Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I found out I didn't win a screenplay writing contest for my short film "Dead Oliver". But it's okay, I'm not totally disappointed. It's a little bothersome. Okay, it sucks. I don't know why I entered it to begin with, because honestly I was thinking of putting it on as a play. It takes place in a hotel room, so it would work for the stage. I still may find a theater to put it on.

I've been pretty busy with writing for HelloGiggles, doing stand-up and being a mom. I could say it's hard to find a balance, but of course anyone with kids knows that. Anyone without kids assumes it. I really wish I had more time to write, uninterrupted, and possibly do stand-up every night without having to worry about getting up so early the next morning to be with the kids. But I think, at this time, I enjoy doing stand-up every now and then. It would kill me if I didn't get to spend all this time with the twins. During the day, I have them.

In the fall, they'll be starting Kindergarten and as much as I'll like to have uninterrupted writing time, I'll miss the hell outta my twinsies. They'll go to school and make friends and get lives outside of me and that makes me kind of sad. Right now, they don't like me leaving the house without them. I'm sure they'll be fine in school, but they'll only be 4 for a few months more. I'm going to enjoy 4 year old Mia and Laila, before they're all "I wanna go to my friends house" and "Mom, I'm on the phone!" and "Mom, I can't believe you! You're so embarrassing!".

Yeah, even when they're older I'll kiss them in front of their friends. They've been warned.

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