Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sick or Not

Listening to Eisley's "Lights Out" while nursing this 100.3 degree temperature. Worst yet, Mia threw up in Jontynise's car this afternoon. Yeah. Thank God I saw it coming and said to Bry "Put that sweater on her lap". And she got it on her bunny. That was messed up. So we watched her play and act silly all afternoon, after that and then right before bed, after turning down most of her dinner, was running a fever of 100.5. Great, right? We've been in L.A. for 3 days, 3 days! And guess what, me and one of the twins are sick! It's okay, though. I packed smart and had the Children's Advil in my bag that I checked...and some ibuprofen for me.

But I checked Mia a little while ago, and her temp was 98.4, and she hasn't thrown up again (knock on friggin' wood). What's cool is that my family saw the Hollywood sign today, and the Walk of Fame! The twins had fallen asleep, but Ani saw it, and we went through the hills, and it was amazing!

I'm so glad to be here! Jontynise and her kids are over and we're sitting in my dining room on the rug, sans all of our furniture (it'll be here in a few days), and we're talking about everything. We've talked about filming a new web series that I wrote, and going on adventures! We have this idea of just hopping a bus in L.A. and just seeing where it goes, and you find new places!

So much to do here. It still seems too damn good to be true. And this amazing view.

And Bry and Jontynise are having this conversation and he makes a joke saying "I fart on your crap!" I'm not sure what the hell he's talking about, but I'm laughing my ass off!

Okay,  I'm going to bed. I sickity. Eisley is making me feel better. I feel so blessed right now. Sick or not., if you read this before I call you in the morning...don't freak out! Me, the girls and Bry are just fine! Lol

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