bry even had a decent amount of days off with my family being in town. I'm used to having a house full of people!
And now I'm bored.
On the plus, Bry and I are working on a graphic novel. It doesn't have a title yet, but I already wrote out an entire storyline. Bry is supposed to be drawing the characters. He's an amazing artist.

And my teeth hurt. I was leaning over to kiss Laila on her forehead while she was laying in her bed and she moved, smacking me in the front teeth with her head. Ouch indeed! That shit hurt!!!

On another plus, I got the twins completely off the pacifiers! Yes, I know, they're 3, they should've been off of them a long time ago. It took Laila falling on her mouth, hurting her two front teeth to the point where they were pushed up into her gums and bleeding, then taking her to the dentist and the dentist telling us that she had an "Open bite" which was probably caused by the pacifier. I went home and threw all of those fuckers in the garbage. No turning back! I've tried to break them off of them before and I wussied out by giving it back to them. That's why this time I threw them in the garbage. When they cried for them at bedtime, I told them that they were all gone, and I hugged and kissed them. Thank God my aunt was still here because during the day she kept them occupied so they weren't asking for them as much.

Now, a week later, Laila's mouth is healing and she's no longer complaining of pain. It was terrible when it first happened. Blood, crying (both her and me), then a trip to the ER, then right to the dentist after we left the hospital. She was giggling and acting silly an hour or two after it happened, but the dentist said her teeth might 'right' themselves over time. I'll pray on that. Poor Lailee...

And a whole week without pacifiers. And they're not asking for them anymore. And they go right to sleep at bedtime.

Thank God!

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