Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So Much Reading and Writing

I have an important meeting tomorrow. Too soon for details, just cross your fingers. I'm trying to get this screenplay made and it's consuming me. But in a good way! I think about seeing it on the big screen. I dream about being on the set during the filming. I didn't write a part for myself in this film, but I see the actors I want for the film. I just want the check from selling the screenplay! And, I want producing credit. But whatever, what will be will be. I'll get it made, I'm sure. I'm just hoping I can get the director I want and the actors I want will be just as enthralled. I'm working on it, man!

So I've realized I haven't been updating this thing as much as I used to. Don't fret, I haven't given up my beloved blog. I've just been writing so many other things. I was editing my screenplay "Hello Again", and I've been doing research to make the film better. The film is about dreams and past-lives, so I've been reading a lot. I just finished this book by Brian Weiss called "Only Love is Real". It's about this woman who is going through a tough time and so she goes to him, a psychiatrist, to find out why is she so grief-stricken and sad and can't maintain a good romantic relationship. So she starts going through past-life regression therapy and goes under hypnosis and starts remembering all of these lives where she lost someone close to her, but she doesn't recognize this person in this current life. So meanwhile, this guy comes to therapy for similar reasons and starts having the same past-life memories that the woman is having, though they've never met, never crossed paths! So Dr. Weiss tries to decide if he should tell the other one "Hey, this person is having the same past-life memories that you're having! You were together in all of those past lives!". It's really riveting. And yes, it's a true story!

It's just brought up a lot of new ideas to me, like if I really believe in reincarnation and when your fears have no bearing on your current life. Like, if you're afraid of things for no real reason in this life, it might be a repressed memory from a past life. Either way, the book kept me in suspense. I got it for mother's day from Bry on Sunday and I finished it yesterday, on Tuesday. Yeah, I couldn't put it down!

So that's why I've been neglecting you, dear readers. On top of the wonderful play I'm in, the script that I wrote, the one-woman show I'm writing entitled "Fabulous Audacities" (coming soon!) and taking care of the hubby and kids...I've been away, I'm aware! I'll try to update more often! So much reading and would think that I'm in school! (which I promise to finish someday for the sake of my kids...that's another blog, though, lol)

(say that outloud..go ahead, I'll wait....)

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