Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Than Nothing

More new poetry:

"More Than Nothing"

Call me insane
I’ll dye the words into my skin
Just as a reminder of the shit I’m in
Just call me crazy
I’ll call you unfair
Injustice spreads through the world
Like a wildfire in my back yard
The back of my brain knows these things best
As I pull the thoughts from my mind
Praying they make sense in words and phrases
Adjusting to new times and new sounds
Running towards freedom,
Bare feet on gravel and sand
You sleep soundly
So comfortable in your own skin
Mine is dyed and tainted
Relaxing is not a form that I can take
Appreciate the sounds and the smells in the air
And laughter
And a full moon
Is more than nothing
I’m here.

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