Friday, January 2, 2015

Blue Poisons

My soul cries without the burning embers of your touch
I am naked, disarmed, without shelter
And with dreams of a humble smile
And to fear away from a shallow touch
Since craving your naked skin, warm body
Eyes so inviting, loving, sensitive touch
Years of dreams, finally coming to fruition
And blue poisons ruining forever
Living a terrible reality of manic indefiance
Growing vastly, running quickly to the sober light
Enduring rivers that flow at the thought of you
And tears that only appear in the dark of night
Since when do I plead for an emotional touch
I can’t withstand this grueling hour of invalidity
I will close my eyes and hear phrases, unused
And conjure spells in the back of my mind
I can’t bear to be without the sight of you
The uniqueness of your eyes and the warmth of your kiss
Your awaiting hands reaching for mine
And I pray for this moment, just a moment to exist
To show you my inner-strengths, I can achieve
But is there a point; is there shame in this?
What of the Promised Land we share in a kiss
Awaiting a kingdom, praying to exist
Or to drown in a river, an endless forever
A soul-less determination and a defining silence
A poison I will so happily die of
And a forever good-bye that’s worth a million lives

Come home to me.

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