Friday, August 1, 2014

The Summer of TV

This has been the summer of catching up on tv. Shut up, all of you! Yes, I know, this is L.A., I'm near beautiful beaches and all that. But let me just say's hot outside! And didn't you guys hear about that lightning strike at Venice Beach last weekend? That's terrifying to me! Oh, and sharks. There are sharks. 

These bitches!

Anyway, I've been in the house a lot lately. I go out from time to time, obviously, and thanks to my dear friend Laura for coming to visit me, knowing I'm kind of cooped up in the house with the kids. I can't say that I've been bored or anything, as I've been selling stuff on eBay and Tweeting for money (yes, you can do that). I've been doing all of that on top of being a mom to 3 little girls who always want juice or Goldfish crackers and stuff like that. I've also been cleaning the house! (I felt very good after cleaning the hell out of the bathroom and then didn't want anyone to use it because that bitch was SPOTLESS.)

I'm also writing a new pilot. I wrote a pilot called "Jersey Did It", but I entered it in this contest called NBC Playground so hopefully I'll hear from them soon. So I started writing a new pilot, untitled for  now, and I'm just working out the kinks and getting some ideas for it before I sit down and write the actual script in Final Draft. 

The talented Mindy her!

So, television, right! I've been watching the crap out of The Mindy Project. I started watching it when it first premiered, then I got busy in life and episodes piled up on the dvr then slowly got deleted. Whatever, I'm making up for it now with Hulu Plus, which I originally signed up for for The Hotwives of Orlando, which is epic, by the way. And I'm not just saying that because my friend Tymberlee Hill is on it. The show is HILARIOUS! Unfortunately, I binge watched it and now it's over and that sucks. I hope there will be a season 2!

The Hotwives of Orlando. This show is amazing. Check it out!

I'm also really excited because I found out last night that NBC announced there will be a season 2 of Undateable! And again, I not only love that show because I've met all of the guys on the show at some point (especially Chris D'elia, who's the reason I started doing stand-up in the first place, regardless of that stupid fucking thing he said during that live interview, but I digress...).  Undateable is truly funny. There are very few shows on tv right now that make me laugh so hard I have to pause it, then complain of chest pains, go drink some water, use the toilet, then go back to watching it but first rewind the episode to hear that joke again!

Me with Chris D'elia from 'Undateable'

Me with Brent Morin from 'Undateable'

Another show that makes me laugh that hard is Nathan for You! How can you not love Nathan Fielder?! He's so epic for so many reasons. He's so awkward and acts like people don't want to be around him like he's some sort of loser weirdo, but I'd love to be around him! If I run into him, I might just invite him over to play Checkers or something like that. I bet he has a beautiful girlfriend and great friends and all of that. But on his show, he acts like he's never kissed a woman let alone had sex and that no one ever wants to be around him. Great acting! I think he's hot!

I love this man!

So I guess I'll go back to watching The Mindy Project for now then check to see if these shoes I'm selling on eBay have any bids yet. Later!

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