Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tragic Tendencies

Tragic tendencies
Is it considered tragedy when you create them yourself
Teach me not to think
Teach me not to believe
I’ll teach you not to breathe
Breathing is so shallow
We all do it in vain
What should I even scream for?
This love is so shallow
No depth, all delusion
Illustrated to a point
A point of overcoming erase
Believe in what you want
Instead of what this is
I want to breathe into you
Release this from inside of me
Feel that you need me
Just as much as I need you to breathe
And overcoming this hell
And going out of our minds
The days are coming
All of it is coming
Are you ready for it
And are you ready to feel it more
I prayed for it
No matter how unimportant I felt
I always felt important to you
From the moment our eyes met
And our fingers touched
It was a reason to be
And a reason to see.

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