Friday, May 18, 2012

You Better Be a Comedian!

I had a great show last night! We had a pretty big crowd and I think I just vibed off of that and went for it. My lines came out more naturally I think. I loved getting laughs off of the ridiculousness I have to say! I mean, it sticks to the script of "Reservoir Dogs", and I play the Quentin Tarantino role. I start off the play. As soon as the lights go up, I start talking. Now, if you've seen the play, you know what Quentin, as Mr. Brown, says. It's pretty funny. It always gets laughs from the crowd. And then the girls, my castmates, chuckle and adlib and it makes it even funnier!

The problem is, I think I'm really going to miss doing this every Thursday once the show ends. We only have 2 more shows left! Once the show ends, I think I'm going to just concentrate on getting this screenplay made. I need a literary agent! Like, stat!

So today, I'm just spending the day with the girls, watching them play with their Barbie pools my aunt bought them. Oh, and watching "Alvin and the Chipmunks". And stealing kisses. I say to them "Are you mommy's Mia?" and Mia goes "No!", smiling. So I do sad face and then she goes "Yes!", laughing! I do that to all three of them. Each one of them always says no first, then says yes once I do sad face. What funny kids. I tell them they'd better be stand-up comedians! LOL

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