Monday, March 17, 2014

"Ruby Over Diamond" by Kashmir

This song is amazing and I'm quite thankful to Stacy Dupree for making this video, many years ago. Yes, it's not perfectly clear and I'm not even sure what year she made this. I believe it was around the time I first met them, so I'd like to say about 7-8 years ago? Stacy is adorable in it with her darker locks.

Stacy Dupree

Of course, since then Eisley has gone on to make more albums and Stacy has gotten married, had a baby and made an album with her husband as the band Sucre.


Even though she doesn't sing in this, (her singing is amazing you guys, if you didn't know), the video is fun to watch. The song is called "Ruby Over Diamonds" which is by a band called Kashmir, who are also amazing. And this is one of my favorite songs!

And while you're at it, check out Stacy's band Sucre:

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